Steadfast Faith and Obedience

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December 18, 2005 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His Servant… Timothy, hear My words, and have understanding of the power of steadfast faith and obedience to God, with love and acceptance of His Christ:

All those, drawn to Me, are drawn in spirit…

And when they are drawn, they come to Me by way of Christ.

I give them to Him, so He may bring them to Me.

And when He brings them, they must come as He is…

In Spirit and Truth, devoid of sin.

In My presence will one come into the full understanding of love and truth… All tears wiped away because of My love, and by My understanding given to them who have come to Me. So then, to know Him, who I sent to you, is to know Me, because He is in Me and I in He. Love Him, and you love Me. Hate Him, and you shall be forever separated from Me.

In perfect faith will one also have perfect obedience…

These listen to My Spirit inside them.

My Spirit is also His Spirit, who you receive the Spirit from, because of your acceptance of the Truth, that HE IS WHO HE IS. So then, all those, who obey, know Me by their obedience, because they had followed that which My Spirit has given them.

Thus says The Lord, your Redeemer… Remember My apostles… They came into perfect faith after My death and resurrection, after which I breathed on them, so they would receive the fullness of that part of Me that would remain with them to the end of the age.

This Spirit, inside them, is in perfect faith and obedience to God, Being altogether equal, because I can not deny Myself, Nor that part of Me which is God.

The Father and The Son are one, yet two and three… Being that third part, called Spirit and Holy, which is given to men, so that We might be one with them, whom We love and created… Our beloved temples made without human hands, caressed by the hand of God. So come into My joy and receive of Me, and receive the fullness of My Spirit, through faith and obedience.

This is where My apostles dwelt… In total faith, nothing doubting, men become gods, because that which is God is a part of them…

Ask anything in My name, and it will be given you, According to your faith and My will, proven by your obedience, Believing what I told you because of your faith.

Receive My love, and share it with others…

Then pray for them, in My name, and it will be done.

Remember… All things, asked in My name, shall be done, if you yourself do them. If you ask for another, and you yourself do these things not, then how can My Spirit work through you? The Spirit is equal, yet men remain unequal. Miracles worked by men are possible, and have been manifest by many prophets and apostles… Theirs was steadfastness of faith and obedience to God. So they asked, and it was done and came to pass, in the sight of men. Their spirit was equal, and in balance with the Spirit given them, fulfilling My will… So then, the dead awoke, the lame did walk, and the unclean and sick made well. Strive for steadfast faith, and live your life in obedience to God, and your faith will grow… And likewise will your stumblings cease, and your obedience become natural to you.

In like manner are prayers answered… If you pray for help, peace, and guidance, and do not those things spoken to your heart, how can your prayer be fulfilled? You ask, and so you are given, but in you must all things be established for your desires to be fulfilled. The Father’s ways are not human ways. You pray for miracles, not realizing you are that miracle, able to perform that which you long for.

The Father does all things for you, through Me… And I do that which is asked of Me through you. Even so, I am coming, and will also accomplish that which The Father commands of Me, so all, who will come, will come and enter into His rest, which is also your rest and Mine… For we shall all be together in The Father’s rest, for one day in The Lord… Then a short work… Then, again, entering into The Father’s rest and His eternal joy.

So indeed, those who have the faith of a mustard seed, Can move mountains, because that seed was created without doubt, Knowing in itself, it shall become and grow as God has ordained it to be…

This is the seed I also give to those who love Me…

It is only the ground you currently live in, that keeps you From that which The Father has ordained from the beginning, that you shall be.

This is why I am come into the world, And will arrive shortly, and return again…

To fulfill the Plan of the Ages, Set forth by God, from the very foundation of the world… Amen.