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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-38 Chapter

Chapter 38

Fifth floor - advanced level of development of the human spirit

38,1. We are above; how do you like it here? You say: Very well; but it is here from this fifth floor or from the sixth gallery already quite horribly high up! It is only good that every lower gallery stands above the other; otherwise we would scarcely be able to bear such a height. That otherwise everything is posed in the former way, can be seen at the first moment; but as far as the ornamentation of the pillar-circle is concerned, this is really quite new. A majestic large white shining globe rests upon a round, green circular plate, somewhat raised in the middle; but on the globe here stands, in a very manly male position, a very masterfully executed statue, representing a perfect man. The man looks upwards; the left hand is held against the breast, and with the right hand it points into the distance in the manner in which a ruler would. The color of the statue also goes into the reddish-white; but the hair is completely white and so is the beard. The nails on the fingers glow like stars, the mouth is half open. This, however, is all that we are able to get from the form of this remarkable ornament.

38,2. It is striking that here the pillars are blue, but the floor is red, and here not so strongly undulating and flaming as with the lower galleries, but the swinging motion which we do notice on the floor is more like the swinging of an elastic body, since the movements are similar. The wall of the inner building is dark green here, and together with green light, a bright red light is also constantly being vibrated.

38,3. If one takes a look at the matter, it seems to me that the building here is in a constant state of vibration. Only the columns emits their beautiful blue color quite calmly; what we have also noticed in these columns, which have not been seen in the preceding ones, are the capitals which are placed above each column, as in transparent gold, in an indescribably most beautiful form. My dear friends and brothers, this is all that we have noticed here. But what all this may say, we are not yet able to handle, and least of all, the meaning of these ever-increasing extraordinary decoration of these pillar-circles.

38,4. Dear friends and brothers! You have had a sufficient look at the necessary and useful things. What is especially noticeable to you here is precisely what we can use for our purpose. It is true that here, every ornament, however small, has its most wise reason; but this is concerned with certain conditions which are exclusively and only applicable to this world-body, and especially to this circular region.

38,5. But as to the peculiar ornaments you have noticed, they have a general meaning, which, like a light from this central body, applies to the whole of creation. In order that you may see this ornament as quickly and as well as possible, we must take a quick look at the previous gallery. There we saw a small statue on the top of the pyramid. It described the "rebirth of man" in his spirit. Underneath, the renounced world was still visible in a perfect pyramid.

38,6. Now, however, look here at the green round plate, slightly raised towards the middle. This is nothing other than the previous pyramid, compressed by the great weight of the great regenerated human spirit, or here it is where the mountains and valleys are leveled. - That is true.

38,7. But whence came the great white ball, and what does it say? The sphere as well as the circle is the symbol of perfection; but at the same time it also shows that the spirit of man, in the perfect victory over his worldly nature, creates for himself a new world, which is the result of his completed wisdom. Thus every perfected spirit will once become the creator of his own world, or he will inhabit the world which has emerged from the works of his love and from the living light of his faith. And to this end, the sphere design shows the highest possible perfection of such a world, completed in love, completed in wisdom, and completed in all efficiency.

38,8. But the fact that the ball indicates such a perfection can lead you to the conclusion that you are looking at a world-body, or the other world-bodies, which the Lord, created as what they are. But what do these world bodies look like? Look, they are perfect balls. But why does the ball express the perfected? - Measure the sphere once with a circle, and you will be able to make countless circles on this sphere from the largest to the smallest. The surface or the outer circumference of the sphere will give the same circle in each direction. Further, wherever you wish, you can make a smaller circle on the sphere, so that it will be entirely in the center of the whole surface of the sphere. This is not possible on any other shaped body, even on the circle; for if you make a smaller circle in the circle, or rather on the surface of the circle, it willsurely no longer be in the center of the circle, but on the surface of a sphere it is everywhere in the center. See, so the ball, like no other body, expresses the highest possible perfection, as does the highest possible freedom of spiritual life.

38,9. But how? On the surface of the sphere, you can place a smaller circle or point wherever you want, and it will be perfectly centered, in the center of the entire surface of the sphere. And then you can do as you please, and you can not possibly transgress this most mathematically correct law in any way.

38,10. See, so it is also with the perfect freedom of action of the completed spirit. He can do whatever he likes and wants, and it is a pure impossibility for him to violate the most perfect divine order. And this is the foundation of this highly symbolical statue.

38,11. If we now know this, the perfectly masculine statue shows us nothing but a man perfected in the spirit. The upwards gaze is the unobstructed view to God and justifies the sentence: "Look steadily at Me!" The left hand, placed on the heart, shows the exclusive love for God; the other hand, stretched out into the distance in ruling fashion, says that everything is subject to the law of love.

38,12. The symbolism of the man standing on the sphere, shows his sublimity above all of creation; for all of creation in its perfection makes up the whole content of the sphere. No other sublimity is to be found on its surface; only man, like a mighty ruler, stands above all creation, like a second god, over all of infinity.

38,13. The half-open mouth shows that besides God, there is no other being capable of speech than man alone. The nails on the fingers, which shine as the stars, denotes the creative might, power and wisdom, which are present in every perfected spirit.

38,14. Further, the blue pillars, the unshakable permanence and their transparent golden capitals, signify the divine wisdom, and that the slight elevations of the floor shows the quiet, regulated, simple life, need scarcely be mentioned.

38,15. Since we have come to know this important ornamental piece of this fifth floor in such a useful and convenient way, we can go up one floor again. You say: How are we going to get up there? for in these pillar-circles we see no circular staircase? But I say to you, look a little more closely, and you will see it soon. It is here made only of a very transparent, but otherwise firm material, in order to characterize the purely spiritual ascension or the most impeccable way in which every step can be fully observed. As we are still aware of these things, we shall therefore cheerfully proceed to the sixth floor, or the seventh gallery.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-38 Chapter