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Chapter 74

How should one seek God?

74,1. There are already some who have just turned to their teachers, and have made the remark that they are now compelled to believe that there is no God besides the teachers who perform miracles before them, while this God, whom they have took hold of with their love in their hearts, have not shown up among them in any perceptible way.

74,2. But what do teachers do in reaction to their students' statements? Listen to how a teacher, who received such a report, responds: he (the teacher) speaks to his students:

74,3. My beloved children! It may well be that God has not yet spoken to you; but it can also be that he have spoken, but that you are too inattentive and have not noticed it.

74,4. Therefore tell me, Where were you, when you took hold of God in your hearts? Were you outside under the trees of the garden, or in the galleries of the hall, or were you on the great floor of the hall, or in some chamber, or were you in your boarding-rooms, which were built outside this great school? And tell me what you have seen, noticed, and felt here and there.

74,5. The children say, "We were outside among the trees, and we saw the glories of God's creations, which we should believe in, and rejoiced that He had done such splendid things. We imagined Him to be a verydear father, who likes to come to His children, and have thereby also felt a great longing in our hearts to see Him, and then to meet Him with all our childish love, to embrace Him and to love Him with all our might.

74,6. But no Father came to us from any side. We also asked each other carefully, whether one or the other have not yet noticed the Father. But every one of us can honestly say that we have not in the least seen anything at all of Him.

74,7. We then left the square, hurried to the booths of the lecture hall building, and did so there. But the success was the same as under the trees. We went from there to our dormitories, in the opinion that here the Father would be most likely to visit us, for we prayed a great deal, and begged Him fervently to show Himself to us. But it was all in vain! Since we have obeyed your advice in vain, we now feel compelled to agree with your doctrine that there is not a God. And so we have decided among ourselves that if there is already a God, there is not a whole, but a divided one in all the living and free beings as you and we are. God is, therefore, only a totality of the corporeal power, which first and foremost recognizes Himself and others in the beings, as you are, and also acts powerfully as such.

74,8. See the little philosophers here, and at the same time recognize the reason or the false seed which is the fruit of all these slippery rational speculations.

74,9. What does our teacher say about these philosophies of his disciples? Hear, therefore, his words: My dear children! Now I have shown you the reason in yourselves quite clearly why no God has shown up for you, neither under the trees, nor in the solitude, nor in the dormitories (that is, neither in the inquiry in nature through experiences nor dissections thereof, nor by the way of higher speculations of reason and intellect, nor in your not much better than daily life) because you have already gone out with doubts.

74,10. You have not definitely expected God, but only expected a probability. But God must be in Himself the highest degree of definite determination. When you have sought with doubt in your thoughts, faith and will for the highest Godly certainty, how could He reveal Himself amidst such indefinite probability? Therefore, remember what I will tell you now:

74,11. If you want to seek God, and you also want to see Him, then you must step out with the greatest certainty and seek Him as such. You must, without the slightest doubt believe that He is, even if you do not get to see Him for how long. Then you must embrace Him with your love with the same certainty as your belief in Him. Then it will be shown whether you have attained the greatest possible determination in your thinking, faith, will, and love.

74,12. If you have obtained the same, God will surely show up for you, if He does exist. But if you have not attained this determination, you will return to me without having achieved your object, as you did this time.

74,13. Look, the children consider the teaching of the teacher, and one, seemingly the weakest of them, goes to the teacher and says: Listen to me, you dear, wise teacher! Do you not think that if I went all alone into my dormitory, and if I would like to embrace God the Lord as the most loving Father with my love, in the right way, since I have never been able to doubt whether there is a God, but I remained, despite all the contradictory proofs, forever and steadfastly sure of God. Do not you think he would show up with me if I wanted to love Him alone? For that many thoughts and beliefs, after all, seem to me a little arduous.

74,14. The teacher said to the child, "Go, my dear little child, and do what is good to you; who knows for the present whether you are right? I can now give you neither a yes nor a no, but say to you, "Go and find out what love can do!"

74,15. Now see the child running out of the hall into his dormitory-room, and the other students question the teacher whether he preferred the enterprise of the one child, which now went to his dormitory-room, to what they are now doing according to his advice, to go out with all certainty and to search for God.

74,16. But the teacher said, "You have heard what I said to your fellow student, that is neither a yes or no; I also say to you. Go out or don't; do what is best for you, and experience will show which path is the better and the shorter one, or whether the one is false or the other right, or whether both are false or both correct.

74,17. Now see, a part of the children understand the determination concept, but others only the love. Those who enter into determination go out into the garden in full depth of thought, willingness and firm faith; but a part goes into the dormitory-rooms to seek God.

74,18. But as you can see, the child, first led by love for God, is led into the hall by a simple man and goes straight to the teacher. What is he going to say?

74,19. Listen, he (the child) speaks: Dear, wise teacher, come here! When I began to love the dear great Heavenly Father in my dormitory-room, this simple man came to me and asked me if I was really so fond of the Heavenly Father. I told him, O dear man, thou canst read it on my face. But then the man asked mehow I imagined the great Heavenly Father in my mind. And I said to him, I imagine Him as a man; but only He must be very great and strong, and surely also have a great radiance, because this world and the sun shining upon it, are already so exceedingly glorious and splendid.

74,20. Here the simple man lifted me, pressed me to his heart, gave me a kiss, and then said to me, "Take me over to the tutor's school; there we want to discuss everything, and to properly see what the Heavenly Father looks like, if He exists, when He is, and how He creates, directs, and governs everything out of Himself. Now, behold, my wise teacher, here I am now with this simple man. Who do you think this man would be, because he treats me with so much fondness?

74,21. And the teacher speaks in the most obvious love and respect: O most happy child, you have already found the Right One; behold, this is God, our most loving Father! And the Lord now bows down, and takes the child upon His arm, and asks him, Am I the one whom thy teacher have announced unto thee? And the child speaks with great excitement: Oh, yes, it is You, I recognize Your infinite goodness, for who else is as good as You, that he would take me into His arms, and would cuddle and caress like You?! But I also love you so incomprehensibly much that I can never be separated from You ever again; do therefore not to leave me here, my dear Father. For I have never felt such kindness and love as now on Your arms! And the Lord says, Fear not, O my child! Whoever has once found Me like you will never lose Me forever. But now you must be very quiet about Me; for the other children who have sought Me, have not yet found Me. We will put them up for a small trial so that they may find Me; so be quiet until I give you a hint!

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-74 Chapter