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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 15 - Pseudo-Christians, Mistaken Teachings of the Church

Christians in Name

Thus saith the Lord:

1. The greatest part of humanity calls itself Christian, but the Master says to you: If you were really Christians, you would already have conquered the rest of mankind with your love, humility, and peace; however, My doctrine, left you in the Second Era, is not held in the hearts of humanity, it does not palpitate nor flower in the works of men, but is guarded in dusty books, and I have not come to talk about those books.

2. In place of a book I brought you My life, My word, My works, and My passion and death as a man, and that is the reason that the greater part of humanity, while calling itself Christian, has neither the peace nor the grace of Christ: because they do not imitate him, and because they do not practice his Doctrine. (316, 5)

3. Listen to Me, O disciples, so that you will erase from your mind ancient beliefs. Christianity was divided into sects which do not show love among themselves, which humiliate, reject and threaten their brethren with false judgments. I say to you that they are Christians without love; therefore, they are not Christians, because Christ is love.

4. There are those who represent Jehovah as an oldster, full of human imperfections, vengeful, cruel and more dreadful than the worst of your judges of earth.

5. I do not say this so that you will ridicule anyone, but that your concept of the Divine love be purified. Today you are unaware of how you worshipped Me in your past. (22, 33 – 35)

6. How is it possible that the people who call themselves Christians destroy each other through war and even pray before going to kill their brethren, asking Me to give them victory over their enemies? Is it possible that My seed can exist where instead of love hatred prevails, and instead of forgiveness, vengeance? (67, 28)

7. To all men of different beliefs and religions I say to them that they have not known how to situate the worldly riches in order to rightfully place that which corresponds to those of the spirit. If they were complying with My laws, they would already be contemplating the silhouette of the Promised Land from here and hearing the echo of the voices of its dwellers.

8. “You say that you believe in My existence and have faith in My Divinity; you also say that My will be done and truly I say to you: How meager is your faith and your conformity to what I have disposed! However, I have been encouraging within you a true faith so that you may be strong along the path I have outlined for you”. (70, 12 – 13)

9. Today I do not come to ask you for blood, nor that you sacrifice your life; what I ask of you is love, sincerity, truth, and unselfishness.

10. Thus I indoctrinate and teach you, preparing thereby the disciples of My Divinity in this Third Era; for I see you watching the march of the world indifferently, and this is because you do not know how to enter the hearts of humanity where there is so much misery and pain.

11. There is great inequality, for I see lords who lack only a crown to call themselves kings, and I see subjects who are truly slaves. That is where the struggle has been ignited. Among these wealthy lords in the world there are many who call themselves Christians, yet I tell you that they barely know My name.

12. Those who do not see their fellow man in others, who accumulate wealth and take that which belongs to others, are not Christians, for they do not know charity.

13. The struggle between the spiritual and the material shall come. Humanity will enter that struggle, but, oh, how much bitterness they will have to suffer for the triumph of justice to arrive! (222, 43 – 45)

Agnostics and Religious Fanatics

14. I tell you, it is better to be full of uncertainties and denials than full of false affirmations or lies that you pass for truth. It is better to make a sincere denial that is born of doubt or ignorance than a hypocritical affirmation of a falsehood. Clean doubt, which hungers for understanding, is better than a firm belief in any Myth. Desperate uncertainty that shouts for light is better than fanatical resolution or idolatry.

15. Today nonbelievers, the untrusting, and the embittered abound everywhere. They are rebels who many times see more clearly than others, and who do not sympathize with the ritualism, nor are they convinced by the affirmations of those who lead mankind spiritually; for all of those complicated theories do not fill the heart that thirsts for pure waters to calm their anguish.

16. Those you judge rebels often show more light in their questions than those who, believing themselves wise or great, answer them. They feel, see, touch, hear, and understand with more clarity than many who call themselves masters of the Divine lessons. (248, 12)

17. Oh, how transparent and simple the truth is! How clear and simple spirituality is! Nonetheless, they are difficult to comprehend for He who remains obstinately in the darkness of his fanaticism and traditions. His mind cannot conceive that there is something beyond what He knows, and his heart resists renouncing what for him has been his God and Law: Tradition and rites.

18. Do you think that I abhor those who insist on not seeing My truth? No, My children, My charity is infinite, and it is precisely those I seek, to help them escape from their captivity so they may feel the ecstasy of seeing the light. To them are reserved the trials necessary to awaken their faith. They are not trials superior to their strength; they are lessons wisely appropriate to each spirit, each life, and each man.

19. It is from among these darkened minds, from among the hearts sick with religious fanaticism and ignorance that you see the great fervent soldiers of the truth arise, for the day that they are freed from their chains and their darkness, and see the light, they cannot contain their joy, and shout with all their might that I have come to save the world raising it to the true Kingdom on the spiritual ladder. (318, 48 – 50)

Adulteration of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, and its Consequences

20. I give you My word with the same essence with which I spoke to you in the Second Era, and I have come to remind you of many of My teachings that you had forgotten, or from which you had withdrawn, due to erroneous interpretations of your predecessors.

21. You had complied badly with My Doctrine to such an extent that I can say that you had created a path completely different than mine, but to which you applied the same name. No one but I could draw you away from your error with words of life, love and truth.

22. That is why today when you are listening to Me, analyze and comprehend My Word and there will be light within you. This is the time when I come to tell you with all clearness that the reincarnation of the spirit exists, that it is so since the beginning of humanity, like a light of justice and Divine love, without which you would be unable to evolve along the extensive road of spiritual perfection. (66, 63 – 65)

23. There is really little that the religions have revealed to humanity about the spirit, but soon they shall awaken from their lethargy, and blessed will be those who overcoming their scruples and fears, uncover for humanity the truth they have concealed. I will illuminate them with the light of My forgiveness, of My grace, and My wisdom.

24. When humanity recognizes that religions do not exist only so that men live morally on earth, but also have the mission of leading the spirit to its eternal dwelling place, humanity will have taken a step forward on the path of its spiritual evolution. (109, 15 – 16)

25. After I came to earth through Jesus in the Second Era, I continued to sent others to earth who were My apostles and soldiers to confirm My doctrine with their deeds and to prevent humanity from distorting My teachings. However, many spiritually deaf and blind have misinterpreted My Word, disagreeing with each other and creating different sects. If mankind is spiritually divided, how can man love one another, which is the main precept of My Law?

26. That is why I say to you, that this civilization is one in appearance only, for men themselves destroy it. As long as humanity does not construct a world on the foundations of My law of justice and love, they cannot have the peace and light of the spirit upon whose virtues they might forge and create a world of true elevation, in the spirit, just as in science and morality. (192, 17)

27. Only regeneration and the ideal of perfection will enable you to return to the path of truth.

28. Those who regarding themselves as interpreters of the Law of God will tell you that infernal suffering awaits your perversity and rebelliousness, and that only by demonstrating your repentance, mortifying and injuring your bodies and rendering to God material offerings, will He forgive you and guide you to His Kingdom; in truth I say that they are in confusion.

29. Where will you go, O humanity, guided by those whom you admire as great teachers of the holy revelations and whom I see as confused? That is why I come to save you with the light of this Doctrine, which will allow you to evolve along the path of My love. (24, 46 – 47)

30. The true essence of My teaching has been hidden by men to show you a Christ that does not even resemble Him, who came to die so that you might live.

31. Today you are living with the results of your distancing from the Master who came to teach you. You are surrounded by an atmosphere of pain, your smallness depresses you and your ignorance torments you, but the time has come when the hidden powers and gifts of mankind awaken, announcing like heralds that the new Era has arrived.

32. The religions, science, and the justice of men will try to impede the advance of what to them will be a strange and evil influence, but there will be no power that can stop the awakening and advancement of the spirit. The day of liberation is near. (114, 5 – 8)

33. Those who say they know Me have represented Me poorly on earth, and that is why many have turned their backs on Me.

34. I will not call to account those who call themselves atheists for having expelled Me from their hearts, but rather those who, adulterating the truth, have shown them a God that many cannot accept.

35. All that is just, healthy, and good contains truth, which is what I have proclaimed throughout all time.

36. The hour has arrived when you must return to loving the truth, that is, return to recognizing the just and the good, since having been born of Me, you must aspire to the elevated, the eternal, and the pure. (125, 22 – 24)

37. Yes, Israel, the heart has always searched for material objects to adore; the ear has also enjoyed flowery words; for this reason, what I gave you in the Second Era as the Christian Doctrine, man has modified to make of it a religion.

38. Selfishness, greed, and vanity have always awoken in the human heart, and have become kings and lords, making the people bow before them as vassals or slaves, chaining them with sin, and leading them into darkness, disorientation, and confusion. (363, 36)

39. The theologians of this time will come to scrutinize My word and the new scriptures, and ask, “Who are you that speaks this way?” Just as the scribes and Pharisees rose up in that time, asking Me: “Who are you, who comes to ignore and change the Law of Moses?” Then I shall make them understand that the three revelations are the only Law that I have always come to teach and to fulfill.

40. Many of those who judge Me at this stage are from among those who doubted in the Second Era, but I have kept them and sent them again to earth to behold the triumph of My Law and to open their eyes to the light. (234, 46 – 47)

Mistaken Evolutions and Irregularities of Christianity

41. A great part of humanity calls itself Christian, without knowing the meaning of the word Christ, and without knowing his Doctrine.

42. What did you do with My Word, My examples, and with My Doctrine that I gave to you in that time?

43. Are you currently more evolved than the men of that era? Why do you not show it with the works of your spirit? Do you think that this life is eternal, or that you need evolve only through human science?

44. I have come to teach you the true fulfillment of the Law, so that you may convert this world into a great temple where the true God will be adored, and where the life of man is a constant offering of love to his Father, whom He must love in each one of his fellows, giving tribute thereby to his Creator and Master.

45. And now that I have returned to mankind, what do I find? Lies and selfishness have replaced truth and charity; arrogance and vanity in place of meekness and humility; idolatry, fanaticism, and ignorance instead of light, elevation, and spirituality; profit and profanation where only piety and righteousness should be; hatred and war unleashed among brothers have been substituted for peace and love.

46. But I shall come to My temple to expel from it the merchants, just as I did in the Second Era from the temple of Jerusalem, and once again I shall say unto them: “Do not make this house of prayer into a market.” I shall teach men so that each one of them knows how to officiate at the true altar, so that they are no longer confused and lost in ignorance due to the misinterpretations they give to My Law. (154, 15 – 20)

47. Not all who have tried to follow Me have imitated My example, or that of My apostles. Many have become lords instead of servants; they have filled their hearts with superiority and pride and have pursued only riches, pomp, and honors, forgetting the necessities of the poor, and being indifferent and insensitive to the misery and suffering of others. That is why men go from one religion to another in search of truth. That is the origin of the spiritual need they feel to create new sects in order to seek Me freely.

48. Those seen yesterday as saints and demigods are today unknown by a disillusioned humanity.

49. Men stop going in search of a confessor to absolve them of their faults, because they find it undignified. And the threat of hell and its eternal fire no longer impresses or frightens the heart of the sinner.

50. Taking advantage of that spiritual disorientation, the wolf watches from the brush.

51. Every minister and every representative of My Divinity has the mission of making peace between men, and what I find them doing today is the contrary. Each one believes himself to be first; each wants to be the strongest, forgetting that the only strong one is I, who am in everyone.

52. Now you can explain to yourselves why in the Second Era I promised to return. Now you can understand why I have come to teach you again. For only My word can remove the blindfold of darkness of the spirit, only My love is capable of redeeming your sins. (230, 23 – 28)

53. Over the great faults and errors that have been made in My Law, there shall be My justice; not a single fault will remain uncorrected by the perfect Master. Do not be confused: correct yourselves rather than judge. Understand, I never punish you, you punish yourselves.

54. I give light to He who has sinned through ignorance, and who has sinned knowingly I move toward repentance, so that both, filled with the strength of My forgiveness arise to repair the wrong done; this is the only way to come to Me.

55. Think in all of this, you ministers who lead men by the different paths of the religions. Pray, and lead yours toward spirituality. It is time already for you to repent of your errors, for you to initiate a battle against human materialism, which is the death and darkness for the spirit. For this you must use My truth; wield My word like a weapon, and live in My teachings.

56. I do not prefer one religion or another; It is not I, but you, who must be on My side, for if you do so, you will have succeeded in uniting all in the spirit. (162, 27 – 30)

57. My doctrine, full of spirituality, will germinate in the hearts of this people (the mexican audience) to give future fruits of truth and life. My word will extend across the earth and will leave no place unpurified, without light, or unjudged.

58. Then the peoples will begin to awaken to the spiritual life, to what is true and eternal, destroying the externalities and materialism of the different cults, to content themselves with seeking the essence of My Law.

59. Humanity will see the strength that spirituality gives, and turn their gaze from that which held them for centuries and centuries.

60. What does it profit that the symbol of Christianity, the cross, is found upon millions on the earth, if men are not of good will, and if they do not love one another.

61. The outward already has no power over men. There is no respect, nor faith, nor sorrow at having offended. That is why I say that symbols and forms will disappear, because their time has passed, and it will be interior worship that rises man to the light, elevates him, and leads him to Me. (280, 63 – 67)

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