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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 21 - Omnipotence and Omnipresence of God and His Justice

The Power of God

Thus saith the Lord:

1. If modern man, with all his science, is not able to submit to his will the elements of Nature, how could He impose his strength against the spiritual forces?

2. In the same way that the stars and planets in the Cosmos follow their inalterable order without the will of man being able to change their course or destiny, neither can anyone change the order that exists in the spiritual.

3. I made day and night, for I am the Light, and none but I can retain it. It happens in the same way in the spiritual. (329, 31 – 33)

4. If you believe in Me, you must trust that My strength is infinitely greater than that of the sins of men, and so when sin cedes before the light of truth and justice, man and his life, will have to change.

5. Can you imagine life in the world when men perform the Will of God? (88, 59 – 60)

6. For Me the repentance of a being, his regeneration, and his salvation cannot be impossible. I would not be The Almighty if men were stronger than Me. Do you imagine My power to be inferior to the strength of evil in men? Do you believe human darkness superior to the Divine light? Never, your heart tells Me.

7. Think of My mission, after giving you your being, as that of bringing you to perfection, and uniting you in one single spiritual family. Do not forget, My Will is done above all.

8. I, the Divine Sower, invisibly deposit My seed of love in each spirit. Only I know in what time this spirit will germinate in all humanity, and only I know how to await with infinite patience the fruit of My works. (272, 17 – 19)

9. I do not come to humiliate you with My greatness or to make a display of it; but I do come to demonstrate it to you according to My Will, so that you will feel the supreme joy of having as a Father a God all powerful, wise, and perfect.

10. Rejoice in thinking that you will never get to behold the end of My power, and the greater the elevation of your spirit, the better you shall see Me. Who would feel dissatisfied by knowing that He would never reach the greatness of his Father? By chance on earth, have you not been satisfied to be junior to your earthly Father? By chance, have you not joyfully conceded to him experience and authority? Have you not rejoiced contemplating that you have as a Father a man stronger than you, proud, courageous and filled with virtues? (73, 41 – 42)

11. What can the strength of men mean against My power? What can the opposition of the materialist peoples do against the infinite strength of spirituality? Nothing.

12. I have permitted man to go to the limit of his ambitions and the farthest reaches of his arrogance, to prove that the gift of free will, conceded by his Father, is real.

13. But once man reaches the limit of his ambition, He will awaken spiritually, and will pursue spiritual enlightenment and love. He will then kneel before God who is the only absolute power and universal truth. (192, 53)

The Presence of God in All Creation

14. I do not have a specific or a limited place to dwell in the heavens, for I am present everywhere. I am present in all Divine, spiritual, and material sites. You cannot point to the direction of My Kingdom. When you look up to the sky, pointing towards the heavens, do so only symbolically, for your planet turns without ceasing, and in each movement it presents you new skies and new heights.

15. Thus I say to you that there is no distance between us. The only things that separate you from Me are the bad and impure deeds which you place between your spirit and My perfect law.

16. The greater your purity, the more elevated will be your deeds. The more constant your faith, the closer, more intimate, and more accessible to your prayers you will feel Me.

17. In that same manner, when you separate yourselves from that which is good, just, and righteous, and continue to live a life filled with materialism and selfishness, you will inevitably feel Me more and more distant from you. The more you separate yourself from obeying My law, the less you will be able to feel My Divine presence.

18. Understand why I have come at this time to manifest My word in this form and to prepare you for the communication of spirit to Spirit.

19. Believing that I am very distant from you, you did not know how to come to Me. I have sought you in order to have you feel My Divine presence and to show you that between the Father and his children, there is no distance to separate them. (37, 27 – 32)

20. If you think that I have left My throne to come to communicate with you, you are in error, for that throne that you imagine does not exist; thrones are for vain and proud men.

21. My Spirit, being infinite and omnipotent, does not inhabit a fixed place. It is everywhere, in every place both spiritual and material. Where is that throne you attribute to Me?

22. Cease giving me material form on such thrones as on earth; take from Me the human form you always attribute to Me, stop dreaming of a heaven that your human mind is incapable of conceiving; and when you free yourselves from all that, it will be as though you break the chains that have bound you, as though a high wall crumble from before your eyes, as though a thick cloud has dissipated, permitting you to behold a horizon without limits and an infinite firmament, luminous, but still accessible to the spirit.

23. Some say: God is in the heavens, others: God is in the beyond; but they do not know what they say, nor what they believe. Certainly I inhabit the heavens, but not in a certain place, as you have imagined; I inhabit the heavens of light, of power, of love, of wisdom, of justice, of happiness, and of perfection. (130, 30 and 35 – 36)

24. My universal presence fills everything, there is no vacuum in any site or plane of the Universe, all of it is saturated with Me. (309, 3)

25. I have said to you, I am so near to you that I am aware of your most intimate thoughts. I am always with you, because I am present everywhere. I am the light that illuminates your mind and inspires you.

26. I am in you, because it is I who inspire you and who judges you through your conscience. I am in your material senses and in your physical body, because I am throughout creation.

27. Feel My presence more and more within you and all throughout nature. Thus, when you depart from earth you will enter fully the spiritual life. Your spirit will not feel distress due to the effects of the material body. This will enable you to come a step closer to me, because I am a fountain of infinite purity from which you will drink eternally. (180, 50 – 52)

28. Do you know the origin of that light in the Word that pours from the lips of the spokesmen? Its origin is in good, in the Divine love, in the universal light that emanates from God. It is a beam or a flash of that luminous All that gives you life; it is part of the infinite power that moves all, and underneath which all vibrates, palpitates, and turns without ceasing. That is what you call the Divine radiation. It is the light of the Divine Spirit that illuminates and gives life to the spirits.

29. That radiation manifests itself equally over the spiritual as the material, equally over worlds and men, and over the plants and all the beings of Creation. It is spiritual for the spirit, and material to matter; it is intelligence for understanding, and it is love to the hearts. It is science, it is talent, and it is reflection; it is instinct and intuition, and it is over the senses of all beings, according to their order, their condition, their species, and their degree of advancement. But its origin is one only: God; and its essence is one only: love. How could it then be impossible for Me to illuminate the mind of these creatures to send you a message of spiritual light?

30. The plants receive the radiation of life that My Spirit sends them to give fruit; the heavenly bodies receive the force irradiated by My spirit in order to spin in their orbits; the earth, which is the present evidence, alive, and within reach of all your senses, receives the radiation that makes such marvels spring from its bosom unceasingly. Why should it be impossible that man, in whom the presence of a spirit shines like a jewel, and in which He bears such a resemblance to me, receive directly in his spirit from My Spirit, the Divine radiation, which is the spiritual seed that in him must bear fruit? (329, 42 – 44)

31. Not even one of your sighs escapes being heard in heaven, not one prayer fails to find echo in Me, none of your afflictions or difficulties goes unnoticed by My Fatherly Love. I know all, hear all, and see all; I Am in all.

32. Men, believing that for their sins I have abandoned them, have come to feel that I am distant from them. O, human ignorance that has brought such bitterness to your lips. Understand that if I absented Myself from any of My creatures, they would cease to exist at that instant; but that has never been, nor shall it be, because upon giving you a spirit, I gave you eternal life. (108, 44 – 45)

The Avatars of Destiny

33. Do not curse the trials that burden you and all the human species; do not say that they are a punishment, the anger, or the revenge, of God, for you blaspheme. I tell you that these trials are precisely that which brings humanity closer to the gates of salvation.

34. Call them justice, atonement, or lessons, and you will be correct and fair. Anger and desire for revenge are human passions, characteristic of beings still far from serenity, harmony, and perfection; it is not right for you to apply the vulgar name of punishment, or the unworthy name of revenge, to My love for you, which governs over all My works.

35. Remember that you have voluntarily entered the thorny paths and glooMy abysses and have not come to My loving call, nor have you listened to the voice of your conscience, and so you have needed pain to come to your aid: to awaken you, to hold you back, to make you think, and return to the true path. (181, 6 – 8)

36. I do not punish you; but I am Justice, and as such I make you feel it in all that contravenes My commandments, for The Eternal has made you to know His Law, which none can modify.

37. See how man, in the midst of his trials, upon falling into an immense abyss, upon seeing women crying for the loss of loved ones, the children deprived of food, and homes immersed in mourning and misery, cries, dismayed by his misfortune, becomes desperate, and instead of praying and repenting of his faults, turns against Me, asking: How can God punish me in this way? And all the while, the Divine Spirit, truly, cries as well for the sufferings of its children, and its tears are the blood of love, forgiveness, and life.

38. Truly, I tell you that in this time, due to the evolution that humanity has reached, they do not depend only on My charity to resolve the situation. Humanity is the victim of itself, not of My punishment, for My Law and My light shine in every conscience.

39. My justice descends to pull up all the noxious weeds*) by the roots, and the very forces of Nature manifest themselves as interpreters of that justice, so that it seems as though all things are united in an effort to exterminate man, when it is only for his purification; but there are some who are confused, and say: “If we must suffer such pain, why do we come to this world?” They have not considered the fact that the pain and sin do not come from Me.

  • ) From His other teachings, we understand that by “weeds” or “noxious plants” Christ does not mean human beings, but their vices and evil impulses.

40. Man is responsible for remaining ignorant of what is justice, and of what is atonement, and that is the cause of his lack of conformity, followed by blaspheMy. Only He who has observed My teachings and is attentive to My Law is unable to throw charges at his Father. (242, 19 – 21)

The Justice of God

41. You are like bushes, sometimes you have branches that are dry and sick, that need the painful cut of the trimmer to separate yourselves from your ills and bring you back to health.

42. My justice of love, upon tearing from the human tree the sickened branches that eat away at your hearts, elevates you.

43. When a limb is to be amputated from a man, He whines, trembles, and is fearful, even while knowing that it is being done to separate from him that which is diseased, that which is dead, and that which threatens what might still live.

44. Rosebushes, too, when they suffer the cuts of trimming, leak sap like tears of pain, but finally cover themselves with the most beautiful flowers.

45. My love, in infinitely superior form, cuts the evil from the hearts of My children, at times sacrificing even Myself.

46. When men crucified me, I covered My executioners with My sweetness and forgiveness, and gave them life. In My words and in My silences I filled them with light, I defended them, and I saved them. Thusly I cut away the evil, stopping it with My love and saving the evil – doer. Those pardons are still today, and always will be sources of redemption. (248, 5)

47. I cannot give you sentences more severe than your faults, for which reason I tell you that you do not have anything to fear from Me, but rather from yourselves.

48. Only I know the seriousness, the magnitude, and the importance of your faults; men constantly let themselves be fooled by appearances, and that is because they are not able to enter the hearts of their neighbors. I do enter their hearts, and I can tell you that men have arrived before Me, accusing themselves of grave faults and full of sadness for having offended Me, and I have judged them clean; on the other hand others have come to say to Me that they have never done ill to anyone, and I know that they lie, for although their hands are not stained with the blood of their brothers, upon their spirit the blood of their victims has fallen, those whose lives they have ordered ended; they are those who have thrown the stone and hidden the hand. When in My Word I have come to pronounce the words, “coward,” “liar,” or “traitor,” all their being trembled, and many times they have absented themselves from the teachings, because they have felt upon themselves the gaze that judges them.

49. If, in the Divine justice, the greatest love of the Father were not present, if his justice did not have that principle, humanity would not exist already, their sins and offenses would have already exhausted the Divine patience. But it has not been so: humanity has continued to live, the spirits continue reincarnating, and at each step, in every human work, My justice, which is love and infinite charity, has been manifest. (258, 3)

50. Analyze My word, so that you are not confused, like many, before the acts of My Divine justice, when I touch heavily those who commit only a slight error, and in contrast, appear to absolve those who have committed a grave error.

51. The Master tells you: If I touch heavily on one who has committed an apparently minor fault, it is because I know the weakness of spirits, and stepping off the path of duty may be the first step that leads to the abyss; and if I absolve others of a grave error, it is because a great fault is also motive for a great repentance of the spirit.

52. Do not judge. Do not sentence. Do not wish, even in thought, that My judgment fall upon those who cause the spilling of blood between peoples. Think only that they, like you, are also My children, My creatures, and will have to wash away their great faults with great restitutions. Truly I tell you, these very ones who you point to as those who mercilessly destroyed peace and led you to chaos, shall in the times to come become the great sowers of My peace, and great benefactors of humanity.

53. The blood of millions of victims clamors from the earth for My Divine justice, but above human justice must be mine, which comes to each spirit, to each heart.

54. The justice of men does not pardon, does not redeem, does not love; mine loves, pardons, redeems, resuscitates, elevates, and enlightens those very ones who have caused humanity such pain. I shall redeem them and cleanse them, having them make their great restitution which shall be the crucible in which they purify themselves and in which they wake fully to the voice of their consciences, so that they may come to contemplate even the gravest of their works. I shall make them travel the road traveled by their victims and their peoples, but in the end they shall achieve spiritual purity in order to return to earth to restore and reconstruct all that has been destroyed, to make restitution for all that was lost. (309, 16 – 18)

55. You should know, that it will not be when death reaches you, that your Father will judge you, but that the judgment begins as soon as you become aware of your deeds and feel the call of your conscience.

56. My judgment is always upon you. At each step, be it in the human existence or in your spiritual life, you are subject to My judgment, but here in the world, while in the flesh, the spirit becomes insensitive and deaf to the calls of its conscience.

57. I judge you to help you open your eyes to the light, to liberate you from sin and save you from pain.

58. In My judgment, I never take into account the offences that you might have caused Me, for before My tribunal, hatred, vengeance and even punishment are nonexistent.

59. When pain reaches your heart and touches you where it is most sensitive, it indicates to you some error that you are committing, to make you understand My teaching, and give you a new and wise lesson. In the depth of each of those trials, My love is always present.

60. On some occasions I have permitted you to understand the reason for an ordeal, in others, you cannot find the meaning of that touch of My justice; and the fact is, that in the Work of the Father and in the life of your spirit, there exist profound Mysteries that the human mind is unable to decipher. (23, 13 – 17)

61. The time is long past when you were told: “The measure you give is the measure you will get.” How many times has that law been used to take vengeance here on earth, leaving aside all feeling of charity!

62. Today I say to you, I have taken that rod of justice, and with it I will measure you according to the way you measured others, although I should make it clear to you that in each of My judgments, the Father, who loves you very much, the Redeemer who has come to save you, will be present.

63. It is man who with his deeds dictates his own sentences, sometimes terrible sentences, and it is your Lord who provides help so that you can find the way to bear your restitution.

64. Truly I say to you that if you wish to avoid a very painful restitution, repent in the opportune time and with sincere regeneration guide your life through deeds of love and charity toward your brethren.

65. Understand that I am the door of salvation, the door that will never be closed to all those who seek Me with true faith. (23, 19 – 23)

66. Now you know that the Divine justice is of love, not of punishment like yours. What would become of you if I made use of your own laws to judge you, before Me, where appearances and false arguments have no value?

67. If I judged you according to your wickedness, and used your own laws of terrible harshness, what would become of you? Then you would certainly be justified in asking Me for clemency.

68. However, you should not fear, because My love never withers, changes, or passes on; on the other hand, you do pass on, you die and are reborn, you depart and then return and thus you are journeying until the day comes in which you will recognize your Father and submit to His Divine Law. (17, 53)

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