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Chapter 60

About the Incarnation of God in Jesus

60,1. Now the Elder speaks, and we will listen to him, for he has considered the matter wisely, and you will be astonished at what deep wisdom our man will come up with. His words however, are:

60,2. High Emissary of Him who is all-powerful and has created all light and all the mass of the world! Your advice is so very good, generous, and most wise, that not the slightest objection can be raised against it.

60,3. It is true that the love or the impulse in the heart for his Creator, is capable of everything; for when I have taken hold of the Creator with my heart as the foundation of my life, I have certainly been fully connected with Him and thus made one with Him, and have thereby, with the foundation of my life also fully subjected my will to the almighty will of the Creator , it is inconceivable that I can will anything other than what is the will of the Almighty God.

60,4. Up till now, sublime messenger, everything was in the most perfect order, and not the slightest objection could be made; but now comes something else. If this is combined with the abiding principle, then, of course, everything is won; but if this cannot be done, then the attainment of the childhood of God remains a problematic issue, and we can at most carry the pious desire within us, but still never attain to the childhood of God. The point, however, which runs counter to the upper principle, is as follows:

60,5. It is known to me that all bodies of the world, together with their inhabitants, are in perfect, unchangeable correspondence with a perfect man, and that is, that one world corresponds to one limb, another, another; and so countless worlds correspond to the countless details from which a perfect man is created by the power of divine wisdom.

60,6. But now we also know that the limbs and all the parts of a man are serving one and the same life-purpose; but experience evidently teaches that a foot can never become a hand, a hand never a head, a mouth no ear, a tongue no eye, a nose no chest and so on. Man has thus a living heart within himself, being active in his breast. The whole body lives from this heart, and it can not be asserted that in itself any part of the body is less important than the other according to the Divine order; but, nevertheless, all life has its foundation only in the heart, and all the members of the whole body can never replace the heart if it would be destroyed.

60,7. But if this is irrefutably true, then, how could it be possible that those who are perfect in their nature can achieve the childhood of God, whom in their own nature does not correspond to the heart of the great God because they are not in a world which God have associated with His heart? What use it is for a limb, if it would have the greatest urge to be transformed into a heart? Will this ever happen?

60,8. Therefore I am of the opinion that, according to our science, the inhabitants of this world correspond only to the eye of the Lord, and that we can never correspond with His heart; we can never achieve the full childhood of God, unless we would be completely destroyed. Only then would a new form of creation be evident in our order of being. This does visibly happen when the most courageous lay the hands on the flaming altar, whereupon they immediately cease to exist, leaving nothing but a dumb fluid, which is present in any stone, plant and every other living being, which is unconsciously in correspondence with the heart of the Creator.

60,9. See now, most exalted envoy, this is the second principle, which necessarily completely obliterates the inhabitants of this world the moment you speak the word, at least according to my present knowledge.

60,10. If you would perhaps show me another light by which this my founded knowledge would be outshined, would you be so gracious to share it with me, and I will therefore accept it and make it my own as if no other light had illuminated the inner chambers of my life.

60,11. Now I say again, Listen, my honorable elder of this house! You have spoken wisely in your way; but your wisdom is not supple and not fluent, because it always proceeds from the rugged external form. You are continually drifting in nothing but correspondences, and you will therefore remain like a member of your body, and you cannot leave your place.

60,12. See, this is but the peculiarity of the externally directed form; but the pure free spirit has no judgment, and can therefore in its entirety, always be in perfect harmony with the love of God. For there is no other life in the whole of infinity than the life which proceeds from the power of the love in God.

60,13. Even if, according to your essential external form, you do not correspond with the heart of God, your existence as you are, does fully correspond with the heart of God; and if this were not the case, you would have no life forever, and your spirit would not be a spirit if it were not a force with the infinite power of the everlasting love in the heart of God.

60,14. According to your formal nature, which is embodied in harsh correspondences, you can of course never attain to the childhood of God, but in your spirit you can just as well as I, if you would by the love of God can release yourself from your coarse being.

60,15. But this is only possible if you can, in your inner desires, completely free yourself from all your worldly beauty and glory, and then, with the full force of your life, take hold of nothing but the very essence of the love of God.

60,16. This being, however, is the Divine Human, or, the unfathomable God who, in His essence, as a perfect man, have been incarnated in a world called the Earth, took the flesh upon Himself, and became a perfect man, just like all the people created by Him.

60,17. And this perfect man of all men even wanted to suffer the most painful death of His flesh out of infinite love for all His creatures, thereby opening to them the endlessly holy gate through which they can reach Him as His children and see and speak as though they were also gods, as He is God from eternity.

60,18. The name of this man of all men, who is God of eternity, and hath created all things, is now called Jesus, which says that He is a Savior of all His creatures. His Word, which He spoke, was directed to all creation, and He also called all His creatures to the salvation of His love, and you are as little excluded from it as I, who was a contemporary of Him on earth.

60,19. He himself said, "But I have many sheep that are not in this fold; and I will bring them also here, that there be one shepherd and one flock.

60,20. Behold, among such sheep or creatures that are not of that earth, you, like all the inhabitants of this whole world, also belong; take hold of this God-man Jesus in your heart and place no value on your world, then you are already "children of God", if you live and strive according to it.

60,21. I am not saying that you were to tear down your great, most magnificent house, and put in its place unsightly dwellings; but tear it down in your heart, and possess it as if you do not possess it. Give all things to the Lord, and walk in all humility and love to Him, as to your children, brothers and sisters, and the Spirit of the Lord Himself will come upon you, and guide you into all the wisdom of the heavens. See, that is what is necessary; but everything else is null and void before the Lord.

60,22. Think of how great the love of this God-man must be, since He, the eternal, only Lord and Creator of infinity, wants to be completely poor, so that all His children might become all the richer!

60,23. But now that you have experienced the depths of the pure Divine wisdom and love in me, seek to escape all wealth; give with the greatest love, everything back to the infinite love of the Lord, and seek to possess His Own Self, and nothing else; the supreme wealth, then you will possess the highest riches in infinite abundance.

60,24. Do not search for the strength and power of the Lord, but rather seek to become the weakest and lowliest in His kingdom and to have nothing but His love and nothing but to be with Him, then you will be eternal life like a tender, much-loved child on the holiest arms of the everlasting Father!

60,25. See, this is the true principle; live accordingly, and you will not need to touch the altar with your finger, but you will still be able to completely attain to the childhood of God in this world of yours.

60,26. But do not bother yourself because of my now much less beautiful form than yours; for there is nothing in the form. Your endlessly beautiful form is only an external need for this world, which is designed by theLord, to illuminate with its powerful light almost numerous other smaller worlds, which are not enveloped in the light like this one. So for this world, such delicacy of the external form of your being is a need, since it would be impossible for you to exist with another in this world; but it is quite different with the beauty of the spirit. This is never directed to the external form, but only to the sole love of the Lord; for this is the true and supreme beauty of life!

60,27. Now consider, my honorable elder, these words of mine, and then tell me how far you have understood them, and to what extent not, and I will then, as soon as I can, settle every doubt that may arise from your soil, for you to easily see the true foundation of the eternal truth of God - and so do that!

60,28. Look, our eldest and all his children fall upon their faces, and begin to stir in their hearts. But we want to wait and see what's going to happen.

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