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The Third Testament – Introduction

Revelations of God for the third Age Mexico, 1884-1950

Dear Brothers & Sisters

One might think that I’m slowly running out of “Catchwords” – no no, don’t worry! I mean, when we’re talking about the creator of the Universe, how could we ever be running out of something, to be finished, to get bored, to seem dull…

… I know what you are about to do: Google… “The third Testament”, what is that? Is it real? Who wrote it? How old is it? From where?

To be blunt: You’ll find a lot of trash, even for this keyword… Comic pictures, syndicates, unbelievable nonsense. May I tell you… This is proof that there’s something big concealed behind “The true third Testament”?

Uncountable times, Jackie and I have seen that almost every important term, for which we’re searching pictures, the most horrendous things emerge from the dark. Every now and then, such demonic Visages strut into View, the Scrollwheel smolders when going further. Did somebody take a “Selfie”? – No, let’s put the joking aside, every important term with a connection to God, Jesus, our Salvation, our Liberation, the Prophets, the Revelations, the eternal Life etc. is worth an Intervention to the evil One, an Interference and a disfigurement. Here’s some good advice: Get the Document – a Download Link is provided in the Video. Read and be amazed!

Friends, whatever our Father in Heaven, our Creator, Master and Saviour has delivered us here, is simply amazing!

The Records from the past – About 20 of 66 Years of spiritual Activity of God in Mexico, has been collected by hundreds of smaller and bigger Congregations, after the Conclusion on December 31st, 1950, which the Lord has long since foretold. All of the Records have been composited into 12 Volumes. The 600 Pages of the Compendium that we have to our disposal now are the Extraction of an Extraction.

„Mexico… but why? “, I thought to myself – shame on myself… always being so presumptuous – please forgive me, my dear Brothers and Sisters with mexican nationality. I’ll have to work on that. No human is better, worth more or more special than the other. I fell for it – don’t make the same mistake, dear friends. I’m so full of joy, whenever I envision the Love of Jesus Christ for all his Children. Even the worst Criminal can receive Grace and Compassion from the Lord, when he has a change of heart for the good.

Whenever you read, please stay put and keep on your seatbelts because our Master, Jesus Christ, says loud and clear: With his conduction, he will dissolve our misinterpretations, reveal our Idolization and straighten out our wrong tracks. He’ll do it – oh boy, He will! With the greatest Love and gentleness, explicit and clear. He’ll clean up this Mess with many “Mysteries”, remove false “Prohibitions” and use words like “Spirituality”, “Inspiration of the Spirit”, even “Reincarnation” with such obviousness, that I can only rub my eyes at times. There will be things revealed, which would be considered plain Blasphemy in every Congregation, if they would ever read it, of course, but they will – preferably earlier than later.

For example, the Lord says here (The third Testament, Chapter 17, Verse 167-170):

“167. The doctrine of Christ was spiritual, but men surrounded it with rites and forms to put it within reach of the spirits of scarce elevation.

168. You have entered the Era of the Spirit, that of the great revelations, in which materialism, imposture, and imperfection will disappear from all worship; in which all men, through the spirit, shall recognize God, who is all Spirit, and on that road find the means of perfect communication.

169. When men have learned to communicate with My Spirit, then there will be nothing they have to ask or look up in books.

170. Today they still ask those who they think know more than they do, or they pursue texts and books, anxious to find the truth.”

Dear Friends, be ready for everything! God, Jesus Jehova Zebaoth is serious about „Freedom“ of the Spirit – in His Sense.

Personally, I’m blown away – and, at the same time, I’m getting smaller and smaller when considering our/ my Blindness and Lack of Faith. However, it is great that this, when we’re willing to, will have an end. (By the Way: It’s the perfect Continuation to Swedenborg, Lorber, Mayerhofer and a fantastic Addition to Clare and Timothy.)

God’s generous Blessing and His drawing Love will lead us into his Arms!

The following Verses come from the Introduction to the Scripture “The third Testament” and are filmed into all available Languages:

“… with this Book which Humanity will come to recognize as The Third Testament, you will defend My Divine Cause. Humanity recognizes only the Law of the First Era and what is written in the First and Second Testaments, but the Third Era shall come to unify and correct that which men have altered for lack of spiritual preparation and understanding.” Chapter 6, 9-10

“My Word will remain written for all time; with it you will form the book of the Third Era, The Third Testament, the final message from the Father; for in the Three Eras, God wielded His “Golden Scribes” to leave His wisdom to Humanity.” Chapter 6, 37

“Form a book of My Word. Extract from it the essence, so that you may have a true concept of the purity of My Doctrine. In the word transmitted by the spokesmen, you may find errors, but not in its essence. My interpreters have not always been spiritually prepared; for that reason I have told you not to see their words superficially, but rather to penetrate in their meaning to find their perfection. Pray and meditate so that you may understand them.” Chapter 59, 2-3

“… and I want you to form volumes of this Word that I have given you, in fulfillment of My prophecies; afterward you will make extracts and analysis of it, and make it known to your brethren.” Chapter 59, 1

Main Page The Third Testament TTT0 - Introduction Chapter