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Chapter 64

Inhabitants of the sun on the way of the childhood of God

64,1. The elder is opening his mouth, and we will straightway listen to him. His words are thus, "Listen to me, you all my children, those of you who are here, and give them also to those who are not here, which I will speak to you. You know that on similar occasions, when the wood on the altar was burning by a higher power, we have read, from the flame of the burning wood, the exceedingly difficult conditions, by whose fulfillment alone the attainment of the high childhood of God is possible. We have never been lucky enough to hear from the mouth of a child of God, how, in the shortest possible time, the childhood of God can be attained, and what is really hidden behind the childhood of God.

64,2. This distinguished guest with his two companions, has shown us from the original source and from the primordial foundation, that which all our wisdom could never have achieved. We now know that God, the omnipotent Creator of all things, is a perfect Man, and always dwells among those who are His children.

64,3. Then we have very basically and most accurately experienced what a child of God is and why he must be recognized as such. Then, as the third point, we have been very clearly informed that, us all, which have been created as free beings, conscious of themselves and recognizing God as their Creator, can become the children of God in the simplest and most effective way possible.

64,4. We need no further proof that this is correct; for we have in the first place the guarantor of the fulness of such truth still among us, and secondly we have my own wisdom, from which I, as you all know, have stated to the high messenger all conceivable objections to see whether his testimony may stand firm against the most severe examination of wisdom.

64,5. But all of you have also heard with what brazen firmness the high guest always came to meet me, and led me out of the madness of my knowledge onto a straight path. If we now have such tangible proofs of the great validity of this messenger's statement, what more do we want?

64,6. The only question here is whether we wish to seriously change the ways we have described, or whether we wish to enter the path of humility, love, and self-denial in spirit and in truth, or not? Which question say as much as:

64,7. Do we wish to, after the laying off of this fleeting body, remain an eternal guardian of this world of ours, which is already a great world, or do we wish to already become the children of God in spirit, and go there where the eternal and Almighty God and Lord dwells among his children, and loves them with all the infinite loving power of His heart?

64,8. See, my dear children, this is an extraordinary question of great importance, which can only be answered by the deed, but never by the most profound words. But let me draw your attention to the fact that our state is, after the body's departure, in spirit, a most glorious one, which, by its splendor and glory, surpasses much more than anything else imaginable. We are already so beautifully formed in our bodies, that our form is even, as I have remarked, a great admiration for the children of God; and yet this corporeal beauty is hardly a fleeting shadow against them, which is a property of our immortal spirit. Thus our external physical habitations are already so splendid that inhabitants of other worlds would certainly lose their lives at the first sight. And yet their edification costs us a little trouble; for, with the power of our united will, we are perfect masters of matter, which must submit, form, and raise up according to our will.

64,9. But what is even the most awful and great material building magnificence against those of our spirits, who inhabit that distant light-envelope, which surrounds our world, which is spatially, boundlessly infinite.

64,10. See, we already know all this from many experiences; for there are several of us who have been allowed to very vividly see the spiritual things of our world. As a result, our lot is an unpredictably glorious one, for we, as spirits, are truly great lords, to whom not only their whole boundless world are at the command of the slightest contemplation, but numerous other worlds all more or less depend on this great world. All of this, my children, united under a single point of view, can tell us nothing more than:

64,11. What more do you want, you most happy children of a world, which is a light bearer for myriads and myriads of other worlds? So it is also true: who has as much as we have, who is as happy as we are, with whom it would be a certain degree of foolishness, if he would want to attain even more and become even happier.

64,12. Look, this surely wise conclusion I have portrayed to this lofty guest, and he has given me an equally favorable answer. But listen to me now, my children! The attainment of the childhood of God is by no means a matter of becoming more or lucky, but of perfecting and living in the love of God. But you all know from our own experience that here our greatest happiness, as well as our greatest bliss, is not only due to our mutual love. The more we love each other, the more intimately we are united in love both physically and spiritually, and the happier we are!

64,13. Do we not have the happiest of times when, within the walls of our homes, we are united in mutual love, and do not even cast a glance at the whole wonderfully beautiful outer world? All of you can only reply to this question from your living experience as: This is the full and living truth!

64,14. Well, then; see also the great difference between our greatest, but at the same time always outward happiness, and the most inward blessedness of the children of God. But if our mutual love among us creatures is so happy, how endlessly happy does love have to be, where creatures as children of God can behold their Creator as Father visibly in the highest love, and are also lovingly embraced by Him? Where in this whole great world is there a being who can only grasp an atom of the greatness of such bliss where the creature as a child is able to approach his Creator, his God, and embrace Him with all love, and in return is again embraced with the greatest Love!

64,15. See, my dear children, this is the infinite difference between us and the children of God! Think how endlessly this small spark of love must be against the endless fulness of love which dwells in God. And yet this endlessly tiny little one makes our greatest bliss! How great, therefore, must be the salvation of those beings who can play with all the infinite wealth of the love of their divine Father!

64,16. So what do we want to do? Do we want to remain what we are, or do we want to rush into the arms of the Almighty, Holy, Eternal Father with new life force as children?

64,17. I now read on your faces that you all want to leave everything to get to the Father! Yes, this is my most perfect sense; we will love Him, as if we had a thousand hearts, and we will be humble, therefore, as if we had no existence, only to go after this external life, where this Holy Father dwells.

64,18. And you, exalted messenger, take this assurance in the fullness of truth, that we are all of one mind, and want to walk the way which you have shown us. Bless us on this new way, that we may be happy in the place where you certainly already have had a long and most glorious stay in the dwelling of God, your ever-holy Father!

64,19. Look, after this, the priest falls upon his face, and his children follow his example. We now bless them, and since we have blessed them, let me rise a little from them. Now see, we have lifted ourselves, and our beautiful world hovers already as a tiny starlet in an endless depth. But look down; it is your sun. We are not far from her, but we will not hurry to quickly approach her holy surface. But this time not the material, but the spiritual, which corresponds precisely to the material in the same place. And so let us let ourselves down gently!

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