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Chapter 9

Diversity of the sphere of every blessed spirit for the sake of mutual indispensability.

9,1. Now I, your chief, ask you again, How did you like it in the sphere of this My brother? I see in you the answer written with many letters, and this answer is: O Lord, Most loving, Most Holy Father! In the sphere of this spirit we have seen things so extraordinary and important that we can not express ourselves at all. If we have not seen all of Your ways, we have nevertheless obtained a general overview, as to how Your infinite love and wisdom seeks and finds the stray sheep, that we may well assert that we have been guided in the sphere of this spirit to a focal point of a general overview, from where we have come to know the spiritual world from the most imperfect to the perfect sphere, for which we can never thank You enough forever. Indeed, it seems to us as if the essence of the spiritual kingdom could no longer be traced more easily in the brevity of time, with regard to the comprehensive sight and experience, than the way we saw it in the sphere of this brotherly spirit.

9,2. Yes, My dear children, this is sure, right and true; you saw situations in the full light of truth. Nevertheless, I draw your attention to My Diorama, already made known to you before your entrance into the spiritual spheres, and I consequently say to you that things in the world of spirits are again quite different in the spheres of individual blessed spirits and are therefore structured differently, being just as good and true than in the spheres of the previous spirits. This must also be in the perfect kingdom of the angels, otherwise, one spirit would be dispensable for the other, and no one would be able to prepare a new great happiness for the other. But since each spirit has something special, and I allow it to be so for everyone, that his own environment should be formed according to his nature, therefore the blissful joy of an angel in the salvation of another will never end. In order that you may properly understand and comprehend this, I will still illuminate this for you by means of some vivid examples before you return to the sphere of a tenth spirit.

9,3. Suppose there was a hundred really deeply learned men in a great hall. These men would discuss a very significant subject, namely the calculation of the radiation of the light. But among these hundred scholars, not all scholars are the same, but the one is a famous accountant, the other a philosopher, anature researcher, an astronomer, a botanist, a zoologist, a mineralogist, and others a geologist, a skilled optician, a geographer. Another would be a historian, an archaeologist, a poet, a philologist, a psychologist, an anthropologist, a physician, another a physiologist, a mystic, the other a theosophist, and so on, through all grades of human scholarship. All of these hundred scholars certainly have the literary character to put their thoughts about the discussed topic down on paper.

9,4. When all these hundred scholars have finished their work, then take every work to your hand, and read these written records of thoughts regarding the presented subject, and you can be fully assured that there will not be two among them that have treated the subject in the same way. The mathematician will be, quite different from the poet, will be quite different from the mystic, and will be quite different, as I have said, from each one expressing himself compared to the other, and if you carefully examine these elaborations, so shall every formulation easily reveal its own occupation of choice.

9,5. But if you were then asked for a judgment about which from all these hundred scholars have in truth treated the subject most appropriately, you would be able to say nothing other but: We find that every man has hit the nail on the head. There is no one in his own way to object against, everyone is right. In the main thing, they all agree, only the character of the representation is different according to the love of the presenter.

9,6. Very well, I agree. If the thoughts about the same subject are different among many men, the spheres of the angelic spirits are also different; but at the bottom of it all, they all go out from one and the same truth. But to make the matter more clear, let us take another example:

9,7. Say that a psalm of David needs to be set to music. A king of some country places a great prize on the best musical arrangement of this task, and soon the most capable musicians from all over, get to work. After the deadline, the compositions are sent; there are forty copies. The King, as a great lover of such classical music, successively performs one composition around the other from day to day. But go to these performances and listen to them. And if you have heard them all, how will your judgment be, after they have been worked on by the most ambitious composers?

9,8. You will surely say, "Indeed, in one way, a work is as competent and beautiful as the other; from each one, the great master can be recognized. But how different the various musical rhythms, how different the fundamental notes, how different the instrumentation and distribution of the song, how different the melodies, how different the accompaniments of the song! In completely different kinds of relationships and completely different solutions!

9,9. I say: Good, but now tell Me what composition - of course presented as well as possible - you liked the best. Then, after all, you will be able to say nothing other than: Each of these compositions has pleased us in its own way; but there were some of them, which appealed to us more than the others.

9,10. Very well again, I say; concerning the being "more appealing": it lies in the similarity of the composer's sphere to yours. However, every composition is full of life, spirit, and truth.

9,11. Which one will get the first prize? I tell you, that if the wise King would be as just as I am, he would have to open his moneybag for the promised prize, and would give each one the stated amount.

9,12. From this, however, you can very clearly see that the spheres of the angelic spirits have to shape themselves just the same naturally, yet only in the most concrete, visual appearance, as this second example has shown us clearly. There is truth everywhere; but because of the different degrees of love, the forming light is also different, the forms are also different, but they are always situated as such that they correspond entirely to one and the same basic truth.

9,13. But do not let yourself think that such is only to be seen in these two given examples, I will give you according to My very inventive character, a few others. Let us suppose that a morning landscape should be supplied by ten great painters. The landscapes are ready and delivered. Go and look at it, one is fairer and truer than the other. Each expresses a striking depiction of the morning, but not one looks the same as another in any given aspect.

9,14. Behold, this is because every spirit has its own wonderful sphere composed by Me, through which he is able to prepare for himself and all his brethren the greatest bliss and happiness. Every spirit is at the same time infinite, and in its nature always and ever inexhaustible in the greatest varied of original forms. Yet, as endlessly wondrous and manifold the various forms in the sphere of an angelic spirit can be, one has to say after some consideration: no man can imagine any more than this infinitely miraculous variety! Then I say unto you, go quickly into the sphere of another, and your judgment shall be the same, and ye shall say, Yes, what is that? There are quite different shapes again! And I tell you, so it is the case with thespiritual diorama. The outer window is the same, but you only have to look in and you will everywhere find a different world!

9,15. But I have one more example available: If you look in the Scriptures at all the prophets, then the evangelists, as well as the letters of Paul, all the way through the other apostles and disciples, and in the end also the revelation of John, everyone is writing a different language, using other pictures, and working on a completely different subject; even the four evangelists do not agree with each other on the historical facts. In his letters, Paul does not preach one or the other gospel, and the revelation of John is in itself enveloped in such wonderful pictures that one can never be entirely clear about it.

9,16. Now I ask: because in some respects each one has written differently: Who then wrote the truth? The answer can not possibly be different from this: everyone writes the same truth, everyone preaches Me, each one commands love, humility, meekness, and patience. Everyone reported about the same events; whoever receives it in the right spiritual light, will find the most wonderful correspondences in it. If you compose the various verses from all the prophets and evangelists, they will be, seen in the true light, like the fruits of the same tree.

9,17. Now then again, it is the same with the spheres of perfect spirits. I could give you a lot of examples, but for the time being, these are sufficient.

9,18. But on My side there is always the same Spirit, in whose sphere you all will objectively see, and in the end you will say: indeed, things were quite differently formed in this spirit's sphere; but at ground-level, they still go out and show that the Lord is the eternal and infinite love and wisdom Himself, all in all, therefore, everywhere.

9,19. Now as you know this in advance, you are going to enter into the sphere of this tenth spirit, and you must pay attention to everything.

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