Spoils of War

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May 29, 2010 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy… Lord, what do you say, regarding those who take it upon themselves to be “spiritual warriors”, rebuking demons in Your name?

[YahuShua answered] Have I not spoken to this already? Is My will not made clear?… One who endeavors to gain advantage, over that which they know nothing about, shall surely be ensnared by it. There are those who are chosen by The Father, in whom I dwell, who may rebuke demons in My name, but only those to whom it is given. And it is not of their own authority, but My authority, which comes from The Father… For I am in The Father and He is in Me.

Have you not read the words of My servant, who prepared My way before Me, when he said, “No one can receive anything, unless God has given it”… For apart from Me, one can do nothing! Vanity! People, who practice such offenses, walk in pride… Neither knowing Me nor My will, nor have they asked Me. Have I not said, those who seek to understand the dark, both understanding of the dark and of the light will be removed? For one who seeks to do battle, with the hosts of the high ones, will fail… They will be severely injured.

I AM THE LORD OF HOSTS!… The Lord over all!… Over the good and the evil… ALL are subject to My will, to My every word. I cause the earth to tremble and the demons to fear!… For where I am, there is no darkness at all!… Nor can darkness approach the light, lest it be utterly consumed by it.

What is man, then?… He is but flesh, having no power at all… His pride speaks in vain, a false glory. And so he continually turns to his own devices, deceiving himself… Thinking he stands, though he has fallen. And so he runs, running into a battle which leads to the pit, where his injuries form scars, scars of false glory… Scars leading to death, putrefying sores, wounds that will not heal, which infect the whole of his body. Yet he continues on in his pride, unable to see that he has indeed fallen, that he is cast down, resting instead atop his self-made laurels, saying within himself, “Look at my accomplishments, look upon all I have done.” All the while satan laughs, saying, “Behold my acolytes… See how these men of battle have become like me.”

Sons of men, I alone bear the scars of battle!… Behold, I bear them in My hands and feet… I bear the stripes, of which I received in the house of My brothers… For this is life!… The only Victory, in a battle which was won from the beginning.

My sons, beloved sons, you are not warriors, not one of you. You are the victims, the spoils of war, servants serving the master of your choice… one pulling the veil down over your eyes, holding it in place because of your pride and securing it because of your arrogance… And The Other, removing it quickly, according to the light of your new understanding, which flows from The Beloved, and the knowledge of Him who is The Only Way.

Therefore, turn now and return to Me, so you may again see… Lo, I shall also bind up your wounds and set your backs straight… Bearing your infirmities, always…

Drink now, for you are yet thirsty… Sons of men, look upon Me, for you gave Me these wounds… I bore them gladly, for I love you… Am I not your Father?… Turn aside now, little children, and return to Me… It is time.