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Chapter 26

Example of the rich youth

26,1. Here we are again on our well-known plateau: see, it has not changed yet. You would like to see the inhabitants of this palace, who have moved out before us, where they are now. Go only to the edge of the plateau, and you will soon see the beautiful inhabitants where they amuse themselves; some on the round galleries are known to you, some on the triumphal arch above our well-known staircase; and then, a whole legion is already swarming around the canal.

26,2. You ask how these people can get anywhere so fast? I tell you that this is quite easy. Firstly are their bodies much lighter than yours on the earth; most of the sun-dwellers also have a considerable will-power, according to which they are able to carry out many things which are certainly impossible for the inhabitants of the earth. And so they can move about their world-surface with much greater rapidity than you are able to understand.

26,3. This property, however, is of great necessity for the inhabitants of a world of such immense size, for if they could move on the earth as fast as they do, what would they do in many territories, often a single district, such as that of this palace, which has a larger area of space than multiple of your earth's surface area. Central sun-worlds differ from the planetary nerves in that they do not have habitats like these, but only habitable large areas which might be called oases. How much of such oases are on a central sun, the circumference of which is several trillion miles by your measure, can hardly be determined; but you can be certain that, in such a central sun-region, as much as there are planet-suns with planets around it, all belonging to this one central sun.

26,4. Are these oversized circular areas, of which there is an immense number, being separated from each other or not? They are very definitely separated; - how? - Mostly through endlessly extended rows of fire craters; now and then also by very high mountains whose tops, which, if they were on earth, were likely to disturb your moon in its orbit. These sometimes have a larger surface area on their height than about half the surface of your earth.

26,5. That the feet of such mountains will have a very great circumference and diameter, you can easily imagine by yourself. A third kind of limitation of such spheres is here and there either large and broad streams, or even exceedingly great world-seas, which have such enormous water content that your earth, if it falls in, would be taken up in the sea, and make the same impact, as if you would throw a pearl into the sea of your earth. It is, however, also necessary that on such an exceedingly fiery body would also be great extinguishing devices.

26,6. Here and there one discovers wide and very wide lightwater-rivers on this world-body. The water of such streams is not transparent and is much heavier than other ordinary, transparent water.

26,7. These floods of light, however, cannot be compared with anything similar on your earth, since it is unique only to such solar bodies. The inhabitants gather this light-water into certain containers, whereupon it soon petrifies and become so-called self-luminous white stones. In this respect, this water is almost similar to the water of your earth, in which soon grow salty crystals when it is separated from the total mass. But, this light-water does not petrify spontaneously, since it always absorbs the continually softening nourishment from its bed.

26,8. Where is the outflow of such a body of water? It usually springs from the numerous mountains, which are equipped with large fire-craters, and accumulates in a river not infrequently of thousands of miles long, and then flows through an area whose distance is often greater than the distance of the earth to your sun and then, sometimes, into another great sea of water, but in most cases, a great fire-crater burnt out here and there, fills them by degrees, and in the course of time makes a flat land out of the great and exorbitant gaps, which spreads an indescribable splendor. In time, however, it will also become solid and may be used as fertile land.

26,9. The white building blocks for the palaces are here and there cut from such regions; it is self-illuminating and is usually used to form arches above the pillars, as well as to fixed walls of a building. However, the broken and then trimmed stone does not have the same value as when taken fresh from the water currents, because it is less bright than those casted.

26,10. That would be the borders of our circular regions. But can these limitations or demarcations of the district areas not be exceeded? This is not easily the case here; for such a district is in the first place, already so vast that millions upon millions of people are able to provide themselves with a wealth of resources and live very comfortably. Then, on its surface, there are numerous glories and wonders that the inhabitants of such a district have to look at, study, and enjoy spiritually all their lives; they, therefore, do not care at all about the conditions of another region, just as little as you on your earth would care about what it looks like on a foreign planet, especially when you are well looked after on your own.

26,11. Moreover, many of the inhabitants of such a district, as long as they live in their bodies, do not know that there are other areas, but rather are of opinion when they come to one or the other impassable district-demarcation, either as a fire or as water, mountains or as a flood of light forever, that it would stretch out further forever.

26,12. Sages of high esteem do know because of their conversations with the spirits, that there are on this world there are still innumerable many other habitable circles. But they know this only under the seal of mutual strict secrecy, and only share it also with those who want to be initiated into the deeper secrets of divine wisdom.

26,13. There are from time to time really big friends of high mountains, who like to climb them if they only climb one way. But as far as these exceedingly high frontier regions are concerned, even the greatest friends of the mountains can lose appetite, for they are a little too high for them, and here and there too steep; and the highest peaks are not infrequently too near to the etheric light, in which even their fire-bodies might be even less able to exist, than your bodies of flesh at the heights of your earth, which also are quite similar in the air-ether.

26,14. Moreover, these high boundaries are usually shrouded in exceedingly strong luminous clouds, in which proximity these inhabitants do not at all come close to, because they emit such a dazzling light, that it blinds their eyes so much that they then cannot take in anything more of their surroundings.

26,15. See, therefore, the Lord knows how to keep His free creatures everywhere in their proper limits.

26,16. One or the other could, of course, say: What would happen if people from different circular areas could meet? I can say nothing more than that the wisdom and order of the Lord goes definitely always and everywhere deeper than any human being can measure with his little sense of reason. But you could even ask yourself on your earth why on this little world-body the nations that live on it do not want to intermingle, like grass and herbs in a meadow? - You will answer Me:

26,17. Because the nations have different political and moral constitutions, which can never be compared. It is true that each of them may well be in its strict order; but all together in a heap would produce an even more horrible disharmony, so as to make all the pipes of an organ sound at the same time.

26,18. The answer is good. From it, however, you can easily deduce how it would be possible on such an immense world-body, if the great nations on it could get in touch, as when the small nations on your earth would get in touch. I do not need to say more in this respect. In order that you may understand this even more thoroughly, let us at once go over to another district, and you will find a very important difference from this circular region. And so we embark on the journey to the direction of your will.

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