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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-59 Chapter

Chapter 59

Conditions for becoming a child of God

59,1. Listen to him, for he begins to direct words at us and the words are:

59,2. (The Elder): Listen to me, you very mysterious beings! I have, according to our wise nature, used our protective means which have always exerted a certain security; but they did not help. You are spirits; for I recognized this because of the staff-stroke, and you must be very powerful spirits, since all my means of protection could not hinder you. Pray tell me who and from where you are, that I may prepare myself, with all my great house, for a worthy reception of your being.

59,3. We have knowledge in our deepest wisdom that God the Lord, the Almighty Creator of all things, our great world and other worlds, and all high spirits, have once descended to some world, and have made the children of this world His own. And these children, as children of the infinite God, possesses infinite power and strength, and connected with it, both the effective power and the required wisdom.

59,4. Tell me, are you from there? If you are from there, then woe to all the poor inhabitants of this world! For we know from our deepest wisdom that the spirits of such children of God, are able to destroy not only such a world as our own, but whole armies of such worlds with a quiet hint.

59,5. If, then, you are spirits of this kind, and if we are gross sinners before you, demand sacrifices unto atonement; but only do not destroy our world!

59,6. Now I say, Hear me, thou wise elder of this place. We are what you have called us. But we are not in the slightest degree here to destroy your world and you, and not even a hair shall be bent on you, nor will you offer us the least sacrifice; for this is due only to God our Lord, our most loving Father, who lives, reigns, and reigns forever and ever.

59,7. But we would like to ask of you that you should receive us for a very short period with the same love with which we have come to you, namely with the love of God in your hearts.

59,8. But the purpose of our journey is, according to the will of the Lord, to give an instructive glance into your world, and on this occasion also announce to you the great and infinite love and mercy of God to all His spiritually living creatures!

59,9. So do not be afraid of us; but be cheerful and full of serene courage; for God, our Lord and Father, has created all His creatures for joy and salvation only, but never for fright, sorrows, torments and pain.

59,10. Now the elder says: A very great honor and an equally high praise to the holy Creator of all things, that He has so graciously visited us in His endlessly generous children. We are now convinced that you have not come here to our destruction, but only to our great prosperity; hence we bid you welcome like no other creature in this world in the greatest fulness of love from our hearts!

59,11. Here the elder turns to his children, and saith unto them, Behold, all the children of my house. The great God has kindly visited us to show us the voidness of our wisdom and the weakness of our love. See, those who are insurmountable, very simple and plain, without splendor and glamor, are true children of the ever-omnipotent, great God. What is all our splendor, and all our glory, against the incomprehensible sublimity of such magnificent serenity, which is nevertheless filled with all the fullness of the Divine power? Fall down and praise and worship the Great God, who has shown unto us infinite grace and mercy.

59,12. Behold, the wood have burned on the altar only a few times, and none of us had the courage to lay our hands on it, to enter into the world which God the Lord created for His children, to obtain the childhood of God, either in a new body or in a protective spiritual position. Now, however, we have the opportunity to learn the foundational conditions necessary for this. So far we knew well from the signs of the flame all that the great God is asking of those who want to pass into His childhood. The signs were certainly correct; but not our knowledge and our faith. They will tell us what we have to do to get such an infinite grace, and so pay attention, for the high spirit in the middle has understood me, and he will make known to us all that is the pure will of God, and what we are to become well-pleasing unto God.

59,13. Now I say: Hear, O honorable elder of this house! Your ceremony, your flamboyant interpretation is entirely superfluous in order to achieve your purpose; this ceremony is scarcely an outward image of what you should do within you. But I will show you, and therefore to you all, in the fullness of the truth, what is the right way; and so listen to me:

59,14. Do you know what is the love of God? If thou would be a child of the Lord, thou shall not be the first and the most important, but be like the lowest servant to all you lead. You must not teach them the wisdom within you, but the humility and love within you, then you and yours will establish that true wisdom in which all the effective power lies. The whole rule is therefore this:

59,15. Be humble with all your heart! Love God out of all your life's powers, and by this fulfill His will, that you may love your brethren and sisters, and consider them more than yourself. If you do this, you are a child of God, and need not to lay your hand upon the altar; for therein is the difference between the children and other rational, wise creatures of God, that the children lay their heart, but the creatures only their hand upon the altar. But God never looks at the works and signs of the hand, but only at the works and signs of the heart.

59,16. What good is it to you if your children, with the learned wisdom and power, would perform even greater works than this building which carries us? Behold, the Lord is able to do this with the slightest thought, and His children are able to do it through His powers in them; indeed, they can not only create such works in a moment, but whole creations with a single thought into existence. And if you look in contrast at the work of your children's hands, which they must laboriously perform, tell me, what are they in comparison? - Nothing but vain effort for what is unattainable in this way.

59,17. Therefore, pay attention to what I have told you, and there will be a different light of life for you all; for beings, as you are, have been created by the infinite love of God not for slavery but for eternal freedom! But you can never achieve this freedom through your wisdom, but only through humility and love for God. - You ask me how to do it, to love God above all else?

59,18. I tell you, just as much as you do when your heart burns for some great work to be performed. Then nothing else exist for you, and you live only for your work. Turn the matter around, and consider your whole world to be worthless, and set the Lord above all in your heart, and so love God above all; and in this love the Spirit of God will dwell in your heart, and from this moment you will be a true child of God! - Now you know everything.

59,19. If you wish to do so, you will also obtain what you want to achieve. For, behold, the Lord God, the good Father of all His children, hath no joy in splendor and glory; therefore we, His children, are simple and plain; and He Himself as Father is the simplest and plainest among His children!

59,20. Therefore, you will never bribe Him with all this great splendor, for He can produce such things with a thought as He has created this great world and numerous other equally great, and even greater worlds.

59,21. But with a pure, loving heart, you will bribe him, and He will give you in a moment more than you can achieve with all your wisdom over unthinkable times upon times.

59,22. Now you also know how God the Lord is to be taken hold of, and how to love Him; therefore you may act according to it, and you will not necessarily have to translate yourself into another world.

59,23. But now, consider, gather these words together, and then make known to me how you have conceived them, and I will then show you more comprehensively how you have to apply them to attain the true love of God.

59,24. Look, our eldest lays his hands on his breast and begins to think. But we will wait, and then we will know with what results he will come up with.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-59 Chapter