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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 1 - Waiting for the Second Coming of Christ

Introductory Perspective to the Sacred Event

Thus saith the Lord:

1. In the beginning of time the world was without love; the first men were far from feeling or understanding that Divine Force, that essence of the Spirit, the principle of all Creation.

2. They believed in God, but attributed to Him only strength and the power of justice. They believed they understood the Divine language through the elements of Nature, so that when they saw them peaceful and serene they believed the Lord to be pleased with the works of men, but when the elements were unleashed, they believed they saw in them the manifested anger of God.

3. In the heart of man, an image had formed of a terrible God, capable of anger and the desire for revenge, so that when they believed they had offended Him, they offered holocausts and sacrifices in the hope of placating Him.

4. I tell you that those offerings were not inspired by their love of God, but the fear of a Divine justice and fear of punishment were what inspired those first people to offer tribute to their Lord.

5. The Divine Spirit they called only God, never Father, or Teacher.

6. It was the Patriarchs and the first prophets who began to make men understand that God was justice, yes, but the perfect justice; that He was first of all Father, and that as Father, He loved all His creatures.

7. Step by step, walking slowly on the path of spiritual evolution, humanity continued its pilgrimage, passing from one Era to another and learning a bit more of the Divine Arcane through revelations that God gave His children in every Era.

8. Still man did not arrive at a complete understanding of the Divine Love, for He did not truly love God as a Father, nor did He feel in his heart the love his Lord gave him at every step.

9. It was necessary for the perfect love to be made man, that the Word be made flesh, and be transfigured to a form visible and tangible to men, for them to finally know how, and how much, God loved them.

10. Not everyone recognized the presence of the Father in Jesus. How could they recognize Him, if Jesus was humble, compassionate, and loving even with those who offended Him? They saw God as strong and proud before his enemies, harsh and terrible with those who offended Him.

11. But, just as many denied, many also believed those words that penetrated to the most hidden reaches of the heart; that way of healing incurable ills and illnesses with a mere caress, a look of infinite compassion, and a word of hope; and in that teaching that was the promise of a new world, a life of light and justice that could not be erased from the many hearts of those who understood that Divine man to be the truth of the Father, the Divine Love of He whom men did not know, and therefore could not love.

12. The seed of that supreme truth was planted in the heart of humanity for all time. Christ was the Planter, and He is still raising that seed. Later He shall come for the harvest and enjoy it for all eternity. He shall not have to say again, “I hunger” or “I thirst,” for finally His children will love Him the way He has loved them since the beginning.

13. Who is it that speaks to you of Christ, disciples? It is He.

14. It is I, the Word, who speaks to you again, humanity. Recognize Me. Do not doubt My presence because of the humble form of My presentation. Ostentation can be no part of Me.

15. Remember Me in My passage through the world in those times. Remember that I died as humbly as I had been born and lived. (296, 4 – 16)

Hopes and Expectations

16. After My departure in the Second Era, from generation to generation My arrival was awaited by those who kept faith in Me. From Father and mother to son and daughter, the Divine promise and My Word were kept alive in the desire of beholding My return.

17. Each generation believed itself to be the fortunate one, hoping that in their time the promise of the Lord would be redeemed.

18. And so time passed, and so did the generations, and My promise was becoming more and more forgotten from the hearts of men as prayer and vigil were erased. (356, 4 – 5)

19. The world is subjected to trials, the nations feel all the weight of My justice that falls upon them. And My light, My voice calling to you, is felt throughout humanity.

20. Men feel My presence, shall perceive the universal ray of light that descends and rests upon them: they foresee Me; without knowledge of this Work(the Revelations in Mexico), without having heard My Word, they raise to Me their spirit to ask Me: Lord, in what Era shall we meet? These trials and bitterness which have come to mankind, what do they mean? Can it be that you do not hear the clamor of this world? You said that you would return. When, O Lord, will you come? And in each sect and religion, the spirit of My children raises and they seek Me, invoke Me, ask Me, and await Me. (222, 29)

21. Men interrogate Me and they say to Me: “Father, if you exist, why do you not manifest yourself among us, since in other times you have descended to our mansion? Why do you not come now? Is our iniquity today so great that it prevents you from coming to save us? You always sought the lost, the blind, the leper, of which the world is full today; by chance, are we no longer inspired by your compassion? You said to your apostles that you would return among men and that you would give signs of your arrival, which we believe we are contemplating; why do you not show your Holy Face?” (62, 27)

22. Behold men waiting for Me without being aware that I am among them. I am before their eyes and they do not see Me. I speak to them and they do not hear My voice, and when for an instant they have a glimpse of Me, they deny Me.

23. “But I continue giving testimony of Myself; and I keep on waiting for those who have been waiting for Me”.

24. “And in truth, the signs of My manifestation during this Era have been great; the same blood of men, shed in torrents, saturating the earth has marked the period of My presence among you as the Holy Spirit”. (62, 28 – 29)

25. No one should be surprised at My presence, since through Jesus I made known to you the events that would announce My manifestation as the Spirit of Truth. I also told you that My arrival would be in spirit, so that no one would be waiting for material manifestations that shall never come.

26. Look upon the Jewish people still awaiting the Messiah, who had not come in the form that they expected, because the true one was already among them and they did not recognize him.

27. Do you wish, humanity, not to recognize My new manifestation, in order to continue waiting for Me according to your belief, and not according to that which I promised you? (99, 2)

28. Let the world not await a new Messiah; if I promised to you that I would return, I also made it known that My coming would be spiritual, but humanity has never known how to prepare itself to receive Me.

29. In those times men doubted that God could be hidden in Jesus, whom they judged to be a man like other men, and as poor as other men. Nonetheless, later, and before the powerful works of Christ, humanity became convinced that in that man who was born, grew, and died in the world, was the Word of God. And yet, in this time, many men will only accept My coming if it is in human form, as in the Second Era.

30. The evidence that I come in Spirit to communicate with humanity will not be accepted by all, in spite of the testimonies, because materialism will act as a blindfold of darkness for the eyes of some.

31. How many would like to see Christ suffer again in this world and receive from Him the miracle, so that they could believe in His presence or His existence; but, truly I tell you, on this earth there will not again be a manger to see Me born as man, nor another Golgotha to see Me die. Now all those who are resuscitated into true life shall feel My birth in their hearts, just as those who remain in sin shall feel Me die. (88, 27 – 29)

32. See that many people of this time scrutinize the scriptures of past times, meditating on the prophets, and trying to penetrate in the promises made by Christ, to return.

33. Listen to how they say: “The Master is near,” The Lord is here,” or “He shall soon arrive,” and then add: “The signs of His return are clear and palpable.”

34. Some seek Me and call Me, others feel My presence, and still others foresee My coming in the Spirit.

35. Oh, if only that thirst for knowing was present in all, and if all had that longing to find the supreme truth! (239, 68 – 71)

36. See how in all religions and sects men scrutinize the time, life, and events with the hope of discovering the signs that announce My coming. They are the innocent who do not know that for some time I have been manifesting Myself and that I am about to end this form of communication.

37. But I tell you also that many of those who are so anxiously waiting for Me, if they witnessed the form in which I have come to communicate, would not only not recognize Me, but would flatly deny Me.

38. To them, only the testimonies will come and by these means, they shall believe, that I was among My children.

39. You also awaited for Me intimately with impatience, but I knew that you would recognize Me, and that you would be My laborers in this Era. (255, 2 – 4)

Biblical Promises

40. In My manifestation through Jesus, I announced to you the coming of the Holy Spirit and men thought that it pertained to a Divinity, who being in God, was not known by them, not realizing that while speaking of the Holy Spirit, I was speaking about the only God, who was preparing the time in which He would communicate spiritually with men through a human faculty. (8, 4)

41. Why should anyone be surprised at My new revelations? Truly I say to you that the patriarchs of ancient times already had knowledge of the coming of this Era and seers of other periods beheld it and the prophets announced it. It was a Divine promise made to men, a long time before I, as Jesus, came to the world.

42. When I announced to My disciples My new coming and allowed them to foresee the way in which I would manifest Myself to men, a long time had passed since that promise was made.

43. Here you have that period unfolding before you, here you have those prophecies being fulfilled. Who would be surprised? Only those who have slumbered in darkness (in ignorance or confusion) or the ones who have erased My promises from themselves. (12, 97 – 99)

44. I knew how little you would fathom My teachings, and the errors which you would make interpreting My revelations, I announced to you My return, saying that I would send the Spirit of Truth to clarify many Mysteries and explain to you that which you had not understood.

45. Because, in the most profound of My prophetic words, I led you to understand that this time I would not come in lightning and thunder, as in Sinai; nor make Myself a man, putting My love and words in human form, as in the Second Era; but would come to your spirit in the splendor of My wisdom, surprising your mind with the light of inspiration and calling at the doors of your heart in a voice that your spirit understands. Those predictions and promises are those which are now being fulfilled.

46. It is sufficient for you to prepare yourselves a little to look upon My light and feel the presence of My Spirit, the same one that proclaimed that it would come to teach you, and unveil to you the truth. (108, 22 – 23)

47. There are many who have not evolved due to fear or to a lack of study. They still practice the law of Moses without acknowledging the coming of the Messiah; others, believing in Jesus, have disregarded the arrival of the Holy Spirit as foretold. I have come for the third time yet many do not await Me.

48. The angels announced My arrival and their voices were heard throughout the heavens. Did you not hear them? The spiritual world has come to offer you testimony of My presence. All the prophecies will be fulfilled, the disasters that are now occurring on earth will overcome the pride and vanity of man. Once man becomes humble, He will then seek Me, calling Me Father. Love Me, and thus you will acknowledge Me. A prayer for world peace will then emerge from your heart. I love all My children. Once they evolve spiritually and return to Me, I will make a covenant with men and there will be great joy with the Father and His children. (179, 38 – 39)

49. So I said to you in that time: What I have told you is not all that I have to teach you. For you to know all, first I must go away in order to send to you the Spirit of Truth, to make clear what I have said, and what I have done. I promised to you the Comforter in the times of trial. And that Comforter, that Explainer, is I Myself returning to illuminate you and help you to understand the past lessons as well as this new one that I bring you now. (339, 26)

50. In wisdom is the balsam and solace that your heart longs for; it is for this I promised you at that time that the Spirit of Truth as the Comforting Spirit. But it is indispensable to have faith in order not to stop on the path, or feel fear before the trials. (263, 10 – 11)

Predictions fulfilled

51. Few are the men who know the signs that a new Era has begun and that I am manifesting Myself spiritually to humanity. The majority dedicate their lives and efforts to material progress and in that deaf and sometimes bloody struggle to reach their objective, they walk like the blind, and lose their course, not knowing what they are after; they do not see the light of the coming dawn, do not see the signs, and are very far from having knowledge of My revelations.

52. This humanity has believed more in the doctrines and the words of men than in the revelations that I have given you throughout time. By chance, are you waiting for the Father, in His justice, to send you greater signs than those which you behold at every turn, in order that you may feel and believe that this is the foretold time of My manifestation as the Spirit of Truth? Oh men of little faith! Now disciples, you understand why I sometimes say to you that My voice cries in the wilderness, for there is no one who hears and truly listens. (93,27-28)

53. So that all men on earth may testify to the truth of this message, I have made the signs that were prophesized in ancient times, the signs that speak of My new coming, to be felt throughout the entire world.

54. And so, when these good news come to the nations, men will scrutinize and investigate all that was said in these times, and surprised and pleased they will find that all that was announced and promised about My new coming has been faithfully fulfilled, as is fitting for He who has one will, one word, and one law. (251, 49)

55. In the Second Era (time of Jesus) I announced to My apostles My new manifestation, and when they asked Me what signs would announce that period, I announced it to them one by one, as well as the evidence that I would give to them.

56. “All the signs have appeared; they announced that this is the Era foretold by Jesus, and I ask you: If this manifestation that I am giving you was not the truth, why has Christ not appeared, in spite of the signs? Or do you also believe that the tempter has power over Creation and over the elements to deceive you?”

57. “I forewarned you for a long time so that you would not fall under the seduction of false prophets, false Christ and false redeemers; but now I say to you that the incarnated spirit is so bright because of his evolution, his light and experience, that it is not easy to give him darkness for light, no matter how much artifice it may have”.

58. That is why I have told you: Before you devote yourself with a blind faith along this path, scrutinize however you wish. Behold that this word has been given to all and never have I reserved a part of it only to specific beings. Observe that in this Work there are no books in which I would pretend to conceal any teaching.

59. However, I also said to you during that Second Era through the lips of John, My apostle: “If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I shall enter within him, and dine with him and He with Me”. I also taught you the parable of the virgins so that you would keep it in mind during this period. (63, 79 – 80)

60. If the signs and ordeals have been fulfilled and I have not appeared in the synagogue, nor appeared in any church, has the world not perceived that in some place I would be manifesting Myself, since I cannot go back on My word? (81, 41)

(First part of #60 removed – as in the Spain and German Document)

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