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Chapter 18

The will-power of the Spirit works miracles together with Jesus' power

18,1. We have nothing more to do here, so we can move around some more in our world; for once you have a world, that is a good foundation, you can then walk on it as you please, and gain all kinds of good experiences.

18,2. But where shall we go now? Here I will not say, "Here or there," for this, you have to decide. But I must draw your attention to one thing, and this is that you have to hold onto a definite determination to go here or there, and you must stay with the first thought. For here it is the case that if someone would say, "I am not sure, but doubtful whether I should turn left or right, that this world would disappear before you due to such doubts. Therefore, every thought must be held, and no second must displace the first. In the spirit this is the case throughout; for he that is not steadfast, is not fit for the kingdom of God. Also, as the Lord, Himself says, "He who puts his hand to the plow, and looks back, is not fit for the kingdom of God."

18,3. But, in other words, in our present purely spiritual state, this would have meant nothing other than that one should not be fickle of mind at any time. The first thought must also be the first decision and the first perfect firmness; for if such was not the case in the spirit, it would be bad for all creation.

18,4. If you only accept the slightest doubtfulness in the Spirit of God, a momentary withdrawal of His most incorruptible firmest will, an instantaneous destruction of all things will follow at once.

18,5. You indeed say: one can easily think like that of the Spirit of God; but whether the same steadiness is a requirement for the related spirits for the preservation of things, is not so clear.

18,6. But I tell you, the one is as obvious as the other. For this very reason, nothing unclean can enter the kingdom of God; for the heavens are the central rule of the Lord. They are, in their own way, perfectly one with the will of the Lord; and if any man enters into heaven, who is not one with the will of the Lord, this would be perceived as soon as all the spheres of creation are perceived. For this would cause all sorts of disorder in creation, and a thousand of the fiercest hells would not do such harm in all their free rage as a single disorderly spirit in the kingdom of God!

18,7. As long as, under the guidance of other spirits, you were mere passive observers of the spiritual relations, you could, indeed, change with your thoughts as you would; and yet everything, as you say, remained the same. But now you are active observers of the spiritual relations, that is, you do not look at things that are in my sphere, thus not on my soil, but you are now looking at yourself as the spirits of your sphere. You were formerly guests of another brother, and would not depart from him, you would enjoy in his house, but now I am your guest, and you could lead me where you want.

18,8. But, as I said, it is important that your thoughts stay fixed, in order to fix your creation; otherwise, we will all three at once again be in our previous haze.

18,9. When my brother once led you in his sphere, he also had to keep his creation; otherwise, you would have seen very little. This, however, is easy for the pure perfect mind, because it has its willpower entirely from the Lord. You have your will, indeed, from the Lord, but it is not yet firm and perfect enough to be able to fix it everywhere like the perfect spirits. Therefore, I also told you this, so that you may know how man is to live in the spirit and preserve the treasure of the power of his spirit.

18,10. If a man lives on the earth and wishes to preserve his property, it must be guarded properly, lest thieves and robbers should destroy it, and take away the possessions. Here it is; Thieves and robbers arefickle, desirous thoughts in the spirit. Anyone who does not set up solid protective walls soon loses the beautiful property of his mind.

18,11. So the Lord also said, "To him, that has shall be given more, that he may be in abundance; but he that has not, from him shall be taken what he has, or he shall lose what he hath. But what is it that can be taken from a man what he has not, and be given to a man that has, to possess it in abundance? - It is the spiritual will-power unified in the Lord! He who has it will find endless riches in his spirit, and then be in the possession of power and goods, and that is a possession in fullness.

18,12. But whoever does not have this power of will combined with the Lord in the spirit, what will be his lot, since there is no other possession for anybody but the highest of his own? I tell you, the lot of such a spirit will be no other than either sudden or successive impoverishment; for if any one of you wants to have a garment, but is not a tailor himself, he must go to a tailor, so that he may make a coat for him. But if there were no tailor, or if one could drive out all the tailors from one place, and no one could make a coat for himself, it would take some doing to get a garment.

18,13. See, so it is also the case here; the Lord created man in His image, and have equipped him with creative power. But He has placed it in him like a seed. But you yourself already say, and know it from the Scriptures, when it is said, "And the works follow them."

18,14. If so, then an unsteady, powerless, and unemployed spirit, who have never attempted to any strength, can impossibly arrive in the pure spiritual realm other than completely empty. But how much virtue is accredited that man should be a steady, unchangeable spirit, is shown by the Lord on various occasions.

18,15. He favors Peter because of the firmness of his faith; again he is called the wise man who builds on a rock, again He speaks of John the Baptist, that he is not a reed moved by the wind. He often said, "It will be to you according to your faith; your faith has helped you! "Thus He also expresses clearly, saying," Be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect," whereby He also wants to say that, to whom He has spoken, he has to have a will of equal steadfastness like God, and by no means to be deviated from the firm direction of their spirit. So He also praises the power of the spirit with the following words:

18,16. If you had faith as large as a mustard-seed, you could say to this mountain, "Lift up yourself and fall into the sea." It will be done according to your faith.

18,17. From these few cited texts, of which there are still a multitude, you can also deduct in sufficient detail what is most important in the realm of the spirits.

18,18. But I will tell you what may seem strange to you, and yet it is the most incorruptible truth. If the people on earth knew what was important in order to affect something in their will, many wonderful things would happen; but for the most part, human beings scarcely know that they have a spirit because the latter has long been absorbed by their matter. How then will they know what is in their spirit?

18,19. But to you, who have already come to know the spirit a little, I can now give a little account of what is most important in order to produce powerful, infallible, definite, and truly wonderful works.

18,20. What does it really matter? - Listen, I'll give you a small recipe. Take a good spoonful of it every morning and evening, and you will convince yourself that this recipe is a veritable miracle secret.

18,21. The first ingredient consists in unifying with the Lord through love in His will immediately after waking up; this must also happen in the evening. If anyone wants something, he has to pay attention to his thoughts first; this is the second ingredient. He now takes hold of this, and never exchange it for another.

18,22. If he has done this, he should ask the Lord that He would unite His infinite strength with the weakness of his own will, but also take hold of the Lord with his love, which is the third ingredient. If this has been done in all steadfast strength, then add a fourth to these three ingredients, and that is steadfast faith.

18,23. If these four ingredients are together, the miracle medicine is already prepared.

18,24. Whoever does not want to believe it will probably hardly be able to carry out the test; but let him that believes, go, and do the same, and he shall be convinced of the unified power of the Lord in his spirit. This secret I had to tell you here because it is the right place here.

18,25. So you also now know what you have to do here in this world so that we can go on; a thought, a fixed destiny, and we shall have the place before whence we will.

18,26. This mystery, however, which I have now told you, applies to all natural as well as to all spiritual worlds; for it is wholly the same which the Lord and all His Apostles and disciples have taught, on the occasion when He said, "Without Me you can do nothing; with Me, of course, everything! "

18,27. And further, when He said, "Whatever you will ask the Father in My name, He will give you." Here the Lord did not make an exception in his request, saying, "Whatever."

18,28. So He also showed that when two or three are gathered together in His name, He will be in the midst of them; and what they will ask shall be given to them. The continuation of this world-mission, however, will, as I have already pointed out, lighten up many hidden secrets to you. But the new place is already before us; so let us approach it!

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