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Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-72 Chapter

Chapter 72

Classroom of the creational history of men in the kingdom of children

72,1. See, in the middle of this very large hall center is a huge globe around which a gallery is attached. And since this hall is also a large rotunda, and the circular wall is provided with many great chapels, we see in these chapels also a great number of smaller globes, which serve their pre-determined purpose.

72,2. Let us go to the gallery and see the large installed globe; there we shall look at the history of man's creation. - We're on the gallery; so pay attention to how a teacher present here, will explain these things to his students.

72,3. Look, he bends over the big ball and touches it. And see, at the place where he had touched it, soon a strong light shines, the light becomes concentrated, renders itself into a form, and the form is like a man. Keep looking: the teacher touches the ball again, and a fine dust rises from the touched spot, envelopes the former light, and the light does not give off any more light, and is already covered in the same form with an earthly shell.

72,4. And now the teacher bends over and breathes the still unmoving form and it comes to life, moves itself and looks at the things him. And look again: the form becomes tired of the viewing, falls down and goes into a sleep state.

72,5. But now the teacher bows down again and stirs the sleeping form by the side, and you see again a light rising from the side of this form, the light occupies a second human form and stands immovably before the still sleeping first form. But the teacher again touches the first form, and a little wet cloud-like mass, like a hanging drop, dislodge from the first form, dissolves into a small mist, and envelopes the second form of light as such. The light disappears, and the second form is similar to the first, but not yet animated; therefore, the teacher touches her again - and see, she lives and moves happily back and forth.

72,6. But now the teacher also touches the first figure again; see, he rises, and when he sees the second one, which is similar to him, he has a great joy in it, and is already speaking with some expressive language to her. The teacher here represents the Lord, and is now demonstratively and very realistically doing what the Lord has done, with the power given to him by the Lord. He also speaks the same words as the Lord has spoken, and the students also note the great power of such words.

72,7. But now look how the teacher reveals himself to this first created human couple and how he teaches this human couple.

72,8. Look, the teacher is touching his chest. Immediately a bright ray emerges from the touched spot towards the newly created human pair, and stands before the same as a third light-man. And what the teacher now speaks to the students according to the words of the Lord, which is familiar to you, he also speaks as the third man presented by the beam from the teacher's breast, to the first created human couple.

72,9. It is no longer necessary to let you see the representation of the further progression, for everything you know from the old and the new words literally takes place, but the moments of procreation are concealed.For there still will be another certain spiritual time, when our students will be more mature in their beings, when they will be educated in a highly edifying way about this.

72,10. I remind you, however, that the teachers, in the same way, present to their students all the further guidance of the human race in the most appropriate manner, and finally end up populating the whole earth's surface, and let these peoples act independently upon the surface of the earth. These build huts and cities, restrain animals for their use, wage war and pursue each other exactly as it was on earth. And see, all this happens up to the present time.

72,11. The special moments in the great history of the world, as the creation of man, then the flood of Noah, then the covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then the great leadership of the Israelite people under Moses and his successor, then the story under David and Solomon, then the birth of the Lord, and from then on the most important moments of the propagation of the doctrine, form the principal sections of this teaching.

72,12. If one such a main section is completed, the students are led to the small globes standing in the chapels, and they have to repeat to their teachers in a self-creative way what the teachers have shown them on the great globe. In this way, the whole of the teaching itself becomes alive, and the pupils then know the events of the earth from point to point just as vividly as if they had been witnesses on the real earth themselves.

72,13. When the students have learned this important subject, then they are led again to the great globe, and the teachers then show them the spiritual earth and how it is formed from the human race.

72,14. They show them the spheres, and how they are always forming themselves increasingly purer and brighter over the actual material earth, and how these spheres becomes a landscape as soon as the spirit of a deceased person ascends into some sphere, and takes possession from it, of what is congenial to him.

72,15. At the same time the teachers show the students the subterranean ever-darkening spheres, and how the souls of evil deceased men sink into such dark spheres. Wherever they take some agreeable possession, there are also several who are compelled to press themselves, and thereby, in anger, to kindle themselves, and when they have kindled themselves, the students look on as such sinister souls transform in the most diverse ways into the most horrible forms, and sink into the ever deeper and darker spheres.

72,16. On this occasion, the students are also told what sin is and how a free being can commit sin on the earth.

72,17. If the students have understood all this, they are led out of this hall and directed to another larger garden, where all the higher educational establishments are situated. It is self-evident that the students in this first garden naturally do not learn uninterruptedly without having well-arranged play hours between the sessions; for the spirit also needs organized resting periods for its strengthening, as the Lord have appointed a seventh day of rest day after the known six works of creation.

72,18. And in the time of Christ, the Lord Himself showed that He have rested after some work like any other man. The spirits here must likewise have periods of rest, in which they strengthen themselves for more teaching; and so, especially at the time of the transfer from one school to the other, a considerable period of rest ensues. During these are the students allowed to, if they so wish, to pay a visit together with their teachers, their relatives on the real earth-body, which, however, usually only happens when their related inhabitants of the earth are in deep sleep, and in the waking state, only very rarely know anything about it; especially if they are more earthly than spiritually minded.

72,19. Some such students, since they know much about the Lord, have a desire to see the Lord. Such desire, however, is seldom fulfilled, and that is because, as spirits, they are still too weak to resist the everlasting, omnipotent spirit of God, and to endure such closeness. Their most favorite recreational activity, however, is to be allowed to visit Mary, as their general spiritual supervisor and mother. Mary often visits all these great institutions; but not always visible to the little spirits, but certainly to the teachers.

72,20. You ask whether all deceased children must go through these schools from birth until their twelfth year? Certainly, but not in one and the same garden; because there is a separate starting garden for every age. But as for the second garden, they all come together. How and what the innumerable many children's spirits learn there, and on what conditions they pass over, will next time be shown to you.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-72 Chapter