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Chapter 24

Prayers of the mind and the heart

24,1. Now, all the numerous inhabitants of this main palace falls in a circle on their faces before the altar, on which the flame still blazes. Even the elder does not neglect to do so.

24,2. You would then like to know how such people pray? Such people pray in the same way as you do. They pray to God, to the supreme Lord of heaven and earth. Their prayer is a prayer with the living wish that the Lord will give them what they ask Him for. You pray well in your own way, if you truly pray in your heart, and accompany your prayer with the desire for your prayer to be heard, which is true prayer.

24,3. Prayer with these people is more of a gesture prayer than an inner heart prayer; it is about the same as you are active your mind, and you are making involuntary movements according to the nature of your thoughts. So the prayer of these people is not a prayer of emotion, coming from the heart, but an intellectual prayer, which comes from the thoughts of the soul in the head. In this position do these people each one think according to the degree of his wisdom, about which would be the wiser way.

24,4. Their position is not, as in you, a certain humble and contrite devotion to the heart, but it is only a sign that they should not at all interfere with each other in this state. Everyone, undisturbed, thinks to himself in his mind, with the desire that God the Almighty might allow the same. If someone has found the wisest point in his own way, then he may stand up quite calmly all alone, and then read in the flame how far his point of wisdom can be found in the writing of the flame. If he finds it, the standing prayer keeps standing. If, however, his point of wisdom cannot be found in the flame, the prayer immediately lays down again on his face and prays or rather thinks further, about the what would be the wisest his sphere.

24,5. See, this is the general prayer among the people of this world-body; especially those who belong to the patriarchal houses. You are saying, of course, well, why do not these men turn to the Lord to show them the right wisdom? For they must understand that the Lord is wiser than all their understanding and that He can and will give them that which they ask.

24,6. I say to you that this is well thought, inasmuch as someone does not know the circumstances of this great world; but if one knows them, he will everywhere recognize the holy order of the Lord, and will say that these people too, according to their style is valid before the Lord, because this prayer is according to their order.

24,7. But why? The reason will be easily shown, and so listen!

24,8. These people acknowledge and say: If we would turn to God to give us true wisdom, we would thereby resent God and cause Him great disgrace, for in this way we would make the allegation that God, being the Most Wise and Most Just, would want to deceive us, and we must be in high regard of the prudence which the Lord God of heaven and the earth (the inhabitants of this body of the world, like every other, call their foundation earth the same as you do) and use it according to His order. If we have consumed this wisdom within ourselves, and we then feel the need for a higher wisdom, then we have the right to ask God for what is lacking and then use it according to His order.

24,9. See, according to this order live and pray the people of this world-body. To whom do they correspond in the essence of man? They correspond, since they are the inhabitants of a central sun, with the brain; although with only a single nerve in it, which is situated at the extremity of the optic nerve quite close to the brain. That is why their nature and their order is thus, that they are generally satisfied with what they have; in the same way as the rational men with you are satisfied with nothing so much as with their intellect, as each one thinks to have the best, and often, the less understanding one possesses, the more contented he is with it.

24,10. It is, of course, quite different with the emotional man who thinks in his heart. He recognizes that all human understanding is just patchwork and that the human is the most intelligent, and the wisest, who has made it so far as to say in his humility: I know nothing; because all my knowledge does not weigh a sun-particle against the infinite wisdom of God. Such a man has only then taken hold of the true hunger for wisdom, which allows him to find the great storehouse which the Lord has placed in his heart, amply supplied.

24,11. But are not there similar human beings on this central world? Oh, we've already seen two, namely those who have put their hands on the altar. For laying a hand on the altar says that one has found his great poverty within himself, but beside him also a brightly shining lamp, which stands before an inscribed tablet in his own heart, on which is written with clearly legible writing:

24,12. Immortal Spirit! Humble yourself in your highness; inflame yourself in your love for God, and return to Him who created you. There in the great father's house, you will find it in endless abundance, which is so much amiss with you here!

24,13. And now, if any man of these men has found such things in himself, he becomes a quiet sage, and strives, unlike anything else, to enter onto the path which leads to the goal which he has found on the illuminated tablet in his heart. It is true that every man of this world-body has such a plate in himself, but not everyone shines the glimmering lamp before it, but instead places the lamp in the center of his brain. Hence, it comes also that from the countless many inhabitants of this world-body, there are only a few who wish to place their hand on the altar.

24,14. But if you take a look back at your earth, you will find without much searching or any effort, the same situation. Think only of the word of the Lord, when He said, "Many are called, but few chosen." And you will be able to count the chosen ones of even a prominent place, very easily on your fingers.

24,15. But what is the reason? Because no one, or of the many, but very few, will be pleased with the words of the Lord, "Deny yourself, take the cross upon your shoulder, and follow Me."

24,16. It is true that this endless grace was not given to man in this central solar world, that the Lord Himself had taught and shown to them the straight and shortest way with His own holy mouth, and in this way not only a glimmering lamp but a whole central sun was put before their tablets, and they are therefore not exempt from the possibility of finding the tablet of eternal life in their hearts, and of setting up their lives. To this end, they also live long enough to find what is in themselves; - for there are people as old as half the human race on your earth. Moreover, even the spirit-souls of the dead can, when they so wish, be capable of the same resettlement as when they were in their body-life. There is no great difference between these two stages of the people of this world, for they can always see and speak with each other as often as they wish.

24,17. But we also have enough to understand the nature of the prayer of these people; the prayers have in the meantime raised and gathered themselves around the altar, and we will, therefore, give their further deference some brief attention, and then go forth on this world again.


Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-24 Chapter