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Chapter 98

The Eleventh Commandment in the Eleventh Hall - The Love unto God

98,1. We are already in this hall, and here in the middle of the hall, we also see a round tablet on a large, white, shiny pillar. It shines like the sun, and in its center is written in ruby-red writing:

98,2. You shall love God your Lord above all, with all your mind and with all your life forces bestowed you by God.

98,3. In addition to this meaning-laden, beautiful solar tablet, we see, more than the usual number than in the other halls, of already grown children who, as you may notice, soon look at the table, then talk with their teachers again, and then soon become absorbed in themselves, their hands crosswise over their chests, standing like statues. The whole scene already implies that this is something extraordinarily important.

98,4. Some may perhaps ask and say: Such would probably be expected. But if one looks at the matter in the correct light, then this commandment written on the solar tablet will say nothing other than what all the previous commandments have basically said together. Why, then, does this tablet here have to shine, while all the preceding ten tablets were simply white and, as usual, described with a dark substance? - Thisremark is not without content. Nevertheless, it loses its value here, just as all other doctrines and claims against a single word from the mouth of the Lord must necessarily lose their appearance.

98,5. It is the same situation as is authenticated every single day in the world in the great nature. Suppose how many thousands and thousands of thousands of smaller and sometimes stronger and slightly larger lights shine down from the high heavens to the dark earth every night. The moon itself is often active throughout the night. In addition to these beautiful lights, at night, people on Earth light almost as many artificial lights.

98,6. With this abundance of lights upon lights, one would think that at nighttime on earth, it would be impossible to bear the light. But experience has always shown that on the earth, after each sunset, it becomes darker as the sun sinks below the horizon, despite the ever-increasing number of lights in the sky.

98,7. Who can say these lights are not gorgeous? Yes, a mediocre admirer of the wonders of God must, at the sight of the starry sky at night, beat the breast and say: O Lord, I am not worthy to walk in this Your sanctuary, in this infinite temple of Your omnipotence! Yes indeed, one can rightfully exclaim every night: O Lord! Who looks at Your works, experience a vain desire for it!

98,8. Why then vain? Because every human being has reason enough for himself, out of sheer pleasure and bliss, to be piously vain because He who created such marvels, is his Father!! Thus, everyone has, as it were, a sacred right to rejoice when, one more night, he looks at the great wonders of his Almighty Father. And indeed, the flame of a lamp, and that of the hearth, is no less a miracle of the almighty Father than the glorious radiance of the countless stars of the heavens!

98,9. And look now, all of this marvelous admirable splendor is like the Old Testament word in all its parts.

98,10. We see a barely countable amount of larger and smaller lights in this old nocturnal sky. They radiate splendidly, and whoever looks at them is always filled with a secret, holy reverence. Why? Because his spirit suspects great things behind these lights. But they are still too far away from him. He can look and grab and feel, but the little lights with their great content do not want to move closer to his inquiring spirit.

98,11. But who are these heavenly lights in the old heaven of the spirit?

98,12. See, it is all the patriarchs, fathers, prophets, teachers, and leaders of the people who are known to you by the Spirit of God. - But on earth there are also a lot of artificial lights, who are they supposed to be in the Old Testament? These are the worthy people who faithfully lived according to the words that came from the God-saturated men, who throughout their lives enlightened and refreshed their neighbors.

98,13. So we have this wonderful night scene in front of us. It is true that the nocturnal local storms occasionally obscure the rays of the sky, with clouds drifting rapidly away. But the same storm that once brought a fiery cloud over the glorious star-spangled sky, exactly this storm drives this cloud away over the horizon, and after him the firmament becomes purer than it was before. Everything becomes fearful at such a short-lasting storm and wishes again for the quiet, glorious night, illuminated by so many thousands of lights. But a naturalist speaks: Such storms are nothing but ordinary harbingers of the day, so one should not be afraid.

98,14. So it is true. For where large forces are set in motion, one can rightly conclude and say: Here an even greater, even the greatest primordial force cannot be far away, for these lesser winds are nothing but side streams of a not-so-distant great hurricane. So our naturalist is right and we are still refreshed by the wonderful splendor of the miracle night.

98,15. Like lovers we swarm around under the many windows of the big, magnificent house, and look with imaginative and longing chests up to the light-filled openings of the house, dimly lit by a night lamp, behind which we sense the object of our love.

98,16. Many fantasies, a thousand content-heavy thoughts twitch like shooting stars over our love-heaven, but no such fleeting ephemeral light will suffice to satisfy the thirst of our love.

98,17. As such do people wander in the old night sky of the spirit. But what happens? At the rising of the sun the horizon begins to redden. It gets brighter and brighter over the horizon of the rising. Another glimpse of the once so beautiful sky, and what do you see? - Nothing but the disappearance of one star after the other.

98,18. The sun, the glorious one, rises with its primeval daylight, and no star in the sky is visible anymore, for the one sun has enlightened every heavenly atom with its singular light, which at night all those innumerable stars together could not manage to do.

98,19. For the tarrying lover, who had raved in vain all through the night, one window of the for him very meaningful house opens, and from this one window the longed-for object of his heart greets him, and tells him with a benevolent glance, more than all his innumerable fantasies and thoughts during the night!

98,20. Thus we see every day in the great nature, a scene that corresponds perfectly to our spirituality.

98,21. The moon, like Moses, we see with diminishing and pale light dipping behind the evening mountains, when the mighty sun rises in the morning over the horizon. Whatever had been shrouded in the night in the most mysterious darkness, is now brightly lit before everyone's eyes!

98,22. All this is the effect of the sun. And in the spiritual heaven, it is all the effect of the One Lord, the One Jesus, who is the only One God of heaven and of all worlds!

98,23. What He Himself is in Himself as the Divine sun of all suns, that is also every single word spoken out of His mouth against all countless words from the mouth of enthusiastic patriarchs, fathers and prophets. Countless exhortations, laws and regulations we see in the course of the Old Testament. These are stars and also artificial lights of the night. But then the Lord comes, speaks only one word - and this word outweighs the whole Old Testament.

98,24. And, for that very reason, this first word appears here in this eleventh hall as a self-luminous sun, whose light illuminates innumerable stars, but it never lasts forever to make use of the counter-reflection of the stars. For it is the primeval light from which all the countless stars have taken their partial light.

98,25. And so it will certainly be understandable here, too, why the former ten erected tablets are only white, that is with a dull shimmer, whereas here we see the primordial sunlight, which requires no pre-light and no after-light, but it is all light in itself.

98,26. Whoever takes this to heart to a certain extent will fully understand why the Lord has said, "In this commandment of love are Moses and all the prophets." It is certainly as much as said, as one would of course like to say: In the daylight, therefore, one no longer sees the stars and no longer needs their light, because all their light gets completely overpowered by the single light of the sun. But how through this here the full truth presents itself palpably, you will see in the sequel.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-98 Chapter