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Chapter 22

Conditions for the attainment of the childhood of God

22,1. Behold, he raises his staff, which will say as much as: Listen to me with the most intense and deepest attention! After all, as you can see, and in yourselves easily notice, are all the people willing to listen carefully; the elder lowers his staff and says: All my children and offspring of my children! You are initiated, and the guidance of the Most High God, the Almighty Creator and Master of All Things, is not unknown to you. You now are also initiated into the words of the prophets, who once came as a great spirit in the name of God, over the endlessly wide paths of our world, the end of which has not yet been measured, and none of us knows what incomprehensible depths of creation penetrates its surface.

22,2. This great spirit alone transcended the world from one end to the other; for his motion was like that of flashing light, and his voice rolled like mighty thunders, and our world trembled to its very foundations when he spoke.

22,3. His words stayed with us, and we have preserved them in our starscripts. You may go and stand in this my house, wherever you will, this celestial writing will shine upon you with its bright glow, and will always revive your mind's inner wisdom.

22,4. But how does the mighty words of this prophet's spirit sound, which is written around the altar with the stars, from the many words? - Who of you can say, I cannot read it, for I myself have taught you all to read the signs of the stars?

22,5. But let us look up into the endless, bluish sea of air, and you can always see there what the great Creator created, what our hand has imitated here. - What is the meaning of this hint? Hear, I will repeat it to you: In the midst of the great court of the Palace of the stars, you should erect an altar to the one God, and lay the wood upon it; but the wood shall be perfect and its aroma the best. But you shall never kindle this wood with a worldly fire, but a fire from your spirit shall bring this wood to flame. But if the wood is kindled by the fire of your heart, go forth, you and yours and go into the house of God, and enter into the light of the flame, to investigate whether anyone of your house is able to enter. He who feels himself capable will step up to the altar and read in the flame the conditions which he has to fulfill in the world which the great God has created for Himself and for His children. - Such is the hint.

22,6. But you all know how long, according to our exact time-keeper, the wood has already been on the altar, and no one of us could ignite it, for all of us lacked the power of the spirit. I am well aware that no one of us touched the altar of the Lord after the laying on of the wood with a fingertip, and yet the sanctified wood has miraculously burst into flames. What shall we do now?

22,7. I tell you, let everyone, man or woman, test his mind before God the Almighty. Who out of you all has the courage to take hold of the Supreme Being of God with his love? Whoever can put down everything before the altar and keep nothing but the love of his heart for the all-powerful, eternally great God, should come out and try to read what the flame shows. Indeed, whoever will be able to do so will have a great road in front of him, a road from the greatest freedom to the lowest servitude, a road from this perfect life through to death, a path from this highest light level into the greatest night; and also a path from this greatest happiness and bliss that we all feel, to the greatest tribulation, the greatest misery and the greatest distress, a road from our uninterrupted well-being, to unbearable grief, to reach the home of God after an undetermined time. Well, the one who can reach this home can become a child of God!

22,8. But what a road it is! It would be easier to explore our world, however endless it may be, to achieve this ultimate goal.

22,9. So much I could tell you all in advance; but whoever has the courage, the path is not cut off, for where the Lord Almighty is doing one thing, He will do the other.

22,10. Now see, our elder has spoken. He directed his words with great knowledge and profound wisdom; so we will now pay attention to the effect they have produced in his children and children's children. Do yousuppose that after his dissuasive journey description, someone will decide to step onto the road to God's home?

22,11. See, no male being wants to step up this time; but there, a wonderfully beautiful feminine being emerges and speaks to the elders: you are the witness of my life by the power of God in you! My breast swells up with mighty love for the one God, without whose ever possible visible presence a perfect bliss can never be imagined. I would like to go to Him, and would like to be a most humble maid in one of His smallest houses, which He will surely have in infinite numbers. The way does not frighten me; where and how He can be found, the flame will tell me. If I have gained that certainty, then let me also follow the suggestion of the mighty prophet, who spoke to all the people of this endlessly great world in the name and power of the Almighty God!

22,12. The elder said, "Come, then, come here before me and turn your face to the flame, and read what it is saying to you. - The female being comes before the elders and reads from the flame: Your God and your Lord is a God full of love and mercy and will give you to bear a gentle yoke and a light burden! Be humble in your heart; forget this world's great beauty and splendor, and commend yourself to the almighty protection of the great God! He Himself will carry you invisibly on His own hands through a short material life to His dwelling, where you will be given the great childhood, and will live eternally in the Almighty Divine Father's home. If you have the courage in your love for this great God, put your hand on the altar!

22,13. The elder says, "My daughter, you have read the condition of the great grace of God; what do you want to do now? The daughter says, I will, in my increasingly powerful love for my and your God, and I will be there, so I want you to remember, when it will be the Lord's will, that you also follow, with many others. I am well aware that this world is also glorious, and that we have a splendid society with pure spirits, who have assumed finer bodies than our own. We can look with little effort at their great bliss, and this is of such a nature that it does not disturb the bliss of our natural life; yet, the blessed spirits of this world is in no way ahead of us, except that they can ascend according to their will and make faster movements than we are able to make it in our natural state, for we are not capable to lift ourselves up like them, high up into the space of bright light.

22,14. But just consider, what can be said against it, to be a child of God, who can see with one glance more than we are capable of in countless revolutions of times. Therefore, I will lay my hand upon the altar, and step unto the marvelous road.

22,15. Look, this daughter puts her hand on the altar, and she is no longer to be seen among the company. But what will society do now? We'll have a look at the next opportunity!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-22 Chapter