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Chapter 65

Different appearance of the 'spiritual sun' outside the sphere of Jesus

65,1. See, we are already on the spiritual surface of your sun. How do you like it here? I notice you are making highly astonished faces, and say, "Here, too, it is inconceivably splendid and graceful. It is true that no trace can be found of that almost fearsome splendor of the former sun-world; but nevertheless are the lovely gardens and exceedingly splendid flowery meadows, with small, cute cottages built all over, also very pleasing to look at. But what increases the wonderful sight here is that here in the gardens and in the open, and especially around the little houses, we see a multitude of children, and also greater human spirits, who busy themselves very amiably with these children. But only one thing here seems very strange.

65,2. See, dear friend, the Lord Himself has set us upon the spiritual sun after the contemplation of the natural sun. But there we have not seen the slightest of all that we now see; we have only seen an endlessly extended surface, which was indeed decorated with a kind of grass, and here and there also with small trees. Then we saw on that immensely wide surface, spirits wandering to and fro and up and down, like one would see the ephemerides on the earth at the sunrise or close to sunset. But that was all. If we wanted to see more, we needed the sphere of a spirit.

65,3. But three important points of view are now emerging for us. The first is thus: Was the "spiritual sun?" which we so simply saw in the presence of the Lord, identical with this, which we now see? The second point is: If this sun is identical with the first one, the questioned is whether its surface is quite a different place than the one we saw first? But the third question is also: if this is the sun, and on our surface we cannot see what we have seen in the presence of the Lord at the first sight of the spiritual sun, whether we owe it to your sphere?

65,4. Though you have told us at first, that we were not in yours, but you were only in our sphere. It is true that an exchange of spheres may have taken place for us unconsciously; therefore we ask you what this situation is?

65,5. My dear friends and brothers! I must report to you here in advance, that no answer will be given here to all three of the questions; and simply for the reason that you have not asked the question in a way by which the answer would be part of the revelation of this present appearance.

65,6. When you have entered the surface of the spiritual sun in the presence of the Lord, you have not entered the surface of the sun in a special way but in the infinite sphere of the Lord, for in the sphere of the Lord, a finite special sight for anyone alone is never conceivable. In His sphere, every specific phenomenon immediately contains in itself unlimited, infinite, and the simple ground which you have entered then was a ground of the infinite spiritual sun of the Lord in which all infinite spheres are realized.

65,7. The spirits that you saw walking to and fro, are not individual spirits, but every single such spirit you have seen on that surface is a whole union of numerous spirits, in which in and for itself still numerous smaller associations exist, which also consist of blessed spirits of a special kind, as we are now together. You can easily see this as perfectly convincing, from the fact that in the sphere of such a great spirit you have come to the more specific view of the spiritual and heavenly things.

65,8. You make a very puzzled face here, of course, and say: But listen, dear friend, how is that? This statement is a little nonsensical to us, for the Lord has given us the names of the individual spirits who approached us, among which there were also some who were close to us on earth, but these can not in themselves be such a general heavenly community of angels. Moreover, after retreating from their spheres, we have seen them as before, and they have spoken to us as you have led us; how can this be understood?

65,9. I tell you, my dear brothers and friends, it will be quite difficult for you to see the circumstances of the heavens so clearly. But what I can do for your spiritual correction, I will do, and will bring you again all sorts of examples, by which you at least can get closer to the great truth. - What did the Lord say when He once gave testimony to John the Baptist? His words were: "None of those who had been born out of women had been greater than him; but the smallest in the kingdom of God is greater than he! "What does that mean? Nothing else: Of all the special men, none is greater in itself than John; but those who, according to the teaching of the Lord, will be accepted into the new kingdom of heaven as pure children of God, the least of them will be greater than the greatest special man in and for itself.

65,10. Why then? Because they grow not only in and by themselves in their love for the Lord, but as their love for the Lord encompasses infinities, they become leaders of the heavenly associations, and in the face of the Lord, the love-sphere of such a blessed spirit extends as a second great man. And this sphere is, in and of itself, actually such a heavenly community, in which all the good spirits are accommodated who has the same love unto the Lord as the leader, which is then also the creator of this community.

65,11. Similar examples are also available on the earth. The state associations are already an outward picture of this, and every citizen of the state carries, so to speak, the name of the supreme head of state, who is either an emperor, king, duke, prince, etc. Smaller societies are cities, markets, villages and municipalities; every inhabitant carries, so to speak, the name of his society, and it is said that this is a Parisian, this is a Londoner, and this is a Viennese, and so are also our religious affinities, which are certainly unsuitably called "sects". But if we accept the sect, we shall find that everyone has its chief founder. What is such a main reason for the sect founded by him? He is the head of such a sect, or of such a society, which, taken spiritually, is formed into a general form which is wholly similar to that of the founder.

65,12. If one for example has fully accepted the Lutheran faith, he spiritually already lives in the general spiritual form of Luther, or he is a resident of the Lutheran society. Such an association is already a great one, which in itself already has a multitude of smaller societies, which all together have their leader, which may be called 'congregations'; and such a congregation has its everlasting chief and leader, who is, as it were, a general spiritual body, or a smaller society to be inhabited by all those who are of his faith and love.

65,13. So it is with the first spreaders of the doctrine of the Lord, as well as with Swedenborg, whom you also know. But your secular relatives are, of course, only the inhabitants of such a society. But since, by the works of their love, so many men have approached their hearts, they have thus formed a society, and are thus, in their own way, a little prince of their associations, for what reason they are also in the commonwealth in the sphere of the Lord visible as a single spiritual society.

65,14. I think you should, through this small explanation, now have a pretty clear idea about this. But that this really is so, you can also see clearly from what the Lord said to the apostles, when they asked him what they would one day receive for the sake of them having left all. "You will sit on twelve chairs, and judge the twelve tribes of Israel." - Which will say just as much as: From the word which you shall preach in My name and from My Spirit to all peoples, will be established in your number, you, according to your kind, will be chief and leader. - I mean, this is easy to grab with the hands. But so that this matter may become clearer to you, we shall soon take refuge in another example.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-65 Chapter