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Chapter 48

The twelve supports of life

48,1. You have already investigated several pillars; now, therefore, get yourself here in the middle of this place where I am, and investigate something a bit higher up here, and tell me what you understand.

48,2. You say: Dear friend and brother, if our feeling is not deceiving us, we feel spheres about the size of a man's head. These are placed on two cross-bars, forming an equilateral, horizontally suspended cross from the ground, hanging at a height at which we can reach it quite easily with our hands. But that is all we can discover here.

48,3. In the enclosure of the pillars, we have also discovered an ascending staircase, which is enclosed by a low railing. But how it is possible to step upon the stairs of such an invisible staircase, the forthcoming experience will teach us. This encompasses everything we have experienced so far, and you, dear friend and brother, may give us an explanation of this, if an explanation is possible at all.

48,4. If we were really concerned with it, we would be much more inclined to go down from this transparent gallery a few floors, than to go up a few more steps to a probably more transparent gallery; but, as we have said, it's all up to you. We are done with the figuring out of this highly invisible memorabilia. That we shall lend you an inclined ear, we do not need to assure you in advance.

48,5. Good, my dear friends and brothers; you have correctly described the curious objects on this tenth gallery, excluding a few weak jokes, which are not quite so good. It is true that wit is also a product of wisdom; but as such it stands at its lowest level. Everything so-called satirical is always aimed at certain human weaknesses and is therefore a bad defense master; for a hero who is drawn to the field against children and wants to show his strength before these weaklings, and hides in the mountains at the sight of a real hero, deserves no such name.

48,6. The lion is not a mosquito catcher; but he who catches mosquitoes and busy himself with the weighing of sheep-wool, certainly does not have the nature of the lion. Thus have the satirical and other related jokes very little to do with the depth of spiritual wisdom; one could call it a very good and most typical and true parasite on the foundation of the deep inner knowledge of life.

48,7. So, this is also good, that ye may know it; for the things which we have before us are too highly exalted, that we would, in a certain sense, decorate them with the vain greenery of the parasites. But how great and significant these objects are, you will at once learn from my following discussion; and so, listen:

48,8. The pillars of this circle represent the vital forces of man. You have discovered twelve pillars. If you pass through the field of life-giving forces, you will find it easy to rest on twelve analogical supports.

48,9. But what are these supports, what names do they have? Let us go through it very briefly; the first support is: Believe in the only God.

48,10. The second support: the name of God, which is holy, holy above all, thou shalt never desecrate it; neither by words, nor by thoughts, desires, or deeds.

48,11. The third support is never to cease to practice the peace in the Lord, but remember God your Lord and Creator in your heart. For only in this rest, the Lord your God will look at you and bless your life.

48,12. The fourth support is to always pay obedience, love, and respect to those who have begotten you in them through the power of God, and you will thereby gain the favor of God; and this will be a powerful cause of all the prosperity of your life!

48,13. The fifth support is to observe life in all your brethren, and you will acknowledge the value of each other's life; if you kill one of your brethren, you cause a deadly wound in your own life.

48,14. The sixth support is as follows: Respect the creative power in you, as you do the receiving power in the woman; for behold, The Lord your God has put this omnipotent spark out of His highest and deepest love into you. You should therefore never abuse this holy power of God in you, and do not dispel it in vain; then you will always let grow your own life and the life of your begotten children.

48,15. The seventh support is: Behold, all that is, is the property of the Lord your God and Creator; what He has done, He has done for all. But if your brother took a fruit from the tree, he took it from the hand of God; therefore you shall not arbitrarily appropriate yourself the right to take away from him, the brother, the received fruit in whatever way. It is better to take nothing and have nothing than to take and to possess something which another brother had already received from the hand of the Lord: for only the Lord is the sole giver of His things. Whoever therefore presumes the rights of God for himself, is a sinner and the Godly mercy have petrified in his heart, rendering him incapable to receive life.

48,16. The eighth support is: God is the eternal Truth. He spoke His Truth in His eternal Word, and the Word Himself is the Truth of God. From this word thou art a man; therefore thou shalt remain faithful to this eternally holy origin, and even all thy words shall always be faithful and true to the one from which thou hast proceeded; if not, you kill the original word in you and thus your own life.

48,17. The ninth support is: God the Lord has given you manifold senses and powers. You shall keep these in check like a young tree in the garden of thy life, that it may grow mightily in force and strength into a powerful tree. But if you let your senses, instincts, and desires be thrown into all directions, your tree of life will never awaken to the unified power, but will either wither or become vain scrubs and bushes, in which all sorts of vermin will abide, but wherein the birds of heaven will never take their dwelling.

48,18. The tenth support is called: do not look at women with eager eyes, the wife of your neighbor and of your brother, and regard the desire of your heart, as if it is not there; you will thereby free your own spirit. And if thou shalt be in the power of thy spirit, it shall be a easy thing for you to truly marry the power of the Spirit in thy wife, which shall be a true marriage before God. But if you bind yourself with your wife only according to your desire, which is still immature, you will only bind your spirit with the spirit of your wife, which will then become an helpless slavery between two spirits, and one spirit will not be able to give to the other the sacred freedom of life, but continue to lose their original freedom of life in ever more powerful enmity.

48,19. What is the name of the eleventh support? It is thus: God is in Himself the eternal and purest Love. You have emerged from this infinite love; therefore you are a work of love. Therefore, you should also, with all your love, take hold of God your Creator who has formed you completely from His Love, with all your love, and love Him above all things. If you do this, you will inherit the everlasting, imperishable life and live eternally in it. If you do not, you are separated from life, and the lot of your separation is eternal death!

48,20. The twelfth and last support says: See, man, just like you have all your brothers come forth from one and the same infinite love of God. Therefore, you cannot love God above all, if you do not love your brother, who, as well as you, are nothing but the Almighty love of the Lord.

48,21. My dear brothers and friends! I think our pillar-circle has been adequately lit. - An invisible cross hangs in the middle of it, and is composed of as many globes as the number of pillars which we have counted here; but only through the feeling, and not with the light of the eyes.

48,22. Do you see the mystery of faith here? - even while you cannot perceive, you believe as if it is eternally fixed before your eyes.

48,23. First, feel the inner life-support within you and then go into your inner being, there you will see all life forces united in this holy sign. Each vital force is a pillar and a globe at sign, the pillar representing the force, the ball the completion of life in every branch.

48,24. The cross, placed on your earth, is, in brief, a picture of faith. In its details, it represents the love of God with the vertical beam, which is greater and longer than the horizontal beam, which is the love of the neighbor. This horizontally hanging cross, however, signifies the wisdom, the light of the spirit in its perfection, and its separate parts the pure heavenly love which is equal in God to God, like unto the neighbor. This is already deep wisdom and lies in the great secrets of the cross as in the twelve, which the Lord had chosen. - You can now understand all this; but how? - With love!


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