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Chapter 25

Difference between children of the sun and children of God

25,1. Our elder again raises his staff and opens his mouth. What will he say to his children? Listening ourselves will give the best answer to this question; and so we hear how he speaks. His words are:

25,2. My dear children and children's children! You have gathered before the altar upon which the flame of God is still burning. You have offered a worthy praise to the Almighty; therefore the Spirit of God speaks to us from the flame:

25,3. To the great I am great, small to the little, strong to the strong, and weak to the weak; but in this weakness lies a secret strength, which is more powerful than all the might of the great. Whoever is merciful, I am also merciful to him; whoever does good will be done good to. To the lords am I am a Lord; but a slave to the servant. The sage may not play with My light; but the corridor of My divine fullness shall be open to the simple. For those who are full of intellect, I am in the inaccessible light; but for the simple of the world and its glow, I will go out as a brother. The children of the sun have great power, their breath is stronger than the greatest storm is for the small earth, and before their thoughts, their world bows, and drives new flames out of their vast pastures. But those who are and want to be My children must be weak, and their weakness must first be a power in Me. The children of the sun may worship Me in their light, but My children worship Me in their fire. The children of the sun are what they are; but My children must not remain what they are, but they must be consumed so that only through their destruction they should become what they are to be.

25,4. What do you want, children of the sun? - You have your well-measured part; if you want more, you shall be given more; do you want a greater bliss, how can you ask for more than what will be for you according to your knowledge and your will? But if you want to become My children, you should not want to win, but want to lose everything. For your lot as children of the sun is such, that you can adorn yourself with eternally growing treasures and riches, on the other hand, the lot of My children is to become ever poorer, and to the extent that they do not even regard their life as their own. And they must always be willing to spend their love, which is the foundation of their lives, on countless brethren.

25,5. What you possess is given to you for eternal, unqualified property; My children, however, are not allowed to possess anything, nor even to provide for their own table, but for all that they need, they have to take it from nowhere but from Me in My house. You are mighty lords of your world; My children, however, must be poor servants; they must work with their hands. But if they have worked for something, they may not keep it as a property, but should bring it into My house, as soon as I give it to each and every one of them, which is necessary for the sake of loving care. You dwell in palaces that surpass all imaginable splendor and glory; My children, however, must occupy huts, about whose lowliness and utter glory you would shudder. But My children are still My children and are always with Me, and always do according to My will, which is endlessly powerful to the mighty, but also endlessly small to the weak.

25,6. If you want to be My children, you must consider this and let go of all the advantages of your life forever. Even your life with its clearest consciousness must be a sacrifice to Me; you must keep nothing but your completely emptied essence. For, as you are, you are also the vessels of life, which go out from My light; but as My children, you should become the dwelling-place of My own eternal Spirit, and this can not dwell in the flightiness of your light, but only in the great firmness which is dense enough to resist the almighty fire of My own eternal love-life.

25,7. You grace a mighty staff of willpower, and when you lift it, your great world trembles under the great compulsion of your will; My children, however, must lay a heavy wooden cross on their shoulders, which pushes them to the ground and gives them death, over which their little world mightily rejoices. Only from this death can they arise, be like Me, and then do what I do; but not to rule like you, but to serve all with the greatest love, gentleness, and fullest resignation in My will. Do you think this is a little thing to surrender entirely to My will? - Listen and hear!

25,8. To surrender completely to My will wants to say more than if anyone of you wants to grasp the whole of infinite creation in his fist and play with it as with the smallest grain of sand. Yes, it says more than if you would go to the vast pastures of your world, where, the immeasurable glowing power of the flames are continually raging inside of immeasurably wide clefts, and if one wants to fall down into the crater, and sip up with one draft the endlessly raging embers and flame mass. And yet My children must absorb My infinite eternal will into themselves, up to the last drop, before they can be fully My children.

25,9. You assess and know the infinite power of My will; who of you can stand against My will, and say: Lord! Let me fight with You? Will not the smallest little spark destroy him, as if he had never been there? Yes, the smallest spark of my will is enough to obliterate numerous sun-worlds, as this one which you inhabit.

25,10. But if you see it clearly according to your assessment, what will you say to it, if I declare it to you out of My fire, that it is a task and an indispensable condition for My children to subdue to My will? But in order to explain this unspeakably great task for you, My children or those who wish to become My children must continue to bear the burden of My will with much trial and tribulation during their period of freedom, and must be completely consumed by the fire of My zeal, so that they may thereby be eternally related to the endless, eternal fire of My will. And many, who have not passed this test in their individual period of liberation, will then have to be forced, after their passing over, to cleanse themselves for long periods of time in the fire of My will, and get themselves into to the most grievous trouble, before they can be taken up among My children, as being the very least.

25,11. What do you want now? Will you stay? Or do you really want to be My children? Behold, the little spark of My will blazes at the altar. If you wish to stay, then stay; if you want to acquire childhood, put your hands on the altar.

25,12. See, as such have our elder read everything from the flame. But what do the children say to this lecture? - They say: Great God! It is, of course, something infinite to be a child of Yours, but if Your will is even more violent than the endless glow which our world carries in its wide chasms, who then can bear such and live with it? - Therefore, let us remain what we are, and always make a sacrifice of our wisdom! Therefore, take back the terrible flame on your altar, and let us go and live in our peace.

25,13. A word comes from the flame: so be done according to your will. Nevertheless, the wood should always be on the altar; then I will preserve the ways by which My great love and mercy will remain.

25,14. Know, however, that what seems hard for you, is an easy thing for Me; and what seems easy for you, is hard for Me. You indeed love your freedom to rule, but I am only pleased with the simplicity and subordinate servitude of My children; for there is no master, to whom a different master is better than his own servant, who is always a most faithful servant to him. Therefore, one master gives the other only the compulsory portion; but the servant is rewarded by his Lord. My children are also My servants; therefore they also have My wages as servants and My heritage as children! - Consider this always; and if once again the new wood on your altar will begin to blaze, then think that a father is better than a master! Nowgo into your peace, and My flame will go out, so that you may be rulers in your world! However, only to those areas where the flames of My will blazes out of endless depths; no one dares to go there. For only the fertile soil should be subject to you; but the flame is Mine. Amen!

25,15. Now see, the flame at the altar is extinguished. The oldest of them lowered his staff, and the entire population of this palace went out into the open to re-establish itself after this great lesson. But we are going out again, and from there, to another place.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-25 Chapter