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Chapter 58

Encounter with the inhabitants of this central sun

58,1. How shall we do this? First of all, such an effect depends on the Lord and then on our firm will; with this we have to fix ourselves in a certain way, and when we have done so, our essence will soon appear visibly before these people.

58,2. So we do this, too, and you will be convinced in your inner vision that these people will see us as fully present.

58,3. We have done this. And now, see how these people begin to make very big eyes, to see three totally strange guests among them! Some of them feel quite eerie, so they retreat, the others do not know what to do with us.

58,4. Therefore, a deputation has already been given to the elders of this palace, that he may come, give judgment on us, and determine who we are.

58,5. There are discussing what they should think about us; but as we easily notice, no one has the courage to approach us and question us about our nature. It might well be asked why these otherwise wise men do not have the courage to approach us and ask us. The cause is not so difficult to find as it might seem at first glance, so listen.

58,6. On some occasions spirits do appear to these people. But in this place, a spirit has ever shown itself to them according to their knowledge, and since they are accustomed to seeing the spirits only in certain places, it is all the more striking to them, here where spirits are frowned upon, to see beings they recognize to be nothing other than spirits. This reason does indeed sound a little hollow, but it is not real and can be equated to similar phenomena on the earth.

58,7. Let us suppose there are on earth some people who have the ability to see spirits, while the majority do not. When such people are for instance in old castles, in cemeteries, or in other notorious regions at night, or see some other spirit being, it will be regarded as usual. But should it happen that they would see such beings in a very unusual place like on a public highway, on a general amusement park, or in a public folk festival, such an appearance will make a surely extremely distressing impression upon those who noticed it.

58,8. And look, our appearance are making a similar impression on these people in this place; and this is all the more so because in these people it is the rule and order to see no spiritual being here, since this is a place of liberation where all spirits are prohibited to come.

58,9. But we shall soon experience the outcome of this matter, for the oldest is already approaching us with a lot of spirit-banning and ghost-busting props.

58,10. Look at the long staff, wrapped with all sorts of shining stripes, another carries in his hand a seven-corner table, with a different mysterious sign engraved on every corner. This shows us that this is a spirit exorcism. Another, besides the elders, carries a great golden hoop, which is, of course, hollow inside; but in this cavity, an artificial rope is fastened, and is, so to say, of a similar magical effect to the faith of these men, as is with you the amulets or scapularis. A third, behind the wisest and elders, carries a whole bundle of shimmering red bars like a once Roman lord. A fourth one carries a large bundle of rolled-up cords. What do these props all mean?

58,11. Experience will presently show it to us. Do not expect that anyone will talk to us and ask us who we are. All this will be done by these instruments; and so only pay attention!

58,12. Look, the elders have laid down the circle on the ground, and let themselves be lifted into it by two other wisemen; for he cannot go there himself, or else he would not be sufficiently isolated from the spirit, and could not administer the proper strength of will. He now stands in the circle, lifts his staff, and looks as if he were to administer a mighty blow to us. By this he is demonstrating to us the power of his will and the determined firmness of his dominion over us spirits. If we were the most ordinary spirits of this world, we should, as you would say, hit the road. But since we are not spirits of this world, we stay standing. But what will happen now?

58,13. Look, now the mysterious table is set in the circle, and the elder breathes over the corner marks, then streaks the table with the staff, and directs it to our faces. If we were spirits of this world, and of a stubborn nature, we would have to take leave as soon as possible if we would not want our heads to catch fire.

58,14. Since, however, this manipulation have not affected us, the cord is now handed over. One end is fastened to the staff, which the elder holds in his hand and at the same time supports him on the mysterious table, but the bundle is then also handed over. And see, all those present take this bundle from hand to hand, unrolling it, and each one keeps the cord in his hand. What does that mean? This means the reinforcement of the will; one could call this cord a magnetic one. Through this general demonstration of collective will, we shall surely give way as soon as the staff is lowered over us; - but we are not leaving.

58,15. Therefore, our handsome spirit exorcism manipulators of both sexes make desperate, frightened faces, and they have no choice but to take the exorcistically powerful staffs. Look; the bars are quickly distributed, and the oldest in the circle takes three, while each one receives only one. The elder now thrusts his shoulders three times; so does the others. This should have chased us away, if we were spirits. But since we are not giving way and fare quite well despite all this fatal manipulation, we are now no longer held for spirits, but for beings of their kind; but not of those born in such a palace, but of the most common peasants who have unquestionably been audacious enough to enter this extraordinary sanctuary of the most prosperous and wise men of this great district, which, indeed, has more space than one hundred thousand of your earths. But what will happen to us in this situation?

58,16. See, the circle is lifted, the table carried away, and the exorcism physically applied to us.

58,17. But now see, the elder has just directed a blow with his three rods on my armpit, and his rods have, so to speak, easily passed through my body. But that was also enough to put this entire multitude of human beings in a desperate fright.

58,18. What will these frightened people do now? Some more distant ones, closer to the gates, and who were fortunate in not being able to participate in the cord exorcism because of their remote standing, have already retreated; that is, they have taken the quick Consilium abeundi. Those holding part of the cord, together with the elders, would also like to do the same. But the elder does not want to show cowardice before his children; so he has already decided not to address us, but to address and encourage his own. - Look, he bids them to pay attention, and presently directs these words to them:

58,19. Hear, my children and children's children. I have put into practice, against these three mysterious beings, everything which has always been a powerful influence on such guests, wherever they have shown up. If they were of a good nature, as we are, they immediately revealed themselves to us, and faithfully related to us for what reason they appeared. If, however, they were cunning, as are usually the spirits of those from the territories whom it was never permitted to draw near to this sacred delusion, according to their impertinent way of life, they themselves, in their greatest sly obstinacy, would soon leave at the final staff-manipulation and at our fullest confederation.

58,20. If they were natural beings, they would certainly have been gone before my triple staff-stroke; but, as you all have seen, my stroke went completely through the being in the middle, and it did not stir. So this is a sign that these beings must be of a higher kind.

58,21. Therefore have I with resolve decided to approach this being and to inquire with much humility of him myself, after the reason for such an entirely unusual phenomenon. But keep holding on to the cord, so that we may, with one heart and one will, be able to effectively approach this mysterious being.

58,22. Look, after this address, our elder, who, according to his appearance, may be called the youngest, moves over to us with the greatest moral reverence, which consists in placing his two hands over his forehead to indicate that his wisdom before us is null and void, and then, with a free breast, opposing us, to announce that he is ready to sacrifice all his love and his life.

58,23. Now he stands before us; what nobility, what a most exalted beauty in its form! Can something more delicate and softer be suspected? I mean, this will probably be impossible for you. But now this indescribably beautiful human being are addressing us, and so we will listen to him!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-58 Chapter