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Chapter 7

Communion with lamb, bread and wine

7,1. Look there right before us, there is a broad, glittering staircase, which is lined with balustrades of transparent gold. This staircase leads up into the middle mansion. Our company is now moving upwards, accompanied by the apostles; so we follow them. Here we are already at the entrance gate into the large auditorium. The Lord opens the door, and we all go into the hall. See, what infinite magnificence and glory is to be found in this oversized hall! The floor is also like transparent gold, and when you keenly look at it, you will see all over embedded writing as if of shimmering gold.

7,2. What does this scripture say? I tell you, nothing more and nothing less than all the deeds our prior has done from his true inner love. Then look, on either side of the great hall are five red luminous pillars, which look like incandescent brass, as would be seen on earth from a quarter of an hour away, like a bright red, due to the density of the air through which such a ray must pass. Only, of course, as you can see here in the spirit, is the luster of these pillars unspeakably more intense.

7,3. But now look also at the bases of these great pillars, as they are once again adorned all over, with writing more luminous than all the suns. Read it and you will find that the Ten Commandments are written on it. But look closer at the Scriptures, and you will discover a smaller script in each individual letter, from which Scripture the inner meaning of the commandments can be recognized.

7,4. But look also up, and you will see a brilliantly shining arch on each pillar, reaching in toward the center of the high ceiling, converging like rays. On the point where the arches converge, you can see a powerful, radiant sun, and in the middle of the sun, you will find the endlessly significant word 'love' written in bright red, flaming letters.

7,5. Have also a look at the walls of this hall, which are built with the most precious jewels. Go closer to a part of the wall, and have a close look, and you will discover writing everywhere, inside the rocks, shimmering like little stars. And if you would begin to read a bit, you will soon find that this script contains the Word of God, firstly in the literal sense, then deeper in the stone, the spiritual; and still deeper, the heavenly sense. These four walls contain only the four Gospels known to you; the two long side walls have Matthew and Luke, the narrower walls at the back and front contain Mark and John.

7,6. You would also like to know whether the Old Testament is nowhere to be found here? Not here in this building; but what you call "leveled earth" with you is all built from the Old Testament, and what you call the invisible foundation of the house on earth is the primitive congregation of the earth.

7,7. Now look at the foreground; there is a glorious table, set with a roasted lamb in the middle in a golden bowl, a loaf of bread beside it, and a great chalice full of the most glorious wine.

7,8. Behold, now the Lord says to the prior: My beloved son, behold here is another table; how does it appear to you? The prior says, O Lord, You, most Holy Father! Though the endless glory of this room is pressing me down, I still notice that this table has a very strong resemblance to that which You have kept on earth before Your bitter suffering with Your dear apostles and disciples.

7,9. The Lord says, My beloved son, thou hast spoken rightly; for therefore I said at the table that I will not again enjoy of the Lamb or the wine until it will be newly prepared in the kingdom of God - see, here it is newly prepared! Here then, we want to have this meal together again, and do not want to go into sadness, but into the highest joy. Therefore, all of you sit with Me at this table, in the same order as we have sat on the earth.

7,10. But you are asking after Judas, whether he will be at the table. What do you think, would the traitor be sent here? The priest said: O Lord, Most loving Holy Father! I know well that Your righteousness is as great as your love, grace, and mercy. But, notwithstanding this, I must frankly confess it to You, it would still be hard for me if I had to miss this lost apostle forever; for You, Yourself said that this one was lost, that the scripture might be fulfilled. This text has always secretly given me some consolation with regard to this unhappy apostle, for I said to myself: Judas, perhaps even after his free choice, had to be such a serving instrument, that is, an apostle of the dead, so that through Your betrayal, Your holy plan, which was surely eternally predetermined, came into the holiest and glorious execution! - Behold, O Lord, greatest and Most Holy Father! This always gave me a blessed hope for the poor, unhappy apostle. But I was still more at ease when I considered how You, on the cross, begged the Father in You for forgiveness for all Your enemies; and then I could not exclude poor Judas in spite of his suicide. This was evidently caused by the devil who besieged him. Therefore, I should like to know if this apostle, if not already here, but at least somewhere, is not unhappy in the highest degree.

7,11. The Lord says: Listen, My beloved Son, there is not one, but two Judas Iscariots. The first is the man who lived with Me on the earth, and the other is Satan, who, in his freedom at that time, had made people taxable to himself. This second Judas Iscariot is still the very foundation of hell, but not the man Iscariot, for it was forgiven him, and in how far, you only have to look around. For the one who is presently talking to your brother and is also now committing a betrayal of love by showing my brother already in advance My great love, is precisely the Judas Iscariot, whom you were worried about. Are you satisfied with Me?

7,12. The priest, almost lost in love for the Lord, says: O Lord, thou most loving Most Holy Father! Faithfully true, I have always imagined You to be always very lovingly and endlessly good. Nevertheless, I would never have dared to think that Your infinite mercy, grace, and love should extend to Judas. For on the earth I would certainly have sinned with such an idea. But now I see how endless Your infinite goodness, grace, and pity surpass all human ideas. O Lord, what shall I do? How am I to love you, that I could only correspond in my heart to such an infinite love?

7,13. The Lord embraces the prior, presses him to His breast, and says to him, Behold, My beloved son, just as you love Me now, you give Me the greatest reward for My infinite love. Therefore, go to the table with Me, and eat and drink the true living supper, so that you may, in this enjoyment, receive the strengthening in you, a great prince in My kingdom, which you shall eternally and increasingly need.

7,14. See, they sit down at the table, and the prior, his wife and his brother are placed on the Lord's right side. To the left, you see John, then immediately after him Peter, and then Paul, as well as the other apostles and disciples.

7,15. On the right side of the poor brother of the prior sits Judas and beside him, still a few others, which I will not name you here yet. Further beyond, you also see our Joseph, and beside him Mary; next, Mary of Magdalene and still other well-known female beings. You see Lazarus, Nicodemus, and some great friends of the Lord.

7,16. You ask now since there are still several chairs left unoccupied, whether no one will sit on them? Yes, my dear friends and brethren, I too must sit down at the table, and you, as earthly spirits, must not leave my sphere. Hence, we shall have no other choice than to seize the three empty seats, according to the secret promise of the Lord. Follow me therefore courageously to the table, and eat and drink there with all the others.

7,17. If you have been fed on this table - though unperceivable to your senses - you will feel an inner feeling filling your spirit, that you have dined in the spirit at this table. It will give you a great, significant strengthening, which you will definitely feel. Do not be timid, but enjoy the meal of eternal life in humility and love. And so, follow me quite bravely and without reservation to the table!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-7 Chapter