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Chapter 15

Beings of the Three Wise Men from the Morningland (East). The great importance of our earth.

15,1. You say that it would be good if we could immediately know what part of our love, or to what heavenly regions, we should connect it with. But I say to you, my dear friends and brothers, since you have alreadyfound the principal thing in you by means of my hint, you shall not find it so difficult to find the fourth quart by a few tips. I will straightway give you a question whose answer you have before you. The question is this: Have you never heard of the so-called ancient astrology? You say: O sure, such books are still to be found among us today. But one should not attach too much worth to it? I say to you, in the way you usually use it, certainly not, for that would be an absurd superstition, and it would be sinful to hold onto it. But it has two sides, a light, and a shadow side. We shall not, therefore, use the shadow side but the light side of this ancient mystery.

15,2. But what is it? Its name is Knowledge of Correspondences. With the method of correspondence, however, everything, every form, and every mutual relation between forms and things, has a corresponding spiritual meaning. In this sense, all the stars and all their images still have such a meaning. Whoever can read and understand these images from the side of the light, is also an astrologer; but no astrologer with the help of the dark powers; but an astrologer from the realm of the spirits of light; that is, he is a truly wise man, as the three astrologers from the Orient were truly wise. They had known the Lord's star, they had been led by it, and they have found the Lord of glory through it.

15,3. I am well aware of a question in you concerning the three wise astrologers from the Orient. I know that you have already received an explanation. But you do not know that there is no knowledge whatsoever with the people of the earth from the heavens, but all the knowledge is always covered with a shell. For, without such a shell enclosure, no knowledge from the heavens, which is purely spiritual, could reach man; no more than any of you would be able to absorb the etheric food which is only suitable for the body, without the addition of coarser matter.

15,4. The bread you eat consists of nothing but small hulls which are the carriers of the actual nutrient.

15,5. But if therefore, your already received knowledge of the three wise men from the Orient is likewise somewhat obscured, we can here also somewhat dissect it. From this revelation, there may also emerge a small hint, and our light side of astrology, which we now need, will become even clearer.

15,6. You have learned as much about these three ways as that they were there - representing Adam, Cain, and Abraham. This is true; but if you were to take it literally, you would be just as astray as if you were to believe in the ominous heavenly sign in which you were born according to the calendar. You say: That may well be; but how then shall we understand the matter now, about which is spoken here and there mostly rather straightforward? - I tell you: It shall presently be clear how man should understand this.

15,7. You do have all kinds of tangible objects before you as there are all kinds of minerals, plants, animals, and humans. Tell me, if you want to take these objects and understand them simply as they are before you, do you understand them? You can say for example: It is a high mountain; it has a very romantic form; its rock consists of limestone; its summit has a magnificent view, and in its interior many metals may rest. If you have said this about the mountains, then you are already done.

15,8. You will not fare one hair better with plants and animals, as you can only judge that what is superficial, what you can perceive with your senses or what is right before you. But what is the standard or measure concerning the inner, higher, spiritual order?

15,9. Likewise, are Adam, Cain, and Abraham standing before you in the image of the "three wise men," according to the knowledge which came to you from the heavens.

15,10. But just like you do not yet at all understand the kingdom of minerals, plants, and animals from its foundation, so it is also the case with the three wise men from the East.

15,11. Yes, Adam, Cain, and Abraham were present. This has been given to you to know the importance of the three wise men from the East. But how were they present? Look, this is another question which you have not asked yet; therefore, this question remained a hull over your knowledge. Now, however, it is time to break this hull, since we need the purest truth for our purpose. And so know:

15,12. These three wise men were three ordinary priests of a better kind from the lands of Assyria. You know that at the time of Solomon, the great Queen of the Assyrian Empire, who had been known to you, came to Jerusalem to hear Solomon's wisdom. So at that time, a prophecy was made regarding this pagan nation by its better part of the priests, saying that their sons would once discover a star which will rise to all the peoples of the earth. Since that prophecy, a part of the better priesthood of this people has always remembered it and has continued to observe the starry heavens. These priests also traveled to all countries where, at the same time, great wise men resided, and so learned of much deeper wisdom, and especially wisdom in the knowledge of the correspondences.

15,13. At the time of the birth of Christ, the committee of these priests had become quite large; but with exception of three, all became profiteers, and thus served mammon. Only three remained with purewisdom, scorned the world and their treasures, and sought the reward of their spiritual activity alone in spirit and in truth.

15,14. What then happened at the time of the birth of our highly praised and above all beloved Lord?

15,15. They discovered an unusually bright star and watched its course and the constellations under which he arose and through which it passed. When they were so concerned with the inner corresponding meaning of this star, and the star came to stand straight above their zenith towards the middle of the night, three men with white clothes appeared to them, and said to them, "Do you know the star? And the wise men said, We know it not. But the men that have appeared, said to the wise men, "Let us touch you on your foreheads and on your breasts, and you will recognize the great significance of this star. But the wise said, "Are you wizards from India, that you may administer to us these things?"

15,16. But the three men who came to us replied, We are not by any means, for we will not unleash the power of hell over you, but we want to show you the power of God and guide you to where the eternal Lord of Heaven and earth have descended onto earth in His full Divine Godliness. Infinite grace was given to a virgin; she received from the Lord, and she bore the child of all children, the Man of all men, and God of all gods. - Behold, we will show you, and for this reason, let us touch you. And the wise men said, let it be according to your will, but first tell us who you are?

15,17. And one of the three who appeared, said: Have you ever heard anything about how it was in the beginning of the world? Behold, a body was given unto me by God, and I bore him nine hundred and thirty years, and was thus made the first man of this earth; my name was Adam, the firstborn of God on this earth. According to these words, the elders were touched by the spirit of Adam, and when the spirit touched the elders, he was immediately invisible; but the elders were filled with the spirit of Adam.

15,18. The same was done by the other two, and they were fulfilled, the elder with the spirit of Cain and the younger with the spirit of Abraham, but without losing any of their peculiar individuality. But at the moment of this action, they recognized the great significance of this star and the words of the prophecy, which was prophesied, as I have already said, at the time of the great queen of this country.

15,19. Therefore, as soon as they set out from their place of observation, they prepared their camels and commanded their servants to buy myrrh, gold, and incense. For in the same country, this was the customary offering to a new-born king; myrrh to the child, gold to the king, who was called in their custom the man of men, as such a royal child was called a child of children, and incense was also offered to the king, because the king was regarded as the anointed master of the Godhead on earth. When all had been brought together, the journey commenced at once. The star was the signpost, and the three spirits were the inner leaders of our well-known three sages from the Orient.

15,20. See, in this representation, you have uncovered your knowledge, and at the same time also received the inner truth that in these three wise men, Adam, Cain, and Abraham were present. Abraham, who for a long time has rejoiced in his spirit, that he might see him, as the Lord Himself said to him, has also seen Him through the wise, spiritually in himself, as well as in heavenly sense, in the sight of the Child of children, Man of men and God of gods!

15,21. From this representation, however, you can also sufficiently see how true astrology should be. We have also seen a star of a very unusual kind in us, or in the firmament of our spirit. If we are right astrologers, we shall surely find our last quarter, with the least effort, and we shall be able to see how it really is with our star.

15,22. It is true, there are billions and billions more stars and worlds in you, but one of these billions has just been solved. This one stands before us, and lies beneath our feet like a glorious heavenly Fatherland; but we ask: Where do you stand, glorious world, in your great reality? From what region of the wide sky did your mighty ray strike your image in us and set out, a glorious reflection from you? But we do not know where your ray came from!

15,23. O, friends and brothers! Such a question does sound odd when one has the work under his feet. Have you never read anything from a great castle of spirits like of a castle of souls? See, there are small hints of a great secret truth, which, however, has still remained undetected. But I say unto you, That which is the will of the Lord's shall happen according to His will. I say to you with even more weight, "Rejoice, for the Lord has chosen the earth out of billions; it is the birthplace of the spirits who desire the Lord, from all the endless regions of creation!

15,24. Now we are not far anymore. See this world, which is now under your feet, the old Father-house of your spirit! You find great splendor here, and this affinity for beauty, you have taken with you to the earth. But the Lord does not like glamour, so He has humbled the earth. - Do you not know now how it is with ourworld? Yes, I see you cannot quite digest the astrology yet. But I will draw your attention now to something else.

15,25. It is an all-time custom with all peoples to say, and also here and there firmly believe that this or that is "their star." Literally, however, there would be little reason for it, but would be spiritually more accurate; for whence any spirit is from, from there he has also his love. Now, however, all the myriads of stars are either pre- or post-dwellings of the spirits. If this is the case, it is also clear that every spirit of the earth is from a star as a predecessor; and this star is the first one to reliably emerge in the inner contemplation.

15,26. Now you may look at the starry sky and look at the star appealing most to you; the one shining upon you most comfortably; that is where you lived. See, this will be the one on which you were awakened.

15,27. This is then also the difference between the children of the world, who are from below, and are children of the earth, and the children of light, which are from above, and are children of the suns, or children of light, and are called to serving one another like they would the Lord, and shine upon the children of the world, that they might be made children of the light and true heirs of eternal life, which the Lord prepared for all His created spirits from all eternity. He has established for this purpose, in the infinite spheres of creation, an infinite amount of schools for the achievement of the freedom of life, and has even established upon this earth a holy goal through His cross, for them all to become true children of His love and most blessed heirs of His mercy and grace!

15,28. I mean, the fourth quarter is hopefully known to us. But if we have looked around the world a bit, we will be able to understand many secrets which you and all the world have not dreamed of too much.

15,29. But the Lord, after His resurrection, has still spoken much to us, His chosen ones, which was not recorded; and had it also been recorded, the world could not have understood the books, due to the measure, the greatness and the depth of the content. Here, however, many things will be made known to you; therefore, you may well be spiritually attentive to take hold in your spirit of the great mystery of life and the inner great wisdom of the Spirit! "(John 20:30, 31, Jn.21,25)

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