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Chapter 8

The significant meaning of the supper, especially for the earth. We leave Markus’ sphere

8,1. As we are now at the table, we will also take part in the high treasures of the table. But hear what the Lord says before the meal, saying: My beloved children! When I came to you on earth after My resurrection, I asked you, because you were hungry and had not much food to eat. "Little child, do you have nothing to eat?" Then you showed Me some bread and some fish. I blessed the fish and the bread for you and then I sat with you at the table and ate with you. Now I ask you no more whether you have food to eat or not, but of My infinite treasures and provisions, you have in endless abundance forever. But is this word, which was expressed by Me on earth, to have no validity here?

8,2. I say to you, this question shall have even more perfect validity here than on the earth, and I can still ask this most important question out of this kingdom: little children, do you have nothing to eat? You will answer Me on that:

8,3. O most loving Father! We have endlessly much to eat in Your big house. But I say unto you,

8,4. This question is not to be asked to you as if it were meant for you, but this question is to be asked by you as if by Me, to let it pass through My children to My children and through them, into all of infinity. The children of the earth are now in the state in which you were immediately after My resurrection. They are full of sad thoughts and do not yet know what has happened to the Lord. They also have only paltry food, which is like the fish and the bread you had.

8,5. The "fish" are the old, and "the bread" the New Testament. But as this food is among the children on the earth partly salted, partly moldy, partly dried up, it is here among us all the more the time to turn to these children with this question and to ask them: little children! Do you have nothing to eat?

8,6. They will show us their store, and we will bless them for a good, living prosperity, as I have blessed for You your little fish, and your bread. Let us then sit with them at the table of their faith and their love, and eat with them; we will teach them, in spirit and in truth, to know from their feeble treasures the true ways of eternal life.

8,7. Behold, here is the meal, the table covered with the well-prepared lamb, bread, and wine. "The Lamb," a food equal to My heart, "the bread," a food equal to My love and mercy, "the wine" a drink from My infinite wisdom.

8,8. You enjoy it with Me, and I have no need to ask you: little child, do you have something to eat? But if you enjoy with Me, remember the poor children on the earth and ask them out of My supreme love in you: Children, brothers, and sisters, do you have something to eat? And the children will answer you, O brethren. Look at us in our great poverty; a little hard bread and a few heavily salted fish is all we have! Just make it somewhat enjoyable.

8,9. When you hear this, return to them, and bring unto them the living remnants of this table; give them a living enlightenment; help them clean their room so that I can also move in with them and then ask them Myself: Little children! Have you nothing to eat?

8,10. And when they say, O Lord, Most loving Father! Behold, a little bread and some little fish, I will say to them, Bring all that you have, and I will bless you with My love, grace, and mercy, and I will give you a living, inner, spiritual bread! If ye shall eat this bread, and drink of My wine, your hard-baked bread, andyour salted fishes shall be softened and purified, and it shall become a living food, in which you shall be sufficiently satisfied unto eternal life.

8,11. As such, My dear children, brothers, and friends is this question, once asked to you by Me, of the greatest importance and the most profound significance here!

8,12. So, therefore, eat with Me, and drink, unto remembrance in all love for those who dwell in the depths of their flesh, and cannot see My kingdom, My grace, My love, and mercy.

8,13. See, now the Lord partake of the Lamb, as well as the bread, and divide it to all. Now it is distributed; we have our portions before us, we thank the Holy Giver for such good gifts, and then enjoy, in joy and great love, our sacred meal of eternal life!

8,14. Behold, they all are now reaching for the meal proffered and eating it with great, joyous emotion, with regard to the most loving Holy Giver. So let us follow suit and do what the others do.

8,15. We are now consuming the sacred meal of life. How glorious, how delicious, how powerful and invigorating it is! With each swallow, we feel as if our glances are extended to the infinite depths of divine grace, and the flame of eternal love begins to blaze brighter in our hearts. With the enjoyment of the flesh, wonderful new great thoughts of God are revealed in us. With the enjoyment of the bread, these great thoughts become an endlessly great new reality, and with the enjoyment of the wine a new and gloriously wonderful life flows into the new creations. We see in the totality a consummation, before whose greatness, majesty, glory, and holiness of the Lord Himself, shake our most great heavenly thoughts and feelings, and sink down before the Lord as if in nothingness!

8,16. What do you say, my dear friends and brothers, of this meal? I notice that you are silent in the face of the great revelation which has been given to you with this meal.

8,17. But I say to you: On such occasions, we do not get any better than this. For the Lord is never greater and more unfathomably wonderful than at such moments, since He is most devoted to His children!

8,18. He always loves all His children equally, but He does not always let them feel the great power of His love in fullness. In such moments, however, He permits such things. Hence, His children are also filled with such a blessing that they are seized by the greatest love for the Lord, but at the same time, they feel the greatest humility in their hearts.

8,19. Now, as you see, the meal is already over, and the Lord turns to the prior, and says to him, "Well, My beloved son, how did You like My meal?

8,20. The prior speaks in a very contrite tone: O Lord, most good, most loving, most holy Father! This meal has not only tasted good to me, but I have been filled with a new life. Now everything is clear to me. I now see my destiny, and Your infinitely wonderful ways in which You lead Your children to life are revealed to me.

8,21. I now know what I have to do, and I see my greatest delight as a clear path before me; How I have to go and do my work. The sphere of activity which You have graciously assigned to me as a most unworthy servant is endlessly great. But I also see how You are all in everything, and how easy to accomplish the greatest things with You!

8,22. Therefore, I am also most greatly and blissfully pleased that You have given me such a sphere of activity, and it will give me never-ending joy, when it shall please You, to let me do the first service in Your kingdom.

8,23. Only one thing, O Lord, and Most Holy, most loving Father, is still a little unclear to me, namely, the habitation of this house, and the service which You have shown to me already outside the city in Your kingdom. Shall I also dwell in this house, or shall some other house be given to me, and shall those blessed spirits dwell in the house where I shall dwell in this city?

8,24. The Lord says: My beloved son, see, this whole city is for all intents and purposes My great house. Nevertheless, this very part in which we are here is, in a certain sense, My principal residency, and I am here the most perfect Lord of the house.

8,25. Many spirits dwell in separate houses of this city, and these houses are their perfect eternal property. A lot of houses like this, I tell you, in the big city are already inhabited. But endlessly many are empty, so I could easily give you any particular house. But I will not do this, but I will keep You together with your wife and your brother in this principal residence. All those who have dined at the table are inhabitants of this My Residence, and they are therefore out of Me the principal foundations of My Heaven and the chief stewards of My creations. So, therefore, will you remain here forever with Me! As to service, she dwells not in thecity, but her dwellings are in the endlessly wide orbits of this city; but you have it all in you. You can call in yourselves, whomever you want, and he will be there.

8,26. If I will send you to one or the other world, the spirits of this world will call to you, and you will see their world and the need of this world in the sphere of these spirits. If you have seen these things, then call forth the power of My love in your heart, and work out of this according to the needs of one or the other world.

8,27. I could make you see all the spheres at a glance, but you would be deprived of a mighty degree of bliss. Therefore, for your own greatest possible salvation, you shall see one world at a time in all its miraculous and profound depths which arise out of Me, when you will be in one or the other world out of My love. Behold, there is, adjacent to this hall, an equally large dwelling-place; in this one, you will find your permanent dwelling, and you will dwell together with all these My children, brothers, and friends. You might also want to know where My living quarters really are in this house?

8,28. I tell you, I have no particular living quarters in this house which I would like to inhabit as a direct master, but I always live among you, now with one, and then with another. And this hall is our council chamber; from here all our business always ensues. There shall now, due to My panel talk, be several who shall descent to the earth to there present My question to My children. But you shall only after the next meal receive a very important assignment.

8,29. If, however, you sometimes wish to discuss with My children from the Old Testament, then let yourself be escorted down to the leveled ground; there you will meet them all. And so I bless you, same as all who are present here, and through them, all of infinity, and so, rise from the table!

8,30. See, now everyone rises from the table, and all thank and praise the Lord. And the Lord goes, and embraces everyone, and blessed them all personally. Then the Lord leads our prior, his wife, and his poor brother into the appointed dwelling, and saith to his poor brother: Behold, you have no wife yet, but there sure is already one on the earth meant for you. When she is to come here, you shall enter into marriage with her. But be in the meantime a faithful brother to all your brothers, and be a dear brother to all your brothers.

8,31. Now the great settling in is done. You have seen wonderful things on this tour. So far I have been leading you; but now another one will guide you. Therefore, you may now step out of my sphere again. - you have come out and see, Your Lord is already waiting for you in your already quite well-known place!

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