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Chapter 75

Longing for God as an important testimony to His existence

75,1. Now see, the other searching children have just come in. It is clear from the expression on their faces that they have found in neither one nor the other way, the One they are looking for. They approach their teacher a second time quite timidly, and the teacher asks them: Well, my dear children, How did it go with your looking among the trees or on the floor or on the galleries, or with the search of that part of you who have chosen to seek the Lord in the dormitory rooms? As you can see, all of you shrug your shoulders; have you not yet found and seen the good dear Father, the God of all heaven and of all the worlds? - How is your faith ordered? Do you still have doubts about the existence of God?

75,2. The children say, "Oh dear, exalted teacher, as far as doubts are concerned, we now have them more than ever; for behold, neither our firm will, nor our most living faith, nor all our most established thoughts on God the Lord, nor our firm love could achieve anything. If there were any God and Lord, He must have revealed Himself to us in one way or another; for behold, in the end we all have united and firmly believed that there must be a holy, good, loving God and Father. We have embraced Him with all our love and called out His name announced by you, saying, "Oh dearest, Holy Father Jesus, come, come to us, hear our childlike supplication, and show us that you are One and also love us as we love you! ? And behold, dear exalted teacher, thus we have called for a long time; but no trace was heard of any heavenly Father. It was all in vain; therefore we are perfectly certain that there is no other higher teacher or God besides you exalted teachers.

75,3. We indeed do not want to claim this by saying: our doubts are based on a firm ground. But we can safely assume that after such ineffective efforts to investigate the existence of God, more doubt than a firm belief in it can arise.

75,4. But we also see the one who has separated himself from us, seeking the Lord with love alone; did he not find anything either?

75,5. The teacher speaks: My dear little children, I cannot tell you about that for the time being. The children, however, continue to ask the teacher: Dear, exalted teacher! Who is that strange, plain man there, with whom one of us is busying himself and looks at him with so much love? Maybe his father has arrived here from the Earth?

75,6. The teacher speaks: My dear little children, that's something I cannot tell you. For the moment, however, you may take note of the fact that this plain man is exceedingly wise, and you must therefore pay keen attention if He would speak to you about this or that.

75,7. The children say: Oh, dear teacher, can such a simple person also be wise? For behold, we have learned till now that the teachers, like you, become more sublime and shiny the wiser they become. That man, however, does not look so sublime and brilliant, but is much simpler and plainer than you. It seems a bit strange then that he should be extremely wise.

75,8. The teacher says: Yes, my dear little children, with the deepest inner wisdom, the external glow does not matter at all, but it says: the more shine from the outside, the less light from the inside, the more light from the inside, the less shine to the outside. But just go and ask Him something, and you'll see straightway how wise He is.

75,9. Now the children go to the Lord and ask him, still suspecting nothing: You dear, plain Man! Would You not allow us to ask You something?

75,10. The Lord speaks: O with all my heart, My beloved little children! Just ask, and I'll find My way with the answer. The children ask the Lord: Since You have allowed us to ask You, we are just asking You what we care most about. Behold, we have been searching and proofing for some time, for and against, whether there is a God who is an exceedingly good Father in Heaven of all human beings who ever lived anywhere. But we cannot find any trace of this Father anywhere, and our teacher himself does not want or cannot tell us anything well-founded in this matter. But he has told us that You are exceedingly wise; Therefore, we would like to know from You if there is such a God and Father or not? If you know anything about it, tell us. We will listen to You carefully, and not a word will escape Your mouth that we would not pay the greatest attention to.

75,11. The Lord says: Yes, little children, you have indeed given me a very difficult question that I can hardly answer you; because if I would tell you that there is such a God and Father, you will say: that is not enough for us, as long as we do not see Him. And when you say then, let us see the Father, what will I say to you then? I could point you there or there with My finger, and you would see nothing; for wherever I would show you would never find your God and Father. But if I would tell you: Children, the Father is here among you! Will you believe it?

75,12. Would you not ask, where is He? Is he one of the teachers of this great hall? And when I say to you then: O no, my beloved children! What will you do then? You will look at Me a great deal and say: Behold, the man keeps us on a line. If it is not one of the many teachers, who is it? You would not be it? Because as simple, plain and lackluster as You are, the very noble Heavenly Father cannot look!

75,13. And if you have given me such an answer, what option should I offer you as reply? Therefore you should just ask Me for something else; because answering this question does not seem to be the right thing to do.

75,14. The children speak: O dear, wise Man! See, that's not possible. We are not interested in another question to be answered; but only to know whether there does exist a Heavenly Father or not. For if there is a Father in heaven, then we would all be exceedingly happy, but if there is none, we are all here as if without reason, and we do not know for what, through what and why? Therefore, if you can, just answer the first question; that is what we urgently ask you for.

75,15. That you are a very wise man, we have already taken from your evasive answer. Therefore, lead us at least a few steps closer to the one Father, because there must be one. We notice this from the fact that we have an ever greater longing after this very heavenly Father, the more He wishes to hide behind our childish doubts.

75,16. If He would not exist at all, where would this longing within us come from, which is as alive as we are? The certainty of the existence of a heavenly Father must indeed grow together with the yearning!

75,17. The Lord says: Well, little children, you are just taking the words out of My mouth! Indeed, in longing there is a great proof; But what is the consequence of longing? Is it not true, little children, that the result will be that one want to be sure of what you long for. You say that's a good answer. But I ask you now: what is the reason for the longing? - You tell Me, it's the love for the one you long for.

75,18. But if one wants to see something fundamentally and in the fullness of truth, is it sufficient to remain only with yearning and its consequence? You tell Me: Oh no, dear man of great wisdom! You have to go back to the bottom of it. If the great truth does not manifest itself then everything is wrong; But if it announces itself there, then one has come to the vivacious conviction that it is never anywhere else to be known and seen.

75,19. But look now, you little children! That one brother of you went that way; he has found the Father! Ask Him where He is, and he will point his finger at the Father!

75,20. Now the others fall over each other and demand that of him. And this one says, O my dear brothers! Look at Him whom you thought to be plain and simple, It is He Himself whom you have sought for so long in vain, that is the good, dear heavenly Father - holy, holy is His Name! Believe me, for I have already seen His glory. But do not believe it because I tell you, but approach Him alone with your hearts, and you will certainly find Him as true and glorious as I have found Him!

75,21. Look how these children now all call out, as they recognize the Father: O Father, Father, Father !!! It is You, yes, it is You! For we already had a strong suspicion in Your proximity! But since we have found you, would You never again hide from us, so that we will not have to look for You so hard again!

75,22. And the Lord says, Amen! Little children, your faces should from now on never again be turned away from Me! If I do not always stay with you, as now, I will be there in that sun that shines on you! - The rest will be revealed to you by your teacher.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-75 Chapter