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Chapter 16

Two kinds of people - creatures and children. Prerequisites to achieve childhood of God

16,1. We will now make a further attempt to familiarize ourselves some more with these human beings, in order to deduce from them whose spiritual children they are, and at what stage of inner spiritual relationship we stand with them. - Look a little closer at the forms of these people, and you will soon see that these people have a very significant resemblance to you in their form. This observation gives us a great hint that their spiritual faculties must be very much similar to yours, because their external forms, even if somewhat superficially, reveals that.

16,2. What their inner spiritual nature, like their love and their desires, as well as their understanding, would be like, we will gather from their conversations; for what the heart is full of, the mouth overflows. And the Lord has put into every human heart the impulse, according to which he is never satisfied with what he has, but continually strives for something higher. This instinct, like all things, has two sides, a light, and a shadow side. In the shadow side, man is blind, and the higher he aspires to, is lower than what he has. But in the light side of this impulse, man abhors all that is given and desires only the Most High, namely, nothing more and nothing less than the Lord Himself.

16,3. And so we shall at once hear how these people are not at all satisfied with what is theirs. The indescribable splendor of their dwelling, of this garden, as well as of the whole world for whose possessions your earthly kings would wage war for a thousand years, these men do not see with any other eyes than with which you look upon a very typical country house. They, therefore, have a continually greater desire for something more sublime, more grand, and far more important. But we want to listen to them a little, in order to infer from them what desires are in their spirits.

16,4. Behold, there is a venerable old man standing before us, who will just this moment make a speech to the inhabitants of this palace on the occasion of the sacrificial wood being ignited by itself on the altar; for such a phenomenon is to the inhabitants of this world as a secret symbol, from which they deduce that the Lord wishes to fulfill their wishes. - And so listen! He speaks:

16,5. All of you who inhabit this my home are witnesses that a holy flame has come upon the altar to consume the fragrant sacrifice. Many, who live in this world, do not pay attention to it, and only hold it to deception and illusion of the senses. We inhabitants of our house, however, are faithful to the ancientrevelation, in which it is said that God, our Lord, is a single God, who has made this world for us to dwell, and has given us the free will, to either keep on living blissfully on this world in spirit, or to to be lifted from this world into some other, where He is eternally at home among His children.

16,6. Whoever, therefore, has the great desire and longing to enter onto this way to this end, may now turn to the Lord, since He has turned His ear to us, so that the Lord may transform him, and put him into the world where He is at home among His children.

16,7. You know that the Lord, our only God, has created two kinds of beings who can freely determine themselves. The first kind is we creatures, endowed with free will and an understanding mind, in order that we may be self-employed to our joy and our great prosperity. But to these His creatures, the Lord has granted only this world, both spiritually and physically, as a dwelling-place.

16,8. To reach this pleasant destiny is very easy, for whoever believes that the Lord is the only God of heaven and all worlds, like the one we walk on with our feet, and with this in mind gives the Lord glory and honor through sacrifice and worship according to the known custom of this whole world, as far as we know it, has, as you all know, made himself worthy of this pleasant destiny. The transformation will take place, as we all know, in the most agreeable and soothing manner upon which every one of the inhabitants of this world is most fully entitled.

16,9. But if we consider the second kind of creatures, which, indeed, of whom there may be much less, we find in them, according to revelation, that they are not only creatures like us but true children of the one God. These children are in all the power of God, and their bliss is like the bliss of God; for they have all that God has, they do all that God does, and God does what they do.

16,10. To them, God is no longer a God, as He is for us eternally inaccessible, and no eye of this world can ever see Him; but to them He is a true Father, who is always among them, guides them, and leads them, and speaks to them as I am with you, and He takes care of them, build for them, and cook for them; for them to never have any concerns; they are perfect masters, like their Almighty Father, and rule over all of infinity, and rejoice in their infinite perfection of power, which is from their Father.

16,11. Such a destiny, indeed, is quite different from ours; indeed, it is really in no way comparable with our circumstances!

16,12. Are we, however, forever excluded from the creatures of this world to attain this unspeakable destiny? What does the revelation state, which we have received in the primeval times of a mighty spirit for all the ages of this world?

16,13. Such was spoken in short: "An altar is built in your dwelling, and on this altar should always lie fragrant wood, lain over each other crosswise. Should any man recognize the one God in his faith, he may ask his heart, if it would burn; the flame of the heart shall ignite the wood on the altar, and consume it with bright flames. In these flames, the ignited of heart shall read the great, holy, but very heavy conditions through which he can become a child of God.

16,14. Now I say unto you, Whosoever of you, my household and children, wants to read the conditions in the flame, come and read! If anyone has found the very heavy conditions acceptable, lay the hand upon the altar, according to the revelation, and God Almighty will take his spirit, lead him into that world where He dwells and will shape the Spirit into a new man, who will only have to drag along a mortal, painful body for a short time, and will have to humble himself to death in this body. And when he then is humbled through and through, then he will have to be painfully killed, in order to rise from death to a true child of God!

16,15. Now see, a man comes out from the midst of the whole great multitude, and reads from the flame the following condition: "Dissatisfied with your blessed fate! What do you want? Where do you want to go? - You have had no suffering so far, and never has any pain touched your being. Death is strange to you, and never has a heavy burden touched your neck. If you remain in this world after the eternal order of God, you can never fall, be spoiled, and perish. What your heart desires and feels, you have and will always have it.

16,16. But if you are not contented with it and want to go there where the children of God are begotten, know that God your Lord will test you through all sorts of great sufferings, sorrows, and tribulations until the last drops of life has been powerfully tested, before you would be transformed into a child through death! But woe unto thee, if thou hast not passed the test; then you will have to pay for the vanity of your striving forever in the wrath of God, and it will never be better with you, but always worse and more agonizing in your eternal state!

16,17. But in this world, where the children of God are begotten, you will be struck with the most perfect blindness, and nothing will remain in your consciousness of all that you experienced here to give youfurther conscious guidance; because you will be obliged to begin a whole new, painful and difficult life. Nothing will be left to you, but your greatest danger, the desires of the life of this world.

16,18. You will be yearning for all the similar perfections and glories, you will be distinctly aware of great faculties and abilities of the spirit; but you will not be able to amount to anything in your heavy, wearisome body. But if you will nevertheless find a means to put some of this remaining impulse what your spirit yearns after, even if imperfect, into practice in the world, then you will already sin before God; and if thou shalt not desist from it, then an everlasting condemnation into the everlasting wrath-fire of God will be your destiny.

16,19. What you have received from God here, is yours; there in that world, you will not be allowed to own a blade of grass. Wealth and magnificence belong here to virtue, but there it will be reckoned to you as a deadly vice. Here you may wish, and the ground obeys to your command, but there you will have to laboriously prepare your food in the sweat of your face. "

16,20. These are the conditions that you will have to fulfill if you would want to rise to higher realms of the childhood of God. It is not impossible that you will find grace and mercy with God, if you will love Him above all things, and will be the least and lowest, and will suffer all sorrows and afflictions with great patience and full devotion to the will of God; but it will be much easier for you to fall than to stand firm. Therefore, consider, and then lay thy hand upon the altar, that it shall be according to thy will.

16,21. Now see, so it is with the matter. We do not want to be content with this, but rather to observe this negotiation. You shall from that quite soon have a great light arise in you, and you will begin to understand the when, where from, and whereto, very clearly.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-16 Chapter