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Chapter 23

Speech of the sun-elder to his people

23,1. Behold, our elder has just come forth and speaks to all those present: My beloved children and children's children! You know where we take those stones from, which, as self-luminous stars, are inserted into the other precious building blocks. Our well-trained divers get them from the bottom of the great, very deep waters. Likewise, are all glorious, great, and precious things hidden in inaccessible depths; and we are likewise superficially created to be capable of deep wisdom of God Almighty.

23,2. Since we are first of all here, we feel no difficulty in our existence; it is so easy to continue our lives here. If, however, we wish to revive the abilities present in us, let us penetrate into the depths of wisdom, life will then be no jest anymore, but shall be subject to a great seriousness and an exhaustive search for what corresponds to divine wisdom.

23,3. People who have found the great treasure in the depths of their lives are also like the sea itself. They are like other people in their outward motion, and their waves are the result of their wise actions.

23,4. The difference between the surging activity of awakened and ordinary people consists in the fact that the one who is awakened in himself does and acts according to the eternal law of the divine order found in him. The ordinary man, however, acts according to the laws given from outside, which are derived from the living law of those who have found the inner wisdom within themselves, which has laid within them since the primordial beginning, by the highest wisdom of the Creator.

23,5. But then, if there is almost no essential difference between the self-aroused and the merely external imitating men, how can one, therefore, investigate and deduce from the experience: "Behold, is this a self-awakened, or only an external imitator?"

23,6. My beloved children and children's children! Look at the altar, the sacred flame is still blazing. Which of you have the courage to lay his hand upon the altar after hearing the conditions for obtaining the childhood of God?

23,7. When I have shown you the requirements out of my wisdom, you all shuddered, and all retreated from the altar of conversion to the childhood of God. But a virgin, who was probably the simplest in this my palace, so that no one of any of us could have imagined that in this very simple, virgin being, would be such profound, already awakened wisdom(her work guarantees us). Let all of us see how these people are and should be, in whom the inner wisdom is awakened by the silent self-activity and self-investigation of one's own spirit.

23,8. We are inhabitants of this principal palace. Deep and inner wisdom is supposed to distinguish us from all other ordinary people; but how is it with our manly wisdom, as it was put to shame by a weak maiden? How is it then with our wisdom that there would be such courageous wise people from the subordinate homes, who have enough courage to put their hands on the altar of God, out of humility and love for God?

23,9. You jerk your shoulders and make an ambiguous movement with your heads and eyes; and I tell you: Truly, our wisdom is like the foam of the sea, whose bubbles on their surface make a beautiful play of shimmering colors; but one only has to breathe on such a shimmering bubble, and it, together with its color-play, completely disappears from existence.

23,10. But the wisdom of the girl, who had enough courage to lay her hand on the altar, is like that splendid rock in the deep bottom of the sea, with which we adorn the walls of our dwelling in the form of stars, and lay the figuration of the stars, the words of the prophet. But we ourselves are scarcely equal to the flat building blocks, whose surface, but not their interior, is inscribed with the radiant stones.

23,11. Who among you can actively disprove my address? Who else has the courage to lay his hand upon the altar, while the flame still blazes? I see none of you raising up and coming closer, but you all withdraw, and none of you would answer me.

23,12. What shall we do, since the flame still blazes? I will give you a counsel, and it is this: "All of you, fall on your faces before the altar of God, praise and exalt the Almighty God, that He may at least awaken us all to the extent that we may thereby know in the depths of our lives, how far we still have to go, to become what our sister has become, our wise girl."

23,13. And if we should never get the high courage to lay our hands on the altar, then we ask God the Almighty that He would, at least in this respect give us life in this world, enlivened by His infinite wisdom, that we would always in a worthy manner be able to be an example for the great multitude of people who are subject to our main palace, and are most fortunate enough to receive favor from this main palace or even a bride. And as we have now shown, we are with all our other wisdom, stupid enough to always give away the most wise when a bride is to be given; while we were of the opinion that we gave only those who are the least suited to our palace. Is it right that we should do so?

23,14. I tell you, we are doing it wrong, the way we do it; but in view of how the omnipotent God of heaven and the earth can make also our stupidity worthwhile, it is absolutely right what happens; and especially in the case of such bridal commitments, when our stupidity turns on us, and the all-wise God takes a flower from our main palace, of whom our palace is not worthy, and as we ourselves are not worthy of keeping this holy flame blazing at the same strength on the altar of God.

23,15. The extraordinary miracle of our great patriarchal habitation witnesses about the extent to which I am right or wrong in this speech to you all.

23,16. Tell me who of us have ever brought a stone hence, and who of us ever designed a blueprint? Behold, all this is the work of those men in the flat plain below, which are subject to us, that is of our supposed, deep wisdom. But if this is undeniably the case, it is also clear to the contrary that in the profound flatness of our great landscapes there are men whom we are not worthy to look into the face.

23,17. But if such men approach the palace by the merits of their wisdom, in order to acquire a better bride, is it not wholly right, and most reasonable, that the most worthy of them is given to them? Yes, my dear children and children's children, what God the Almighty does, that alone is well done; and so it is incomparably better that we give our daughters to the friends of God for their joy than to keep them from them and keep them for our own great stupidity.

23,18. Therefore, fall down together with me before the altar, and ask for so much wisdom that ye do not need to be secretly ashamed of them that are insignificant before us. And in the flame we shall then read quite clearly what God would want us to still do to achieve what would be more beneficial to us than our stupidity. - So be it! Amen!

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