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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-3 Chapter

Chapter 3

Continuous growth of salvation through activity

3,1. Behold, our sublime company dines, and our priests, as well as the others, are astonished at the infinitely good taste of this bread, as well as that of the living water. The priest speaks with the greatest reverence: O Lord and most loving Holy Father! This bread tastes just as if it were made up of the most delicious and most nutritious foods on the whole earth; and the water, as if it is made of the very best wines which have ever grown on the earth if one could dare to possibly make such a comparison here.

3,2. The Lord says, "Yes, My dear, beloved, yes most beloved son!" You have not appraised the taste of this simple meal badly at all. See how from the pure love in Me, all the good fruits of the earth, as well as on all the other world bodies come into being, and how these fruit through their taste, their fragrance, creates their fitness for food, and their estimable effect; so should this bread be considered to be the first fundamental principle of all that occurs in all the world-bodies, and contains it in a loving and useful way

3,3. From this bread, every bread is derived, because this bread is a true, living bread, and is equal to My love, which here presents itself to all My children for eternal living saturation. And the water, just like the bread, is also the foundation of all things, for it is the light of love, and is thus for all My children the eternal joint pleasure in My wisdom; that is all My children who are here with Me are in the depth of My wisdom and are therefore also in all My power and might!

3,4. See, this is the true living water of which I have spoken on earth with the woman at the well of Jacob, of which I said that those who shall drink of this water shall never be thirsty again forever.

3,5. The prior says: O Lord and most loving, Most Holy Father! I now see this clearly. Indeed, after the enjoyment of this water, I begin to see into the incomprehensible depths of Your omnipotence and Your wisdom, causing me to really begin to shudder with a pleasant, glorious joy. But I would like to know whether I will ever drink such a water and eat such a good bread again.

3,6. The Lord saith, O My beloved son, therefore you do not need to be afraid of. This food and drink will never become depleted forever, and you will always be able to have it so abundantly that you will never have to complain of any want. For in this My kingdom, there are eternally inexhaustible springs, rivers, brooks, and seas in endlessly great multitude. Therefore, it is not to be feared that there would not be sufficient amounts for everybody.

3,7. See, I am only somewhat economic on the material bodies of the worlds, and keep My true confessors and followers in as much shortage as possible. For since man has to tediously study the ways of life in order to make eternal life his own on these paths, there is no fully satisfied stomach. For you have an old proverb in your studies: "A full belly throws everything to the wind and smoke", or: "plenus venter non studet libenter."

3,8. For this very wise reason, I am also a little sparse on the worldly bodies, but here I am the infinite liberality itself, and everything must be richly and abundantly available forever. On the worldly bodies, I donot like to see that one would say: This stone is mine. Here, however, as you are used to saying, I will put it on your back. For I, in fact, have such treasures in endless amounts; the whole of infinity is filled with the greatest miracles of My love, wisdom, and omnipotence. Why should I be sparse? If a thousand klafter of land costs a thousand dollars on the earth, I will give here for one dollar, a thousand suns with all their planets. I reckon that this should be a great exchange.

3,9. So do not worry whether you'll always have something to eat and drink; for, with so much land, an honest piece of bread will be won with the slightest effort in this world.

3,10. The Prior says: O You, my dearest, most beloved, Jesus! For Your promise, I am far too daft and stupid. I am so infinitely satisfied and unspeakably blessed here in this house that I could not wish for a sunspot more. Therefore, I leave this infinite estate, which You have mentioned, wholeheartedly to another person, more worthy than me. If I only have the assurance that You are constantly at home here, I need nothing more for all of eternity. Just the thought of being in Your presence for life eternal, and the wonderfully blessed sights of the works of Your omnipotence, together with this woman you have given to me, and this my brother whom I took in with my compassion and affection, and sometimes only a piece of bread and a little sip of the water, since I am unspeakable blissfully cared for the whole of eternity!

3,11. The Lord speaks: Yes, my dear son, I see that well; but see, this blessed feeling is but a first glimpse of true bliss. Would you were to enjoy it all in peace and inactivity, you would become oversatiated with the length of the duration of all your grace, and there would be no more pleasure for you. For this reason, I have provided for eternal, ever-growing bliss by the fact that every one of My children continually have well-designed measure of activity and a good sphere of influence; therefore there can be no question of staying in such a hut.

3,12. We will therefore leave this hut for a period of time and go to My City. There you will first get to know your property, as well as your true eternal destiny. That is why we want to rise again and continue our journey. But the hosts of spirits which you have seen before our eyes are by no means the full inclusive number of all the inhabitants of this eternal supreme heaven, but these armies belong only to your future course of action. But not here, but in My city and in your own dwelling-house therein, you shall get to know the details. See, the prior sinks almost into the ground because of the infinite utterance of the Lord. But the Lord strengthens him and now beckons all three to follow Him. So we are following this sublime procession.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-3 Chapter