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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-4 Chapter

Chapter 4

The three heavens - their structure

4,1. Now see then how all the countless armies of blessed spirits draw closer to our street, and form a kind of living fencing, which, as you can easily see in your mind, form a straight lane into infinity. Look in your minds at the manifold, heavenly beautiful figures we are passing by on both sides during our walk, for here you can see the inhabitants of all the stars, but you should not think that in these endless rows there are many of one or another star or planets present here, but of each celestial body only two are here, namely a male and a female being. For if several would be present in every single celestial body, then this, in your eyes endlessly stretched out space, be in the spiritual sense too small to accommodate them all, and you would not be able to see them all.

4,2. You ask here: After your inner knowledge, there are gigantic human beings on so many great planets, and particularly on the sun, it is quite peculiar that these blessed spirits are here of a quite ordinary size, with only small differences as on the earth. I tell you, where the Lord dwells, are nowhere any differences, but only in other heavenly regions, where the Lord is present only in His Sun of mercy.

4,3. Such heavenly regions are, in the first place, the first or lowest heaven, in which only the wisdom and the coming forth from this, the love unto to the Lord; and secondly the noonday or second heaven, which consists of those who are out of faith in the love unto the neighbor and from this, unto the Lord.

4,4. Both these named heavens are infinite in itself and contain all the countless myriads of spirits, who have once lived uprightly on their own worldly bodies. Exactly for this purpose are these two heavens so divided that, each part has in its corresponding form, the blessed spirits of the planet have their dwellings just at that place in heaven, which corresponds with the nature of their earth's body. You must, therefore, imagine this heaven so that its spiritual surface space is endlessly spread out, and all the suns and planets are in themselves expressed as individual points.

4,5. You ask, of course, how such things are possible since there are in the first place three distinct heavens, but the planets are undivided, and the planets and suns are also placed underneath and above each other so that they can not agree with a planimetrical surface. How, then, is this to be understood?

4,6. I say to you: It is, of course, to find the correspondences in a natural sense, but in a spiritual sense it can be very clearly and lucidly be seen. Nevertheless, a natural image can also enlighten the matter very much. Let us try to see if we are able to set up one which would suit our purpose. And so listen!

4,7. Take for example your earthly body. The solid ground and its populated surface form the first heaven, the region of the air, especially that of the clouds, form the second heaven, the etheric region, the region above the clouds, the third and uppermost. Thus, all these three heavens take hold of each other, yet they are separated from one another in such a way that from the lower heaven no one can enter into the second, and even less into the third, as well as from the second to the third; but the opposite is the case.

4,8. On your earth there are countless living beings in each of these three regions. On the ground, coarse material, light and spiritual in the cloudy region, ethereally light and completely invisible in the third region. And yet these three natural forms stand in continual interactive correspondence with each other on every celestial body.

4,9. Now we would have a part of the picture. But you also know that every free-moving body of an earth will be illuminated by the countless rays of other distant celestial bodies. See, in this way, he takes parts of the whole universe into his three regions or his three surfaces.

4,10. Through this reciprocal action, he is also in constant contact with the whole universe, and this influence is continuously dispersed through each and every one of the three regions of the earthly body. The etheric remains in the ether, the atmosphere in the atmosphere, and the telluric on the earth.

4,11. Thus, the atmospheres of all the suns and planets always interact with each other in reciprocal correspondences in the likeness of that the etheric foreign planets connect only with the etheric of your planet, the atmospheric with the atmospheric, and the telluric with the Telluric.

4,12. Now we have shown such connections clearly, we can go over to the third consideration of our picture, and this is the corresponding spiritual. Things that fully correspond with each other represents in a spiritual relation, a planimetric area which is everywhere alike; accordingly is the natural or telluric equilibrium of all the world-bodies to be regarded as an endlessly extended surface, as well as the atmospheric and the etheric.

4,13. The correspondence, however, exist in the spiritual world only in the emotional life of men on the earth. You say that the Tellurian in its endless variety corresponds to the many natural stars. So it is. The natural mental life of a man also corresponds to the natural mental life of the people of all the stars; the same is the case with spiritually wise, and so also with the love-spiritual part of man on your earth body. Now look and give attention!

4,14. Man of your earth is as it were in his nature the center of all men on other earthly bodies, and that is because the Lord has become Himself a man in the flesh on the earth.

4,15. The first or lowest heaven, which is also called the natural-spiritual heaven, houses blessed people of your earthly body, and every such blessed man forms an equal surface, in which all other people of other stars behave themselves like the lines diverging from the center of a circle, or converge back into the center of the biggest possible circle.

4,16. But the natural surface is, and cannot be, an uninterrupted continuum, but in itself is always as if apparently enclosed. Therefore, you will always see the natural heavens separately, as if being innumerable separated societies.

4,17. The second heaven, which we know as the midday, is already more concrete, but still has, in its endless extent, certain subdivisions consisting of endlessly stretched out seas, which the spirits belonging to this heaven, can only cross under a higher direction.

4,18. But now look at the third etheric division, in which, naturally, all the numerous bodies of the world swim. This is everywhere perfectly concrete. Thus, in the same way, the highest heaven of love is so arranged that it surrounds, guides, and leads all others. It will not be difficult at all to understand that with this supreme heaven, everything else must end up to be equally concrete in the end, where everything is fully and actively infused by it.

4,19. Therefore, the blessed spirits of the earth in this heaven have also this infinite circle of influence out of the love of the Lord. They can be everywhere they want. There is an even way before them everywhere. For them there is nowhere an "up" and a "down", as you can not in an equivalent manner also assume that an etherically light person, on whom no earthly body can any longer exert gravitational attraction, becomes lighter and heavier in the lightest ether-sea, moving "up" or "down", for he can move with equal ease in every direction, like a thought, for which the "up" and "down" are surely all the same.

4,20. But this is called "plane" in a correspondingly spiritual way, and is as an infinite surface, for which reason also spirits of all other worlds are keeping out of necessity to this corresponding area, together with their corresponding world-bodies, and stand then also with us, central spirits from the Lord, in conducive relationship.

4,21. This is a good answer to your question for the time being. If, however, with our next viewing, the Lord will settle His company in their eternal destiny, you will be able to experience all this from His mouth in an active and much brighter light.

4,22. It is difficult to connect spiritual and natural phenomena with the natural language. Nevertheless, the great love and wisdom of the Lord can work miracles everywhere. Therefore, here too, you will get the better part from the Lord's mouth. But now we are nearing the holy city, so we will turn our attention to it.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-4 Chapter