Sons of the Kingdom… Witnesses in the Day of the Lord

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August 19, 2009 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Shall Be Sent in the Day, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My sons, this is but the beginning, says The Lord… For when the day comes, in where some of you shall be established, no more will you draw back in fear, no more will you stumble backward. Behold, you shall rush forward, and I shall be established in you fully, and we shall be one. And from your mouth shall proceed lightnings and thunderings, of which no one will be able to withstand. For quick and powerful is the word of The Lord Most High, which shall be placed in your mouth.

Behold, you will hear, and at once you shall speak… As God you shall speak to the multitudes! For My voice shall abide with you at all times and in every season. Behold, it shall well up inside you, and you shall speak My words… Your mouth, Mine; your heart, finished in My image.

Yes, you shall open your mouth to speak, And at the first word proceeding from your lips Shall they all be pushed backward!…

For as the whirlwind shall the words of My witnesses be in that day!…

A strong wind to break the branches, A swirling wind to topple the trees, Until every root is laid bare…

The breath of YaHuWaH in your nostrils!

Then shall a deep burning arise within the fallen, and they shall stand up with renewed vigor and come against you in haste, with great violence and hate. Yet all they bring forth against you shall be turned back upon their own heads. And in their desperate attempt shall they be assaulted, as one who has stumbled upon a hornet’s nest, scattering them in fear… For I AM GOD, and My Word never returns void!

Behold, My Word shall go out and the harvest shall come in; the rest left to the fire, even to the singeing of all these hardened foreheads, says The Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth… For I AM, and who can stand against ME?!

Therefore, fall down all you wicked! Be cast down, all you who forget God! Yet continue to wag your head and shake your fists against Me, and you shall be broken in pieces!… YES, YOU SHALL SURELY BE BROKEN IN PIECES! Says The Lord God.

Yet the humble shall be uplifted and set in their places. Yea the penitent shall receive of Mine and perform great exploits in My name, and in the name of My Son they shall surely be delivered. And you, O ignorant, most perverse and wicked generation, shall be amazed!… Then you will know, I AM THE LORD!

Behold, I have spoken it, and it shall no more tarry…

And though it seems to tarry in your eyes, wait for it, For it shall surely come and not tarry…

For the time has come!

BEHOLD, IT IS HERE! I AM COME! I am come in My anger! I am come in judgment! I have come to repay and take vengeance upon all My adversaries! I will pour out! The indignation is here!…

Son of Man, open the gates of Heaven, prepare to shout! Michael, take up the trumpet, prepare to sound! My people, come out from among them!

All peoples of the earth, prepare to meet The One and Only True God! For this world is Mine, and I shall do as I please! The earth is My footstool, and I shall reign in My strength! And no more shall My name be polluted among the nations!

For My witnesses shall speak My name in power and perform many signs; And upon the lips of My elect it shall be for a song, as in the days of old; And among My saints, it shall be murmured softly in prayer, Offered up continually as a sweet-smelling savor.

For I am The Lord and there is no other, Save He who is of Me and I of Him… The Father and The Son are One!… YAHUSHUA – YAHUWAH.