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Chapter 57

Every world has its order and laws of existence

57,1. Keep looking! From the hundreds upon hundreds of pavilions great crowds are already rushing and hurrying here. Look at the glorious people; how indescribably beautiful are their forms; what softness and harmonic delicacy in all parts! The men are distinguished from the woman only by a moderate beard, and by the flat breast; in all other respects, he is also of great softness and delicacy, and presents in his fullness a perfectly masculine figure. His whole garment, as you see, consist of a single shirt, reaching a little under his knees. The man's shirt is of a light blue color, and has the splendor of the feathers of a peacock. The woman has a rose-red skirt hanging only around her waist, covering from her belly down to the calves, so also her thighs and buttocks. The upper body is partly free, only covered with abundant locks of light golden hair.

57,2. Now look at such a female figure nearby; look at the indescribable delicacy of her skin; can you remember if you have ever seen such a delicate surface of an object on earth? Do you see on this body any wrinkle or fold of the skin, caused by a bone or cartilage of the internal body?

57,3. See, as white and gentle as the most perfectly rounded and polished sphere is the body of such a woman, and no unevenness disturbs the aesthetics for the eye; there is no difference between young and old; on the contrary, the older both women and men become, the more perfect their forms develop; indeed, at an advanced age, sometimes more than a thousand years, these people become so extraordinarily beautiful that their true etheric beauty cannot be represented by any might or power of the word.

57,4. Yes, the beauty of such a grown-up human pair is not seldom so great, that if they were to be on your earth, they would, in all seriousness, melt away the hardest stones like wax.

57,5. Yes, your whole earth would not be able to carry such splendid beauty of a human form or be able to exist beside it. If the earth would be able to master such beautiful form, no earthly inhabitant would still notbe able to bear the inexpressible and inconceivably intense light of these people; for you can assume with certainty that such a human being is able to emit a greater mass of light than a planetary solar system for the enlightenment and warming of its whole planetary realm.

57,6. Now you of course ask: If this is the case, then what matter does the body of these people consist of, which can exist in such an endless and unmeasurable, all-powerful wealth of light? For on the earth we know that even a diamond cannot exist in the concentration of sunrays caused by concave mirrors which focus the rays on a point, evaporating it in a moment. Still is such a beam-spot not even an aeonic fraction of the total light intensity of the sun. Here, however, a single, not much bigger human than we are, contains such an intense mass of light within himself and around him, that with such a light, a whole planetary sun with all its planets, all through the vast region, could be saturated with completely sufficient intensity of light all through the vast region.

57,7. Thus, in such comparative consideration, dear friend and brother, the question arises very much from which material such people are created, in order to bear such an inexpressibly powerful degree of light?

57,8. My dear friends and brothers! If, in this sun, you judge according to purely earthly concepts and circumstances, you will scarcely ever arrive at a correct result; but if you make it a principle, and say: Every world and every sun has its own laws under which it functions, then you will have taken hold of the truth and the basic cause of such an existence in the light much more closely.

57,9. In addition, you have similar conditions already on your earth. Go from one country to another, from one continent to the other, from one island to the other, and you will find such great differences in your living conditions that you will not be able to wonder about it. If you also look at how there are still living beings in countless numbers in all the elements, you will get even more clear about the fact that life can be expressed and sustained under the most various external circumstances. But if such things are already materially noticed on the earth, how much more is it the rule for different world-bodies.

57,10. There are animals among you in countless numbers, who cannot live without water for one minute; but then there are animals and beings who are only able to keep their lives under the earth in the thickest mud, and even in the stones. Such mud animals in the depths of subterranean incursions are probably still quite unknown to you; but stone-animals like the stonefly, stone-spider, stone-bee, stone-toad, and so on have already been found here and there by the naturalists of the earth; but only naturalists know that such animals produce themselves in the different rock types themselves, gathering the life forces which permeate the stone, and as intelligences build themselves up naturally into their forms, according to the order placed into them by the Lord.

57,11. Yes, if you were to look at the matter with a sharp light, you would find that all the stones, indeed, the whole being of your earth, is nothing but powerfully encased clumps of pure animal bodies or life-larvae, and that these life-larvae while still strongly bound in the basic life-force, will here and there begin to become slightly freer again and together with the lighter matter surrounding it, create a new co-living form, and then it stays like this for a long time to gain more powerful strengthening for this first new form of basic life.

57,12. See, such a being can then exist in such a matter; but if you bring it from there into the free atmospheric air, it will last only a few minutes. The opposite will also happen to those beings whose vital element is only the free atmospheric air. But if you, who are only able to live in the atmospheric air, would like to go into the very light aether, then you will be just like a fish when you lift him from the water into the open air.

57,13. Likewise, there is also an abundance of invisible living beings in the region of the ether; these can only live in the ether and not in the air, and even less in denser matter. But the beings who are able to live in the ether are also able to live more and more in the light. They of course have bodies which are not visible to you; but that does not mean they don't exist, and then indeed in such infinitely endless numbers, that you will never be able to make a proper concept of it.

57,14. So you must not think of these men as being grossly physical-material, but rather extremely ethereal-delicate and finely material, whose composition cannot be affected by light at its greatest intensity.

57,15. Such conditions are also found in the pure spiritual realm where there are spirits which are exceedingly ponderous and dark, and can therefore lead their lives even in the densest innermost parts of the earth; and again, there are spirits, which are somewhat lighter, and therefore occupy the upper parts of the earth, as well as the waters, and their life, and their being; and again there are spirits, who live in the half-lower air region, and carry on their nature; and again there are spirits, of course of a more perfect character, inhabiting the upper, more pure air regions for instance, from the region of the glaciers; and again there are spirits in the first region of the ether, and then spirits inhabiting the highest and clearest ether regions andwide open spaces between the world-bodies; and finally there are the most perfect spirits inhabiting the uppermost spheres of the sun, which are an eternal light. And the spirits from below to the top cannot see each other; or said more clearly: the spirits of a lower level cannot see a higher level; but this is possible in the opposite direction, and is also practicable in this order.

57,16. But this is also necessary, for if the lower imperfect spirits would be able to see the upper, more perfect ones, they would thereby be impaired in their liberty; but the more perfect ones must see the more imperfect, so that they can always maintain the proper relationships.

57,17. From this consideration, I think, it should be clear to you how these people are able to survive in such light intensity.

57,18. Though you have previously pointed out the rays' activity of the sun by a hollow mirror, but I say to you, it is true that the very intense point of light, which emanates from the concave mirror, has such a great dissolving power in itself; but where does this ray come from? From nowhere else than from the image of the sun taken from the concave mirror, and finally from the concave mirror. You might ask: How might its ray destroy the diamond, while the much more easily destroyable matter of the concave mirror itself does not suffer the least damage?

57,19. A still greater question would be this: judging from the dissolvable light intensity of a focal point from the concave mirror, the sun must have such an extraordinarily dissolving force on its etheric surface, that a world which is still larger than that of your earth, is like a water droplet on a white-hot iron which would be dissolved in a moment, if we would come as close as a few thousand miles to such a sunlit surface.

57,20. The sun itself, however, is also a dense material, though probably of immense size; how is it that this lump of the infinite dissolving power is not immediately destroyed? See, why the sun can keep existing, and also other beings upon it, you can find in the initial introduction to the sun, which is communicated to you by the Lord Himself; and so I say to you only so much here that the light is always working outward in such destructive vehemence from a luminous body, but never back towards the luminous body .

57,21. But you know that we are here on a central sun, on which the light is present in immeasurable intensity. For this reason, everything here is polished to the highest possible degree, so that all the light which is applied to the objects is reflected almost to the last drop, and therefore cannot interfere with the bodies.

57,22. And now, for the same reason, the skin of these men is so inexpressibly delicate, and their form is as perfect as possible. As a result, the impact of the light on them is quickly thrown back and can have no destructive effect on them, just as the light emanating from the hollow mirror cannot have a destructive effect on the hollow mirror because it is thrown back by its highly polished surface. It is true that the surface of a world-body must be directed according to the degree of the intensity of the light.

57,23. From this can be seen that in every world, the form-enveloped life is quite essentially under the necessary laws.

57,24. I think that we do not need to say any more about this point, for you can already conclude firstly that a central sun is, despite all its light intensity, suitable for carrying freely living beings, and secondly, you can almost grasp with your hands that the human beings living in such a world must necessarily be of such delicacy and beauty, without which they could not exist on such a world. But as we now know this, we can already enter into a closer encounter with these exceedingly beautiful people.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-57 Chapter