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Reversed Course… new Paths – Regarding “The Third Testament“

This says the Lord… “I knew how little you would fathom My teachings, and the errors which you would make interpreting My revelations, I announced to you My return, saying that I would send the Spirit of Truth to clarify many Mysteries and explain to you that which you had not understood.

Because, in the most profound of My prophetic words, I led you to understand that this time I would not come in lightning and thunder, as in Sinai; nor make Myself a man, putting My love and words in human form, as in the Second Era (as God in Jesus Christ); but would come to your spirit in the splendor of My wisdom, surprising your mind with the light of inspiration and calling at the doors of your heart in a voice that your spirit understands. Those predictions and promises are those which are now being fulfilled.” (The Third Testament, Chapter 1:44+45)

Dear, lovely Brothers and Sisters

Only a few messages have arrived after the publication of the scripture “The Third Testament”.
Well, what shall I say? Nothing at all… but The Lord… After a “deep sigh” I got myself a Rhema, and it said:

“These things happen. But it’s time to move on. Yes, post the message and let Me say that many of you have recognized things planted in your hearts by the enemy and you’ve turned your course around. With you, I am well pleased. You have learned and taken to heart a great deal in a very short time. So, now you know yourself and your enemy better and better. What I have for you next is another layer of blessings. It’s time to move on and live in My blessings until I come for you.”

“Some of you have anointings. You can feel them rising up in you. Things to do you’ve never had the courage to do before. You will be opposed, but ignore the opposition and hold to the inspiration. Protect it like a newborn babe, for surely it is just that full of life and vulnerable to the scorn and contempt of those who prefer to stay where they are and not tackle anything that could result in failure. But the wisdom you have garnered about the operation of the enemy against you is something you need to set in concrete and not allow the enemy to steal from your memory.”

(Loveletters, May 5th, 2016 – ‘How does a Fall happen?’ – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare)

Friends, we are moving forward, not backwards! Most of you only listen to and read the Lord’s Messages given to Clare. Only a few read or listen to the “Trumpet Call of God” and even less of you have probably read The Lords Messages revealed through Jacob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer. Well, everything comes from the same Divine Spirit, and so does the “Third Testament”.

Please lend me your ears for a couple of minutes. I see, read and hear rejection and panic. I sense the tension and the blocking of the ecclesial trained spirit and the religious spirits.

The following three topics were laid onto my soul…

1. The language of the Lord

2. The state of awareness of our Spirit

3. The challenges

The language of the Lord

We say that we know the Holy Scripture. Do we really? Whoever has read or listened to the 53 Sermons of Jesus (through Gottfried Mayerhofer) and The Scripture Explanations, reveald by Jesus (through Jacob Lorber) must realize, that we, in fact, do not know God’s Words. We can see in every thought, in every word explanation, that we have been deceived. It does not matter by whom, but do you know what’s even worse? That we want to stay deceived, willingly. The Language of The Lord is so much higher than the one, we still use today, so that He cannot express everything, He wants to teach us. Apart from that, we could not comprehend it either.

I vaguely remember my time in school. How often did I have to confess that it was all greek to me. In my apprenticeship, I had so many new things to learn. Even later on in my professional life – every day, there were new things to learn. Do you think, it would be any different when we’re talking about God, Jesus Jehova Lord of Hosts and His Creation, His Healing Teachings or His Thought of Salvation? Do we assume, that we have understood everything, that concerns the eternal, almighty and loving Father? That is so presumptuous… Rather, we are light years behind of what we – mankind as a whole – could have been, if God’s Commandments had been correctly interpreted, taught and implemented and we as a whole would have lived by them.

But we think, that we know God, that we know His Language, that we know His Will, according to our own interpretation… The Heart must feel the Love, the Providence, the Mercy and the endless Patience, which our loving Father has sent our way . Didn’t Jesus say to Nicodemus, that “he can indeed feel and hear the wind, but does not know, where it’s coming from or where it’s going”? Every now and then we feel the same way and we realize our nothingness, so that we will not perish by pride and arrogance.

The Development Status of our Spirit

Like Jesus Christ said: „Whoever wants to worship Me, must do so in Spirit and in Truth“. What does this mean? In Spirit? Not with words? Especially not with words formulated by the lips? How does that work? Dear friend, do you know the answer?

In Theory, yes ok. It means that we turn to The Lord with our Heart – so that our attitude is “in the Truth”, a real longing for a Connection and Relationship with God, from deep within and full of Faith and Love. But who has mastered this ability? Who of us can see and hear Jesus as Clare does or Jacob Lorber did? But we really think, that we know everything already? We know The Lord, right? He needs to be like I envision Him to be…

So if someone claims to know the Bible and then comes across the “Third Testament” – this would be the same as if we would ask a first grader, to solve an algebra exercise. Wait – there are letters in there, those don’t belong into a math question… Only the ones who take their time and read all of the Lords Scriptures with an open Heart and at the same time maintain a Relationship with God, may slowly, but surely, start to understand the Lord’s Language, adopt His Vocabulary and even accept the thoughts, which we’re not yet familiar with.

In the Lord’s Message to Clare from August 8th 2016) – Jesus’ stated the following:

“I am calling you, My sweet Brides, because I want to promote you. I want to enlarge your territories and garland you ’round with spiritual gifts. But first, I must remove the wreckage of this life, the worn and battered vehicles of religion and man’s concept of Who I Am.”

The Challenges

Life means change. When a place, which we have not visited for a while, has changed in our eyes, we can’t really blame the place, but rather our absence. Whoever rests on the acquired experiences, misses further advancement. When we, later on, want to jump onto the continually driving train again, our surroundings look different. Never mind! Open your Spirit – connect yourself with the Lord – listen to His Thoughts, learn and rejoice!

Who is bothered by reincarnation? What does it mean anyway? When it says that a person lives and dies once (Hebrews 9:27) – is this a statement regarding the singleness of the dying process? No, friends, that is our dying to the world, giving up materialism. “After that, the judgment” Does that mean, that our judgment dies as well after we died to the world? And should it be healthy for your or my soul, to go through another trial, we shall gratefully accept that also.

Does somebody believe me the following quote: “But I said: ―Now, since you have been convinced that also to the firm believer the water is a steady surface, we want to extend our little excursion!”

If there would not be written, Jesus in that context, but ‘Theo’ – hmmmm – nobody would believe me. But with The Lord, nothing is impossible. By the way, you can read this in Jacob Lorbers “The Great Gospel of John”, Volume 2, Chapter 110, Verse 26.

What a challenge it must have been for the few people, which – back then – have been invited by Jesus to put their feet upon the water?! Could you do that, dear brothers and sisters?

Apparently, our Creator thinks we’re worthy and advanced enough to walk on water, to wander on unknown territory. He says: “Come, don’t be afraid – I’m with you, every day, until the end of the world”.

Eventually: When we recognize our God in many statements – should we then fail at some unknown trains of thought? Let’s realize, that we still have a lot to learn and please forget your ecclesial schooling, cause this is human advice for humans, and not Godly Advice for the Children of God, as it should have been. By the way: The Greek word for “Testament” and “Covenant” is the same.

In this sense, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the well-intended advice, however, I will never remove this very important document “The Third Testament” from our website, because that would be a fatal step backwards.

May the Lord be with you! Love, Theo

Main Page The Third Testament TTT0-1 - Course reversed Chapter