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Chapter 27

Why there are almost no animals on the central sun. Explanation of the example of the rich youth.

27,1. I already notice the direction you want to go; and so we are already going there. - Look to the left and to the right, in this circular region which we are now entering; what endless splendor and glory radiate from all sides! Palaces and apartments of unimagined glory, grandeur and majesty!

27,2. You ask, "One become overwhelmed by this country's, magnificent glory, but how is it that we have not yet discovered any other four-footed animals, apart from the fish in the canal which went round the Palace Hill? - My beloved friends and brothers, besides the little fish, as well as very sparse birds, you will find no other animal on this central sun. Such animals are only present on the planetary suns, and on their planets and moons, because they are, so to say, incrementally lower, gradually formed more and more, by theexcrement products of such central suns, whereby, as you have often experienced according to my knowledge, life must undergo a tougher existence , in order to arrive at proper diligence and purity; you can remember this relationship:

27,3. The more fire a world contains in itself, the less is the hard and coarse matter, which is not conducive to life, but rather a hindrance. But the less fire a world has in itself, the more crude it is, and life has to go through a tougher battle in order to reach its ever-constant freedom and purity.

27,4. Why then? How can this be evident? You can already see this on the earth very clearly, and indeed with the people themselves. People who are full of love for the Lord and their brethren are like the worlds that are full of inner fire. How easily such men come to the inner real life teach you many experiences and the own Word of the Lord Himself, when He says, "My yoke is gentle, and My burden is light"

27,5. People, however, who have less fire, and are thus more lukewarm, need a considerable testing substance until they are awakened and found life in themselves. It can not be done so quickly with them, because their matter still remains as a true fire-extinguishing medium against the fire of life, thus hindering the early awakening of the spirit.

27,6. Again we take another man who is quite cold with regard to the love of the Lord. This already resembles a planet, and there is a great deal of offense and impulse, until he comes into a regulated life-path, and can only there be gradually illuminated and heated up by rays acting upon it from without.

27,7. Why is it so? Because such a man has established himself completely in the coarse material world and it is very difficult to pass over from this into the pure spiritual. Again, there are people who can be described as completely fireless, burnt-out volcanoes. These men, therefore, have nothing spiritual about them at all and resemble the moons, which are also devoid of almost any atmospheric air, at least on one side. They always turn their most inhospitable side to their planet, and always turn the most efficient away from the same; likewise the human being.

27,8. They are not receptive to a higher life that still surrounds the planet; therefore they have only one direction, and this is their own selfishness. If, on the contrary, they turn to the light on their scarce side, they nevertheless consume it only for their material success, but never to the stimulation and formation of the spiritual life which expresses itself in the beneficial interaction through the spheres in which every spiritual life is effective. Such people have only half a sphere, being equal to their self-love, by always being averted from the sphere of the neighbor. They indeed operate together with the better part of mankind, but they are always very far from it, in order to not lose their material, vain riches, and have, in their actions, a constantly wavering movement, by which they avoid every opportunity where claim could be made on them to act in love.

27,9. How hard it is for such people enter into inner life, the Lord also speaks of at the occasion of the event with the rich youth, who also came to the Lord to enrich himself by His light - both materially and spiritually; but all together in a strong materialistic sense.

27,10. It would be easy for someone to ask why here then, a rich youth, and not some old miser, was used or allowed in the evangelical example. Look, all this must have its multifaceted reason. Thus, every moon is a worldly youth, and the essence of self-interest in a youth is always more lively than in an old man. For among a thousand old men, you could scarcely meet ten of the stingily selfish kind, which can be compared with the distant planets. But among a thousand youths, you will hardly find ten, which do not let themselves be directed and driven by self-interest.

27,11. Consider a young man, what he does and undertakes for his vain supply of the world! One of them runs his feet off to make some rich catch; the other is studying himself to death, to be able to, as soon as possible, attain to some handsome office. Another is moved to all kinds of meddling to help his weaker talents. And so, like the other, all of them almost completely sets aside all the divine and the spiritual, and turn with the wind, in order to chase after some earthly goal.

27,12. For this reason, a young man, and indeed a rich youth, is allowed and used in the gospel; a youth because he is mostly animated by such selfish interests, but rich, because a young man has the greatest ability to reach the kingdom of God, if he wants to deny himself, and follow in the footsteps of the Lord.

27,13. I think, from this example, you will be able to thoroughly understand my given example; and it always depends on this: the more fire and the resulting warmth or love for God and all neighbors, the less matter or the less death, and thus the more of life in itself. In contradiction, however, gradually: the more matter, the less fire, and thus the less true life, is present. Therefore, on such a central sun, consisting mainly of fire, the material, animalistic life is absent, to the degree of only a few insignificant little animals.

27,14. Since we now know this, we can also continue our journey with a freer mind. - Just look up ahead; we are on the shore of a light stream, which is already known to you, and we shall have to walk over it to get into another district of this country.

27,15. You say in your mind, looking with your spiritual eyes at this endless, radiant, immeasurable current surface, in your mind: How can we get over this sun-kissed sea with well-kept feet and unblinded eyes? But I tell you, as I have told you before, that there must never be any doubt on your mind. Firm volition and unwavering trust must be the eternal measure of the spirit. Therefore, if you do not consider, but want and trust it, this element will have to be usable to our will and trust. Now you want and trust, and the radiant floods carry us very well and with the speed of lightning, into another remote world.

27,16. See, there at a great distance, is already a solid bank rising above the radiant waves. Heavenly mountains, dotted with lush green forests, are the first trophies of a vast and habitable district, greeting our eyes with exceeding pleasantness and sublimity. Will we be able to cross these steep mountains?

27,17. Why would one then ask a spirit, to which the channels between the worlds are open, about the steepness of a mountain in a world? So we shall probably get through this place without an annoying tiredness with the very least of effort.

27,18. We are on the shore and therefore at the foot of the mountain. See the ground, how gently it is clothed with velvety grass, and what highest purity it presents to us for contemplation! Is not it a pleasure to walk on such ground under the green-shimmering trees? Yes indeed, that is already in and of itself heavenly glory!

27,19. You would like to know whether these trees are bearing fruit? These trees bear no fruit; but its green radiation is connected with the white stream of the current, making the white radiation more intense, more vivid, and more far-reaching. It is almost the same as someone who, with the white light of his faith is contemplating the green light of hope associated with it, and seeing that faith thereby becomes more saturated and more lively, for a faith without hope would be an intolerable light. But by the union of these two lights also a generation of love occurs; for whoever believes and hopes will soon begin to love Him whom he believes and trust in.

27,20. So here, too, is this vast expanse of green-luminescent forest region before us, a saturation of the white light. And look a little beyond the flood of the stream downwards, then you also see the two lights changing into a red one, which also says so much that in the course of faith and confidence, love begins to develop. The same can be seen in the reflection of every rainbow so that it can also be called a true arc of peace; it goes without saying, in spiritual sense. But as we know these things, we can begin to move very contentedly over the gently ascending forest floor.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-27 Chapter