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Chapter 45

Godly spiritual wisdom is foolishness to the world

45,1. You have done this and have thought about it a little; and I say to you, here is the relation: you could have thought about what you wanted, and you had to meet a perfectly correct and true picture of the inner meaning of this ornament. Here, of course, you say with a somewhat astonished temper:

45,2. If this is so, then one have it very easy in the realm of spirits. One can ponder all sorts of incoherent phrases one by one in a completely thoughtless and senseless way, and still compose the answer to a most important question of life, and in the end have by means of void ravings, unintentionally created the greatest wisdom.

45,3. But we are, to the contrary, of the opinion that in the spirit, in order to speak truly spiritually, one must speak with incomparably more conviction than on the earth, and that for the sure reason that the pure spirit also has much more cogent and concise means to its disposal , than in the crumbled external world, where he is still trapped and oppressed by his heavy flesh.

45,4. Yes, my dear friends and brothers, you are indeed partly right, if you measure the spiritual with earthly measure; but if you are spiritually intelligent, you will easily perceive that your present conclusion is based on very inadequate ground. You have certainly read in the letters of my dear brother Paul, where he often expresses the wisdom of the wise in Christ before the world to be barbaric folly. This is also true; but how then?

45,5. Look, if you count, you think the order in your system of payment is perfect and has no gaps. I tell you, however, that there is an unfillable gap between all numbers, and this gap can only be filled with the highest spirit. What would your judgment be then, if a spirit filled with the highest grace stands before you and counts between one and two in countless billions of billions, and says in the end: still the gap between your two systematic ordered numbers is far from being filled. And if he will lead you there into deeper and deeper unfilled gaps between the billions he has counted, which are all between your one and two, you will say:

45,6. This being has insights in the highest degree, and babbles about infinite magnitudes, while we see nothing but two adjacent units.

45,7. Another spirit may come to you and tell you stories about your earth, about the gray past as well as about the recent past and present, which have never really happened on Earth. Yes, he can do another trick, he can put real deeds from the present back into gray antiquity, and vice versa the deeds of the gray old age into the present time; he can also confuse the places where one or the other act was committed. So he can also exchange the earth with the sun, and the like, even more such stuff that is terribly contradictory to your judgment. He can place a thousand where you have one, and so vice versa. What are you going to say with your earthly wise ordered assessment? Surely you will bring out nothing but: Behold, the spirit twaddles.

45,8. You say in your worldly wisdom: If I am and think, I am the one who I am and think. But the Spirit will say to you, I am and am not; I think and think not; I am who I am not; and I think I do not think. What will you say? There is nothing else but: the spirit is twaddling again! For a definite being cannot be in a non-existence at the same time.

45,9. But, from this, you can easily see that the spiritual wisdom is never measured according to the earthly standard. But in order that you may get some slight concept, I will only illumine the being and the non-being, the thinking and the non-thinking according to spiritual wisdom. And so listen!

45,10. When the Spirit says, "I am, and I am thinking," he indicates that the Lord is in him all in all things; and he says of his own accord: "I am not and think not," he says, "that without the Lord there is no essence for himself. But how is the Lord, in deep wisdom, saying of Himself, who is eternally all in all? See, then, show that the Lord Himself is eternally perfect and thinks in Himself. But when He says, "I am not, and I do not think, it is as much as: All beings are creatures of Me, and are My living thoughts held by My will; and there is no thing in the whole infinity that I had not thought and creatively created with My will. In order that My creatures may achieve complete freedom, I give My thoughts as perfectly as if I have not conceived themand not created them, so that they can now freely think, act, and rule as though they were not of Me in the least, and as if I were not at all.

45,11. See then, the wisdom of the spiritual concepts, which, with their earthly order, must, in their spiritual simplicity, be regarded as ravings. But as with this example of wisdom, which is somewhat illumined for you, it is the same with all the mathematical and historical examples cited earlier; and you may ask a spirit: How much is two times four? and the Spirit would answer you: two times four is Judea or China, or Asia or Europe, or Jerusalem or Bethlehem, or King Solomon, and likewise countless more, and he would have always given you the unmistakably true answer.

45,12. But you will say: That two times four is eight; we see, but that two times four equals countries, cities and peoples, seems to be a strong delusion. With earthly ordered understanding, sure; but with spiritual, where each number has an inexhaustible corresponding spiritual principle, the answer will be perfectly correct. But I see that this statement stimulates your inquisitiveness too much, and you would like to have a quiet thought about it, but I will still let you have a few examples.

45,13. Look, two times four is eight; how is it Jerusalem? In the number 8, the number 7 is infallibly contained. The number 7, however, is the authority of the seven spirits of God, which have correspondence in the seven colors, and therefore also with the life of every man. But now we have the number 1 in the number 7; what does it say? It says that these seven spirits are not seven, but are, in fact, entirely one Spirit; and this is, as it were, expressed in the number 8, in which number, at the same time, the Spirits of God are separated, and then represented in unison with each other; and this combined 'one' with the formerly divided seven, gives the perfect number.

45,14. Now, however, Jerusalem also presents the Lord under the active standpoint of love and wisdom; which you may well see from the occasion of the origin of this city and its appropriate arrangement. Thus the Lord, or His love and wisdom, or the very city of Jerusalem, is perfectly identical; and the number, which represents the Lord as a perfected Being, must then also signify all that which is also the Lord in His united perfection. But Jerusalem does this; so it can also be designated with equal right, under the number 8.

45,15. But as is the case with Jerusalem, the reason is basically the same with all others; since the Lord is certainly everywhere in everything; and hence can the number 8 in this specific sphere, depict equally perfectly, either the one or the other.

45,16. Here, of course, you say: If it is so with 8, it must also be so with all the other numbers. This is correct and sure; but as long as you are still battling with earthly numbers and scales, and you are of the opinion that God and the purer spirits must count the same as you, you will not be able to comprehend them in their full depth.

45,17. When a prophet says, "Before God, a thousand years are like a single day, and the number of all men is equal to zero before the Lord; what do you say of this mathematical equation? For you have to say: God has set the years and the days, and composed the year of three hundred and sixty days plus; yet, He had to make distinction between days and years, or else it would surely not be possible to make days and years follow upon each other in such well-ordered and well-distinguished succession.

45,18. But as the Lord has done such a clear calculation, and certainly knows best how many days a year is, how can He forget his own order, so that He would ignore it and compare a thousand years with one day of a year?

45,19. You see, such a judgment is much more natural to you, because you have become more accustomed to it, heard it already oftentimes, and have already made more or less appropriate comparisons about it. But if you have never heard of it, it would sound as miraculous to you as if I would tell you: seven hundred and four years are twenty-seven days, and a few hours and an hour and one minute apart.

45,20. From this, however, I will only show you that the figures, years, days, hours, and minutes in the spirit, do not signify what they are, but the wisdom of the spirit is different from that of the earthly understanding. And so then, hopefully, you will begin to understand a little, that I have spoken perfectly correctly to you, when I said to you, "You may have made a correspondence about the meaning of this ornamentation, and you would have perfected the true meaning of the ornament of this pillar-circle.

45,21. In order, however, to convince you of this more vividly, a coincidental representation of the importance of this ornament is set up as by chance, and I will show you with the grace of the Lord on the next occasion that I am absolutely right in its assertion.

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