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Chapter 17

Love for God as the center of conditions

17,1. Our candidate for the childhood has now read everything written in the flame and turns his gaze to the elders again. His question is very easy to guess; you already have it in you. Therefore, you only need to get it out, and we will soon hear our candidate for the childhood, as you have previously felt it in you.

17,2. The conditions are hard, and our childhood applicant is shuddering before them; therefore he also asks the elders, saying, I have read the demands of God in the flame of His zeal. I see from this the advantage of this life and the great disadvantage of a higher one, I mean, it will be wiser to remain what one is on this lower level than to rise to the near unattainable.

17,3. It may indeed be unthinkable for us to feel like a god in a child of God; indeed, it must be something incomprehensibly sublime to penetrate into the infinite depths of divine power and wisdom with a glance. Yes, how unspeakably blissful it must be to stand in an always most visible, most friendly relationship with the everlasting omnipotent Creator of all eternity, and to be in God the Lord a joint lord of all infinity. But the conditions to achieve such greatness are too terribly difficult and are stated as such that, among many thousands, scarcely one will be able to reach the high purpose of his undertaking.

17,4. Therefore, I have considered it well, and am completely renouncing this undertaking. But he that dare in my stead, I will not stand in the way; but I will tell him what I read in the flame.

17,5. The former candidate for the childhood has ended his address, and the elder is just getting the answer from us, that is, he will discuss what has already been spoken in us.

17,6. Surely you can not clearly perceive this in you, but in the order of the Lord, it has already been established that the speech of a man is a product of all that is hidden in the depths of his life. And when a man speaks, he is compelled to do so by his inner stimulus, which emerges from all that corresponds to that which is hidden in the depths of his life.

17,7. As we have brought these things out of us, let us now also hear what the elder says. Hear, these sounds are from his mouth, and this is their meaning:

17,8. My son! You have read the great truth in the flame of divine zeal. Everything is true except for one problem, and no sign came to light in vain in the blazing flame; but a sign which lay hidden in the midst of the flame above the inner glow, you have not seen.

17,9. Behold, if you add this sign to all that is read, everything will appear to you in a different light

17,10. Behold, this was the sign which thou hast overlooked: In the midst of the glowing flame, from all sides with the living flame, a heart is put, and the heart blazed, and this flame from that heart formed the verysigns which thou could read. If you read these signs for yourself, they are terrible, overwhelming; but if you read them out of this heart, they are full of blessed hopes. For themselves, they are a judgment from which there is nowhere to be seen a free escape into a better life; from the heart, however, they are a mercy of God, in which no man who is in the heart, can ever be lost.

17,11. See, my son, it all depends on whether you can love God or not. If you can love God in all the humility of your heart, you are in this heart; but if you cannot love God, you are not in the heart but in the judgment. Then it would be better for you to remain here in this light judgment, than to strive after the childhood of God, to there fall into the great judgment which, according to the signs in the flame, an escape will scarcely be found.

17,12. These are the conditions in the fullness of truth. Indeed, we know it from the mouths of the angels of God, that God has bestowed to no world so much grace, mercy, and love, as the one He Himself bears witness to and where He educates His children. For He Himself has established the order, so that He became like unto man, and carried for His children all manner of sorrows, and would even allow Himself to be killed for a short time in His body by the hands of His own children!

17,13. See my son, all this is well-known to us, and it is true. But it is also true that the Lord our God is most likely to ask of His creatures to act in His order, because He has worked most of all out of His divine fullness. Now you know all that is necessary to enter into the kingdom of the childhood of God.

17,14. Therefore, you may now do what seems good to you. If you wish to enter the conditions, you must enter them in your heart, and you will not be lost. For we also know that the Lord would rather destroy a whole creation before He would allow a child to be lost!

17,15. Therefore, if you are in the heart, the Lord will care for you as a most trustworthy Father. But if you want to take the conditions without the heart, you will be under the burden of the great trials of God; for He has not given any law to those who are in His heart, other than that they always love Him more and more.

17,16. But those who are outside the heart, are surrounded by laws upon laws which are difficult to keep; and the transgression of a single one, at the very moment of transgression, leads to a deadly judgment, in which case it then becomes continually harder and harder to hold the other great number of laws. - From this, you can now judge with full certainty what is necessary for the attainment of the childhood of God. Then you can act accordingly; because you are free!

17,17. Now let us look at our candidate again. Behold, he takes the matter very seriously, and speaks to the elders: hear, father of this house! I have now come to a thought, and the idea is that if I take the earnest decision not to become a child of the Lord, but only a subordinate servant of the least of His children, in order to in this way quite secretly come closer to the omnipotent Lord in love, to see Him up close, I mean, this cannot be wrong. But will the Lord in the other world be aware of this principle, and put me in such a situation in which I could attain my goal? If this is so, I will lay my hand upon the altar.

17,18. The old man said, "You can be fully assured of this; for, by whatever rationale someone desires to attain the childhood of the Lord, by this same rationale the Lord will let it be for him in that world through which he can attain the basic goal of his life. If thou wilt be the least, the Lord will bear thee upon His hands. But whosoever shall be the greatest shall not be guided by the Lord, but the Lord shall come after him, and shall hearken his walk and steps, and when the great man shall reach an abyss, and he shall not repent freely, the Lord shall neither call nor pull him back from the abyss, but leave it up to him to either turn freely or to fall freely into the eternal abyss.

17,19. But you have decided on the most humble ground; this reason will irrevocably produce your life and mercy from the Lord, and so you can put your hand on the altar!

17,20. Now see, the candidate says, Lord, You Lord, in Your love, grace, and mercy. For no other reason, for out of pure love, I will go to You. Therefore, do not leave me in the time of my weakness, and let You alone be all my strength and power. In whatever form I will appear in the new world, Your love is the sole, eternal, powerful example of my life, according to which I will seek out all my own life-giving power. Cover me completely, what I was here, and had here, so that I might more readily strive for all my lowliness in my great love for You; but let the reason always arise in me, that I may always be stronger in love for You. And so I surrender, O Lord, to Your infinite love, mercy, and grace.

17,21. See, here the applicant places his hand on the altar. The mighty flame takes hold of him, and immediately he is no longer among the inhabitants of this house.

17,22. Where did he go now? Behold, at this moment, his soul is already laid in the body of a loving mother who has received and is born as a male child. This probably amazes you, but I say to you, is it then less wonderful that the spirits of your sun which are visible to your eyes are born from the plants of your earth-body, subsequently becoming the great variety of animal species? You see these things every day, and wonder a little about them, and yet this process is much more complicated, greater, and more protracted, for this is the resettlement of a spirit. For, in the transmission of the solar spirits, we are concerned with the development of your body and your soul, which appears to consist of a thousand times a thousandfold laws; but here, that is of this sun-world, which is a central solar world, is the resettlement of a spirit finished, which, according to the new body of its foundation, has nothing to do but to become united in its love with the living soul in the love of the Lord.

17,23. And this union is the attained childhood of the Lord, from whence a new creature emerges, astonishing all the heavens; for it is a creature from the marriage of heaven, and a creature of the salvation of the Lord, and this creature is great before the Lord, and is a child of the eternal Holy Father. - See, this is the great mystery of the incarnation on the earth now revealed. Therefore, you are also. But not all men of the earth have their spiritual origin here, for there are still many such spirit-suns in the endless space of creation. But let us have a closer look around here before we will go to another.

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