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Chapter 41

Relationship, order and harmony between love and wisdom

41,1. Now look and pay attention; I have spoken thus in myself, and you have done the same through me, and it will also be easy to grasp the more free wisdom with the power of the Lord within us, and to make it understandable to us. But in order to properly understand and appreciate the matter, you should firstly consider the number of floors and galleries.

41,2. We are on the sixth floor or on the seventh gallery, so in fact, over half of the building. Thus, just as the lower half, and by far the bigger part of the building, corresponds to the breast of man, and thus to all that is of love; likewise does the upper half correspond to the head of man, and thus understanding and wisdom.

41,3. Here we are therefore at the first stage of wisdom, or at the stage where pure wisdom and love are combined. If you pay some attention to this, you will begin to distinguish the ornamentation of this pillar-circle, as well as the decoration of all the circles of this floor.

41,4. Look at the altar here! Its virtual shape, color and decoration depicts love reaching out into wisdom. The small pillar, in which the mysterious circle is embedded, represents the neck of man, but the sense of the greatest possible humility. But what comes out of humility? Look at the fixed circle. This circle represents the head of man; it corresponds with the light of wisdom which proceeds from the warmth of love.

41,5. The starlets of which it is composed, together with the figures, likewise composed of starlets, which fill this free space, signify the manifold wisdom and insights, which, of course, are all together and combined, part of wisdom. But the lower circle of stars on the floor around the altar says that love, the true humility, and also their wisdom, are of Divine origin, and come from the work of the men according to the Divine will.

41,6. The sevenfold circle is the visual representation of the divine will. Its individual stars, however, signify the works which man performs according to the Divine order, according to the knowledge of the Divine will. But it is clear from this that no one can love God, unless He fulfills His will. But whoever fulfills God's will by taking his own will captive through self-denial, has a first share in love of God. And so are the works according to the will of God the noble seeds, from which grows the exceeding over all blessed and life-giving love of God.

41,7. When one partakes in such love, he has gained with it the wisdom equal to the Divine wisdom, because love itself, being the origin of this wisdom, is Divine. That the multifariously shaped symbols in the circle depict the multiple contiguous and exalted concepts of the Godly order and wisdom, need hardly be mentioned at all.

41,8. In this respect, we would have also unraveled our ornaments. But we can still see, from the ceiling, a circle similar to that which has been inserted into the small column, and this horizontally suspended circle, touches the uppermost sphere of our circle precisely at its center, which is fixed onto the small pillar. What will this circle indicate?

41,9. This circle signifies the divine wisdom, which constantly flows from the heavens, and continually enlightens and directs the wisdom of every man who lives according to the Divine order.

41,10. The touching of these two circles signifies that the true Divine spirit of wisdom penetrates man into the depths of the same, represented by the center. He can, therefore, understand heavenly and Divine things, and, indeed, deal with the Lord Himself as a child with his father, or as one brother with another. - See, this is the complete explanation, presented as briefly and intelligibly as possible.

41,11. You of course say and ask here: "Dear friend and brother!" Wherefrom do the men of this central world-body get such wisdom, in which literally the whole spiritual life of every person living on our earth is shown with the highest degree of clarity? If, according to spiritual correspondence, human beings on earth were to build the same, it would be understandable that, as you know, the Lord and Creator of all the heavens and worlds lived, walked, and taught on this earth. But on this world-body, which certainly stands at an unspeakable distance from our earth, to have such wisdom, which wholly resembles the divine earthly, is indeed very strange. How is that possible?

41,12. My dear friends and brothers, this question would expose you to great laughter in a community of heavenly spirits. What do the fingers and extremities of your body feed on? You do not eat with the extremities; the feet have no mouth or gullet to receive the food specially intended for them, neither do the hands nor the fingers have the same, and so your body still has a countless number of large and small parts, all of which do not need to be separately fed.

41,13. Man has only one mouth and a stomach, in which he takes up, and pass on the food, properly prepared, to all other parts; likewise does he not have a heart in every member, but he has only one in his breast, and this spreads its veins and vessels through his whole body, and through them he sends his life into all the fibers of the whole body, and this everywhere according to the well-calculated, useful capacity for life.

41,14. But you have heard that the whole great creation of God is, in its spiritual nature, a human being, which man, in the endlessly great universality, certainly has only a stomach and a heart. You know the greatFood-provider, and you also know the food with which the great Provider feeds this great man; it is the bread of life, or as you would say it in German: 'sie ist die Liebe Gottes! (it is the love of God!)

41,15. But if you find in all parts of your body the same food which you have put into your stomach, and everywhere that same blood which flows from the heart into all your body parts, it will not be a miracle either, that one would find in this part of the great cosmic man, beings with the same Divine love and wisdom that you have found on your earth; have found, and always will find.

41,16. Such a central sun is, in a sense, a major nerve in the great world-man, and the smaller suns and planets are equal to the smaller, secondary nerves, fibers, and threads; and the main nerve is certainly nourished by the same juice with which the smaller nerves, fibers, and fibers are fed and nourished. Where there is a Lord, a Creator, and one and the same God, there can be, in His immeasurable creation, only Divine love, Divine wisdom, and Divine order! Unless you would like to accept some other God and Creator, provided that your mind and understanding are capable of such folly; then one might well look at a different order of things, and at all events raise a question such as yours. But in the case of circumstances which are only one God, there remains a single food, singular wisdom, and one order. But as we now clearly see all these things, we shall go up again to the seventh floor, or the eighth gallery. If this circular staircase looks rather airy, it should not matter to you; for it will bear us; and so we will go.

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