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Chapter 99

Love of God as the primordial material of all creatures

99,1. The love of God is the primitive substance of all creatures, for without them nothing could ever have been created. This love corresponds to the all-enlivening and generating warmth, and only through this warmth do you see the earth become green under your feet.

99,2. Through heat, the rigid tree becomes leafy, flowering, and the warmth in its essence is what ripens the fruit on the tree. There is no creature or thing on the earth's surface at all which could take its origin in the total lack of heat.

99,3. It will be said and argued that ice surely lacks all warmth, and especially the polar ice. With that, the heat will not be able to do much, because at near forty degrees below zero, one would like to know the heat measuring instrument that could measure some heat there. But I say nothing else than that the scholars of this earth have not yet invented an instrument with which they are able to discern the actual heat from the actual cold matter and precisely determine it. With us, who are in the inner pure knowledge, a completely different measure is introduced and in use.

99,4. The scientists of the earth begin with the measurement of cold, where water freezes. If at freezing point the actual cold begins, then I would like to know the reason, according to which laws or in which way cold then can increase? Why is a temperature of about four to five degrees below the so-called ice-point still tolerably bearable? But when the thermometer has dropped to eighteen degrees below, everyone will feel the cold very painfully. One cannot say with full rights here: Eighteen degrees of cold are therefore more sensitive than four degrees, because at four degrees, apparently more heat than at eighteen degrees prevails. Can one now accept eighteen degrees as complete coldness? Oh no, because you've already experienced thirty degrees of coldness. This was even more painful than the eighteen-degree one. Why? Because it contained far less heat than eighteen degrees. But forty degrees will be even more painful than thirty. But is it therefore justified to declare the forty degrees as completely void of heat?

99,5. But I want to tell you that this is nothing but transitions from heat to cold, and vice versa. Therefore one can accept this much more correct scale:

99,6. Every thing, every body that can still be heated, cannot be called completely cold, for the amount of heat it is capable to absorb, corresponds with its size and density. A lump of ice from the highest north can be melted by the fire and the water brought to boiling point. If this ice had no inherent heat, it could never be heated.

99,7. Cold is therefore the property of a being in which there is no longer any warming capacity. Thus, one can justifiably attribute the formation of ice on the North Pole solely to the reaction of heat, where it is threatened by the cold, seizing, contracting and solidifying its bodies so that they can resist the actual cold.

99,8. Warmth is therefore equal to love, but the real cold is like the real hellish lovelessness. Wherever it wants to appear ruling, the all-enlivening and sustaining love arms itself against her, and the real cold, which kills everything, cannot win any victory from the love thus armed.

99,9. After that, what does "love God above everything" mean? Of course, it cannot possibly mean something other than:

99,10. Combine your God-given warmth of life with the original creative and preserving warmth of your Creator, and you will never lose your life.

99,11. But if you want to voluntarily separate your love or your warmth of life from the Divine primordial warmth of life, and want to exist as an independently ruling being, your warmth will have no more sustenance.

99,12. You will thereby move into an ever greater degree of cold. And the deeper you go down into the ever more powerful, colder degrees, the harder it will be to warm you up again. But if you have gone into the perfect cold, then you have fallen completely prey to Satan, where you are so cold that no more warming is possible!

99,13. What then would happen to you, no angel of the heaven would know one syllable to tell you.

99,14. In God, of course, are infinite depths. But who will be able to fathom these and keep his life?

99,15. I think that from this short discussion, one can already quite clearly begin to form an idea of why this commandment, this one word of the Lord, is the epitome, indeed a sun of all suns and a word of all words. In the following instance, we want to talk more about it.

Main Page The Spiritual Sun SSUN2-99 Chapter