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Chapter 19

A new place - splendid building on a hill

19,1. I should ask you how this new place appeals to you. Since I am on your land with you, I cannot keep to the known order of things, since the stranger, if he comes to a householder, cannot ask him how his property pleases him; but the house owner can ask such a question to the stranger. But you may not ask me about this since you are still very much strangers in your own property; so I must then reverse the order and give you the question which you should have given me.

19,2. This would otherwise be quite good; but I see another problem, and this consists in the still very deficient spiritual contemplation in you, which, on my question, should not lead you to the proper answer. - What is going to happen? We shall at once find a middle way in which we shall agree, and this path will consist in the fact that we omit the question altogether, and then proceed to a contemplative discussion.

19,3. Now see, this new place is still significantly more glorious than the first. On a substantial height stands a very magnificent building. The walls are of pure transparent gold, the pillars in front of the walls are made of diamonds and ruby columns, the roof of the exceedingly large building forms an imperial crown, which is covered with the finest, large precious stones.

19,4. From the plain to the top of the mountain ascends a broad staircase to the first pillar colonnade, the steps of which are made of opaque gold. The balustrades on either side of the steps consist solely of pyramids, which are connected to each other by chains of red gold.

19,5. In the middle of each pyramid is a white, round sun sphere, emitting an exceptionally beautiful shine; between each two pyramids, behind the chain, is a beautiful, fully grown poplar of which the leaves sparkle as if with the finest velvety, gold laced strips and all the trees are equal in size.

19,6. I also see that three velvet bands of about one klafter breadth are laying on the broad staircase; two are green and the middle one is a beautiful red color. They are so precisely fixed to the steps, that they seem to be part of the steps.

19,7. This staircase does not follow through in one flight, but I can see roomy landings after every thirty steps, each adorned with a beautiful triumph arch. Every triumph arch consists of, as I can see, stretching over the full width of the staircase, thirty diamond pillars, connected on top by arches, which consists of exceptionally brightly shining sunstones.

19,8. Beyond the bows, a gallery is added, on which it would be lovely to wander about and I see that such a gallery is built of intermittent rubies and emeralds. Truly, I would call this royal sun glory!

19,9. Look some more; the completely round mountain looking like a rather low, but topped-off pyramid, is surrounded at its base by a beautiful moat of about a hundred klafter width. The whole moat is artistically constructed and paved with the finest white marble, while both banks are lined with golden balustrades. The roads to the sides of both balustrades are paved with shimmering jasper and along the roads, on the side of the moat, stands the most beautiful fruit trees.

19,10. Here, where the staircase ascends the mountain, is an exceptionally shining bridge made out of red marble. The artistically decorated banisters are made of white gold and the decorations are set with very precious gems. But the most beautiful, are the pointed obelisks, rising from the water in the middle of the moat. These obelisks are of topaz and from their tips surges water-spouts up high, which then falls as countless shining pearls back into the moat. Just look how the water is inhabited by various shining little fish; truly, it is beautiful to see!

19,11. But let us go over the steps and take a closer look at our magnificent building on the mountain. Walking up these steps is really very comfortable and gentle. Just look here again; we have reached the first landing.

19,12. Look down at the floor; it is blue, and inlaid into this blue floor are white, shining stars, and the extraordinary purity thereof surpasses all imagination!

19,13. Let's move on; there you see the second resting place. This one has a green floor base like a piece of polished emerald, and from its surface glitter, the most beautifully arranged rose-red stars.

19,14. But let us go on; there you see the third resting place. The floor is red as carmine, but shining like ruby, and in the most beautiful new arrangement, light-green stars glitter on its surface. Let us go further; there is already the fourth resting place. Look at this floor; it is violet, as of amethyst, and in its surface glitter stars in the most beautiful arrangements.

19,15. Let us go on again; there is already the fifth stop. See the floor; it is yellow as a topaz, and its surface is crimson. But let us go on; there we are at the sixth resting place. The floor is dark green, and the stars, which glow from its surface, are multi-colored like cut diamonds.

19,16. But let us go on; there is the seventh resting place already. Look at this floor; dark red as the velvet of a King's robe, and dark orange-yellow stars that shine almost unbearably strong on its surface, giving the red, transparent floor a strange, mysterious illumination. - No, I must say, I have expected many other things, but not such splendor in you. There are still a lot of such resting places above us; they may still be about twenty-three.

19,17. But let us now go all the way in one session, for I am almost tired of seeing such great splendor. - We have now made quick progress, and are standing under the first arch, supported by pure diamond columns.

19,18. Just look at this floor between the pillars; it forms a brightly radiant rainbow, and each color line is filled with correspondingly brightly shining stars. Truly splendidly beauty!

19,19. And there, outside this arcade, more toward the building, rises a common circular staircase, consisting of thirty steps. These are made of pure emerald but are inlaid with bright red shining stars, and above these thirty common round steps is again a second arcade, supported by pillars of the most precious shining suns. The arches above the columns are made of pure rubies and the railing over the ruby arches, of green gold. And then, look at the floor; this is of sky-blue color, as if of uniform hyacinth, and is divided into seven successive series of red and green shining stars.

19,20. We are through this arcade. There you again see a winding staircase, again consisting of thirty steps, with which one can reach the broad plateau of the mountain on which the actual mansion building is built. These steps are also made of hyacinth stones and are also decorated with red and green shining stars.

19,21. Now we are only on the actual main plateau, but look at this splendor! The plateau, as smooth and glossy as the surface of a polished diamond, is of azure blue color and is laid-in with wonderfully beautiful rows of different shining stars. From this edge to the main building, it has a diameter of a hundred fathoms. Indeed, this splendor is almost inexpressible!

19,22. But now look at the main building! It is a circular building of three storeys, each of which has a height of thirty klafter, and the walls consist purely of columns, all lined up very closely together. Each storey's floor shines in a different color, and the floors are distinguishable from each other by the most splendid galleries.

19,23. And then, within the rows of columns, a continuous wall is built of the most costly white, self-luminous sun-stones; - the splendor, the splendor! The outer column wall of the first floor consists of emerald; the pillared wall of the second storey of pure ruby, the pillar wall of the third storey of pure hyacinth. How splendidly the powerful light of the inner continuous wall breaks through these columns of the outer wall! It looks as if you can see all the countless color gradations in the brightest light. Indeed, too much splendor is compressed into one point.

19,24. The building seems to have a circumference of seven-thousand klafter, giving the eye a far-reaching range of view; but one become seriously tired of such overly magnificent sights. For this reason we shall for the sake of our main goal, go inside the building and see what it looks like there.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-19 Chapter