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Chapter 62

True humility, love, and the childhood of God

62,1. Now I speak, and say, Hear, my honorable elder of this place, and chief of this whole great district. What you call humility is also humility with us, but what you have described is in now way humility, but is pure deception, where the humble man deceives himself, because he is in a state of life where he will not be taken up into a higher stage.

62,2. But since you think that the attainment of the childhood of God and with it the 'becoming more', can impossibly be prevented with the very best will, I also tell you that you have greatly erred in this respect. But to prove the truth of my words, I want to take you to the brightest light of the most infallible Word of the Lord God, the Creator of the heavens and earths.

62,3. But the word is as follows, "Let the little ones come to Me, and do not withheld them; for the kingdom of heaven is theirs! "The Lord said," If you will not be like children, you will not enter into the kingdom of God. " And even further, He said, "Whosoever shall be the first and greatest of you, be the least and the servant of all;

62,4. See, this is the essence of the childhood of God. If you think that in the Lord's ministry you will be more, you will have a greater power, and will be richer in all splendor and power, I will tell you: Stay what you are. Because there is no question of getting any more in every respect. Here you are bodily, as well as spiritually, a perfect master. As long as you live in your body, all matter of the surface of this world must obediently submit to the power of your wisdom, but if you are in the spirit, then this world of yours must be subordinate to you from its center, since you, the inhabitants of this world, are in the spirit of wisdom and will, as you can see from your moral and state institutions at first sight.

62,5. But since countless other worlds depend on this world which you inhabit, consider what a ruling power in the spirit have in fact been entrusted to you, to govern this world on which depends the order and preservation of countless other world-bodies and their inhabitants.

62,6. But if we consider a child of God; what does this have for a power, what a ruling district? Behold, I can tell thee with the greatest certainty, that a child of God, as long as it lives in the body, cannot even claim a dust-particle, nor even his body, nor his life, but have to disregard everything and should always be willing to say in the fullness of truth: Nothing belongs to me, I am nothing, even the life that I have is only of the Lord. This is their worldly ration; is there any spiritual radiance? Oh, not at all! The spiritual must exist in the center of poverty.

62,7. In this world one can at least take a piece of bread for himself, and one can go as he pleases; but this freedom only exists in the spirit. One is, however, an eternal "guest of the father," and the children can only enjoy the bread they receive directly from the Father's hand. They can only go wherever the Father wants them. They cannot live in shining buildings, but in very simple huts.

62,8. The children must never be idle, and, as often as the Father will, they shall diligently work His fields, and bring the harvest faithfully and diligently into His barns. And if they have done all their labor so industriously and faithfully, yet they must go to the Father, and instead of receiving a sign of reward, they have to humbly confess that they were only wholly useless and lazy servants.

62,9. As you have remarked, you may, in your mind, travel with great power and strength through the endless space of your spiritual world regions to your great pleasure at your own will, but the children of God will not even put their feet over the threshold without Him willing it. You can argue as you like; we children only say what is put into our mouths.

62,10. See, that is the difference between the sublime and mighty spirits who direct all creation of God, and us, the children of God.

62,11. You can do everything you want; but we can do nothing out of ourselves, but only when the Lord wills it, and then not even a little more than what the Lord wills.

62,12. We are, therefore, placed in relation to the Lord, as are the members of a body. These limbs, indeed, constitute a being with the internal life of the body; but not a member of the whole body can do for itself what it wants, but each of its actions and all energy of action does not depend on its own power, but only on the fundamental power that prevails in the body. Thus the limbs themselves cannot feed themselves,even though they are most diligent, but must first surrender all their acquisition into the main chamber of the inner life; then the living force distributes the proper food to the limbs that have worked there.

62,13. But the situation is quite different with the relation of external free men who are not bound to a body as members, but stand as free beings for themselves. Behold, I may well say, Have goodness, and do this work, and the friendly people will do the work. But after the work is finished, they are free from my will and can do for themselves what they want.

62,14. But I ask you, is this also so with the limbs of my own body? Oh, not at all! These continually depend, in all their parts, on my inner will-power, and can never resist it; for they must be one with the will of the inner living force, otherwise the whole human being would surely perish.

62,15. See, if you only think a little of what I have just said, it will be quite clear to you how things is with your sharply qualified reasoning of the "surpassing" of the children of God.

62,16. If, therefore, you wish to achieve the childhood of God, you must be completely removed from the idea of winning something. You must then not look at yourself as a child of God in an endlessly perfect position, but you must take the situation exactly reversed. And if you have done this, then it will be evident to you whether the true humility and love for God is a perfectly just, or a deceptive way of attaining the childhood of God.

62,17. For you can well imagine this from God, who is the infinite, supreme Truth Himself, that He will not through a given means, reach a very different goal than the form of the means itself represents.

62,18. Would anyone who would always shrink and diminish in the humility of his heart, be able to reckon that the Lord will magnify him in the opposite direction? Yes, He will enlarge it, but not in your supposed "becoming more", but only in greater humility and greater love. And this is a true magnificence in the spirit, because man, as a child of God, is the one which one strives to attain the lowliness in the most perfect way.

62,19. Hence the love of a child of God for God is not flattery through which any omnipotent favor of God could be gained, but true love must be an inner impulse to acknowledge God above all as the sole perfect Lord, but also to regard himself to Him, as a complete nothingness. One must seek the supreme happiness in loving God the Father above all things, for He is God and Father. And for such love, one cannot commemorate any remuneration forever, except for the grace of loving God the Father.

62,20. See, my honorable elder, so are things. Just think about it a little bit, and then tell me how you will find the path I have set before you for the attainment of the childhood of God. But you must keep in mind that there never was any reality in your "becoming more" as a child of God. Understand this well and then give me your opinion!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-62 Chapter