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Chapter 6

Personal details of the apostles depicted by distinguishing insignia.

6,1. See, we are at the well-known city gates, which, like the wall around the city and the houses in the city, are all made of precious stones.

6,2. Look down the lane, which is called the main street, the street of the Lord, and the street of the center of all light, as in this street, many of the most blessed angelic spirits, like children, are flowing in from all sides.

6,3. See, everything is fully aglow with the highest love-wisdom. But look at the Lord, Who is in contrast still as simple as we have seen Him from the beginning; a blue coat is all that externally adorns Him. His brothers look just as simple, and as you may notice, each one bears a small insignia on the robe, showing that which has distinguished him on the earth from his brothers, as well as what his occupation on the earth as a natural man was to provide for his natural needs.

6,4. Thus, on this occasion, you will be able to see that of Peter with two crossed keys. Under the two keys, however, you will be able to see a fish net on a small scale, like small diamonds. I do not need to explain the meaning of these two insignias. Sometimes, on special occasions, such an apostle gets several insignias. Thus, sometimes, as a penitent, one sees the cock as well as a sword.

6,5. Look at Paul, who has a two-edged sword; but under the sword, a small carpet embroidered with colored diamonds. On special occasions, he also has a reddish horse, and above the horse a ray of fire, but underneath the horse, a scroll and a pen. And like these two first Apostles, so to have all the others on such occasions on their clothes, insignia related to their earthly works.

6,6. These insignias are of very great importance, and serve their owners in the highest and most profound spiritual sense, likened to what the Thummim and Urim tablets have once served for only as a model in the Jewish community of the High Priest. For here also the most righteous spirits are not in the same degree of inmost wisdom from the Lord, but also, in this case, a change of state takes place, which is to be compared with the state of action and the resting place. In the state of action, each one is equipped, as required, with the deepest wisdom of the Lord, but at rest, no one needs such depth, but only a certain Sabbath rest in silent heavenly love for the Lord.

6,7. For this reason, the Apostles, as well as all other blessed spirits, are likewise provided with similar insignia according to the state of their work; not as though they would not be placed in the fullness of wisdom without the same from the Lord, but because these insignia show the root, as well as the original seed kernel, from which all their wisdom came forth from the Lord. That is why they are also called "princes of heaven", which they are in the truest sense.

6,8. But now, we are already in front of a really mightily big, great, splendid palace. The Lord, in front of the majestic gate, from which new glorious songs of praise resound, says to the Prior: Well, my beloved son, here we are at our unchangeable, eternal welling and home. How do you like it here? Tell me if you have a great desire to stay here? The prior says, sunken into a thousandfold humility: O Lord, Thou alone, everlasting King of Majesty and Glory! You God, holy, most holy, You Almighty Creator of all heavens and all worlds! When I was guided by You to the former heaven, there remained so much room in my heart thatI was still capable of expressing some desire. But here, where Your infinite glory presents itself in such a never-suspected endless abundance, and I look up and down with my eyes onto countless creations, and your endlessly wide plains and paths full of the most supreme light, my Lord, is my heart before You no longer able to speak, for You are too great, too glorious and holy, and I am an infinite nothing before you.

6,9. In the former heavenly region, I would have wished to be a very poor housekeeper with some blessed brother. But here, where everything seems so infinitely sacred to me, where I scarcely dare to breathe, and put my most unfortunate foot upon the ground of this holiest city, which indeed lets a far greater light shine than all the light of all the suns together, and according to the infinite majesty of these sacred dwellings and their inhabitants, I am completely consumed by my utter vanity; there remains, O Lord, no wish. But if I were to ask You for something, it would be that You would let me move somewhere out into such a simple hut; for I am unworthy of this infinite delight and bliss.

6,10. The Lord says: But my dear Son, your greatest desire was to be with Me. But if I live here, how can you be afraid of My house? Thou hast expressed thyself, saying, O Lord! Wherever You are, there it is good everywhere! If, however, I am here always eternally by preference at home, shall it not be good to be here? Therefore, consider and speak!

6,11. The priest says: O Lord, Most Holy, Most Holy Father! With this saying, it will probably be eternally correct as well as the fact that it would be here to live infinitely blissful and blessed. But only the only one, O Lord, I observe here, that there are only princes, and none of them has any servant and little servant. If it were possible to find such a place of service in the very last corner of this holy city, of the most general kind, provided that there are such ministries here, I would like to ask for that place from among all other places in the whole of infinity. But in such a palace as this one is, in front of whose gate we now stand, the very least possible position seems too great, important, and sacred to me to be able to acquire such out of myself.

6,12. The Lord says, Have you not heard that in My kingdom, it is the greatest who will be the least and the last? If, then, you are so small, there is no other choice but to make you the greatest possible.

6,13. The priest said: O Lord, greatest, most Holy Father! If I knew it was so serious, that the man who is the smallest and the least important, but who considers himself to be the greatest and most important, then quickly make me the greatest and most glorious prince of this city, so that I may be the most insignificant and the most unimportant!

6,14. The Lord says, My most beloved Son! Whoever wants to wax great your way is truly great with Me. Therefore, I also tell thee that not a servant, nor a servant in this dwelling-house, shall you be with Me, but this house I have erected for thee for everlasting peculiar splendor. So go here with your wife and your brother at My side. I want to settle you in here and give you control over this whole house. You have already seen the service of this house. It consists of those blessed spirits who have come to us in countless hosts at the first entry into this kingdom. And so enter with Me, and I will reveal to you in this house your full eternal destiny.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-6 Chapter