Standing above Reproach

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The Lord explains… The new, present Word & The Bible… The old and new Testament (Original Title => Above Reproach)

October 8, 2005 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for a Brother in Christ, and for all Those who have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant… My son, why do you question Me in this way? To question My servant is to question Me. Therefore listen and have understanding, that My will may be fulfilled in you.

The Torah, which you call The Old Testament, was indeed written through My servants and prophets of old, and all who were wise gave heed, obeying the writing thereof. Yet even then that which is written in The New Testament already existed, awaiting the day I would send out My apostles and prophets to proclaim the Good News to all people. Was then the New Testament, at that time, accepted as part of The Bible? Was it the Old Testament? No. It was the New Testament, The New Covenant, never before seen, heard or published.

Therefore, I ask you, is not the New Testament now accepted as part of The Bible? Is it not accepted as part of the whole? Is it then the Old Testament? No. Does it agree with the Old Testament? Yes. For much of the Old Testament was fulfilled in that day, made new, of a greater glory, for The Messiah had come.

Once again do I send out My prophets and apostles to announce My coming, to set all these crooked paths straight; behold, they blow the trumpet and prepare My way before Me. Does that which they proclaim agree with the Bible? Yes. For their words are My words; as are the words of your Bible My words, though they have been greatly mistranslated and misinterpreted by men.

Thus much of what they receive from Me you have already heard, yet they will also proclaim that which you have not heard, nor have you understood, because of man’s doctrine within you. Therefore, again I say to you, what My prophets of the end of this age speak is new to many, yet remains in perfect agreement with the prophets of old. For I do not change. Therefore, I shall surely declare the controversy of The Lord, I shall surely make My plans known!

Indeed, My spirit has spoken throughout the generations, in its steadfastness and quiet. Yet few have ears to hear or eyes to see, few are willing to open their hearts and receive My correction…

Yet now the time has come for those who say they are My people to be tried. It is time for their works to be tested, for the word of My mouth shall declare it, and in the Day of The Lord it shall surely be made plain…

Every false way exposed! Every perverse tradition torn in pieces! Every detestable doctrine crushed beneath the weight of The Truth!… Says The Lord.