Submissiveness in Marriage

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The Lord explains… Submissiveness in Marriage, Division in Spirit & Restoration

November 23, 2005 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His people, who abide in marriage as they should… Listen to My servant and apostle, Paul, and have understanding…

As I have given up of My body, for all those I love, even unto death… Likewise should all those, who love one another, love them as I have loved you.

In all ways did I submit unto My bride, which is also My body, even unto the relinquishing of My power over her, nor did I judge My bride. Because of this, she has become My bride. In the same manner, she must give of herself unto Me, to make the union complete and everlasting.

The Father has given her hand to Me, and I have called unto her, saying… „How I long to gather you into My arms, and love you as My own, and make you My bride. Come and see… I have already prepared a place for you. Become My virgin and accept these robes of white, and walk in them and wear them well, so we can walk together in the Garden, forever and ever.“

Now listen, with ears open… As I have done, do likewise… For any bride, joined, must be cleansed and made fit for her husband… Also, all earthly husbands must become clean, lest your holy union be unclean.

The Father gave you marriage, by which you come together as one, in His name. So then, when there is division or separation, how then can two come together, as one in the flesh, when a division in spirit remains? I have told you already, and you also know within your hearts, that all those in marriage must first come together in spiritual intimacy, closer than flesh… Then can you fulfill this closeness through that which is fleshly.

This is also a gift from The Father, and should be treated as such, according to how He has commanded you and how you should receive it and experience it. Those in marriage can reach new heights of ecstasy, through the unification of flesh… Only by this union, being that which is a completion, or a finishing of love’s desire that you become completely one, because you had first become one in The Spirit, with all thankfulness to God for bringing you together in His name, under His commandments.

One can not give into complete abandonment of oneself, melding into the love of another, unless, first, absolute trust is established… Trust is earned, not given…

So all those who first trust in God, because of what He has done by way of Me, have placed The Cornerstone in their marriage… And from this Foundation can all new and shining houses be built, and those, that already exist, be strengthened.

When one of you two has an obstacle or stumbling block, then you both have fallen… And as two together, as one, must all these adversities be overcome. All those, who overcome together in Me, will receive even greater things than these, which they now think will lead them into happiness.

As We, The Father and The Son, are long-suffering, so then shall you be… Love is patient.

Remember that any rent, which is not quickly mended, is made worse with time, further tearing away from the fabric of your marriage. Mend all rents speedily, and with a greater thread, and with more tender hands than in the past.

As all things are made new in Me… So then, all those who believe in Me, must be remade in My image, walking in My ways…

So goes restoration in marriage… Your marriage of old must die, and be forgotten through forgiveness, and be completely remade on a new foundation… This is a process, My beloved little ones.