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Chapter 46

Convergence of eternity and time

46,1. I have examined you, and have seen your comparative picture, and I must confess to you that on your earth in a short time you might be the owner of millions, so that the main contestant from the lotteries would be as sure to you as your fundamental comparisons inner meaning of our present ornament. You hit the nail on the head. But that would not have meant too much here; because where one can not hit the nail anywhere else but on the head, then it ceases to be an art, even a success, to hit a nail on the head. For you might as well have said: the lower pointed pyramid means a "mouse," and the hanging sphere a "cat," and you would have described it as "time" and "eternity." But that all this is correct is immediately shown by our subsequent observation.

46,2. That a sphere, which nowhere has a beginning, and nowhere an end, most aptly depicts eternity, as also the infinity which is closely related to eternity, is already an ancient symbolic truth.

46,3. A circle also means eternity, but only in the sense that it is to be viewed as an infinite sequence of times; but the eternity in itself, which is neither past, nor future, but the continual present of all the events which have happened before since time immemorial, and which is still present in time, as in an infinite time-span, is symbolically presented by a ball.

46,4. A pointed pyramid of circular shape (pointed cone), however, denotes the order of time; why then? Because, for firstly the rounding of the pointed pyramid indicates the forthcoming from eternity by actually describing a stretched sphere, the circles of which always become more and more constricted towards the point of stretching. If you cut such a ball, stretched to two sides, at the center, that is through the belt, then you will get two pyramids (cones), which means that by this manipulation, the actual eternity has been extended to a time sequence. And since you distribute the outstretched ball through the belt, all the facts lie in between; for there is its beginning and its end.

46,5. So you can not think of limited time, but a divided one. But if you divide the stretched sphere to a time-divided eternity, there is, as we have said, some fact from its beginning to its end, without which we can not think of a division of time. For think only once, how long do you already have time? From your birth to the present life period. See, this is your division; this includes the beginning and the end of your earthly life, and on either side is an endlessly extended line, the end of which is nowhere to be found as only for you in your life-divisions, that is, before your birth an eternally long time has passed, and after your crossing over, also an infinite sequence of times will continue.

46,6. Now look at our ornament! A ball, perfectly transparent, hanging from a completely transparent smooth cord. This sphere touches with its lowest sphere the tip of our circular pyramid. What does this then say?

46,7. The complete eternity or infinity, represented by the sphere, expands into the pyramid in an eternal sequence of times, and flows out of the sphere as if from an eternal primordial sphere, as it were, through the pointed pyramid, into the working and productive periods of time.

46,8. In these sentences, by which as much as possible was explained, you will surely see quite clearly that your picture for the preliminary explanation of this ornament was surely quite successful, for you may turn and twist it as much as you wish, and you will always reach the same final result.

46,9. But how about the cat and the mouse? - See, you can only reverse the matter and the picture is right again. The cat is an animal that is continually filled with murderous zeal for mice and other mouse-like animals; the pyramid thus represents a mouse, as already described in the beginning, and the ball the cat.

46,10. But as the cat, a beast of prey, always wants to devour a mice, eternity is continually devouring all the time sequences which have escaped from it, and all the works therein.

46,11. In eternity you can meet everything: the past, the present and the future, as if on a point. But if it is to be found as such, then it must be found as if devoured.

46,12. Look at our cat; if you could spiritually look at it, you would see nothing but an aggregate of countless mice and mouse-like animals. That this is true, the rather significant similarity between these two species of animals speaks for itself. In the case of the cat, everything is rounded off, which represents the greater completion of the contents, similar to the sphere. With the much smaller mouse, everything is more pointed; which shows by far the lower level of completeness.

46,13. You of course now say: If an explanatory picture is to be perfectly correct, then it must also signify the departure, and not merely the ascent or decline, or the yield, as well as the re-consummation. It is true, the cat is devouring the mice, as eternity devours the times and their works; but the sequence of times and their works are also from eternity. But whether the mice emerge from the cat? The many wise men of themorning land seem to be silent on that; and we are of the opinion that we shall, even with a wisdom stone as big as a central sun, scarcely be able to offer a solution!

46,14. Yes, my dear friends and brothers, with your earthly wisdom, it would probably be a bit difficult. But the old wise men had nevertheless a whole treasure of proverbs, by which it was quite possible for a wise man to show that the mice would emerge from the cat by a certain natural circular transformation. You already say that every rag has its offcuts; the ancients said: 'Similis simili gaudet', each to his own, and many more of such similar proverbs.

46,15. You know, however, that when an animal dies, its nerve spirit rises into a higher order; the remaining body as an aggregate of lower natural powers then decays again and returns exactly through the natural cycle, to the level which was its ordained predecessor.

46,16. The cat takes the life of the animal world that consumes into itself and carries it into a higher level. But the body of the cat makes a backward movement, and the forces still existing in it, reform themselves through the cycle again into mice and therefore - to each his own - the cat also likes its being, which has returned by the ordained cycle in the mouse and in all those animals which are related to this level.

46,17. So now you see that this picture is also correct, and on this occasion we have given a very comprehensive account of our ornament, and will not be able to get much more out of the very transparent matter or to the tenth gallery.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-46 Chapter