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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 22 - Love, Assistance and Grace of God

The Love of the Heavenly Father

Thus saith the Lord:

1. Do not be surprised that My love follows you everywhere in spite of your sins. All of you My children, have had a reflection of the Divine love in the love of your parents in this world. On them you may turn your back, fail to recognize their authority, disobey their orders, and not listen to their counsel; you can, through your wrongful actions cause wounds in their hearts, make their eyes dry out from so much crying, make their hair turn gray, and cause their faces to be lined by the evidence of their suffering; but they will never cease loving you, and will have only blessings and forgiveness for you.

2. And if these parents that you have had on earth, who are not perfect, have given you such proof of pure and elevated love, why are you surprised that He, who formed those hearts and gave them the mission of being parents, loves you with perfect love? Love is the supreme truth. For truth I made Myself man, and for truth I died as a man. (52, 27)

3. Do not be surprised by My love, and do not doubt it if you see that the cup you drink from in the world, is very bitter.

4. Men might fall far, fill themselves with darkness, or delay returning to Me, but to all will come a moment when feeling Me within their very being, they do not feel Me far, do not see Me as a stranger, and cannot deny My existence, My love, and My justice. (52, 30)

5. I do not wish to see you before me as defendants; I wish to see you always as My children, for whom My Fatherly love is always ready to offer aid. I have created you for the glory of My Spirit, and for you to find joy in Me. (127, 41)

6. Learn to love Me. Behold how My love follows you everywhere, even though you continue to sin and offend Me, you can never separate or flee from it. Know that the greater your faults, the greater is My mercy for you.

7. The evil in men would seek to halt My love, but cannot, because love is the universal force, the Divine power that creates and moves all.

8. The proof of that which I tell you, is what I have given you by manifesting Myself among you in this time, in which humanity is lost in the abyss of its sin. My love cannot feel repulsion faced with human sin, but pity.

9. Know Me, come to Me to cleanse your stains in the crystalline fountain of My charity. Ask, ask, and it shall be given to you. (297, 59 – 62)

10. At times men judge themselves so unworthy of Me, that they cannot believe how much I love them; and so, when they are resigned to living distanced from their Father, they construct a life according to their own ideas, and create their laws and their religions. But their surprise is great when they see me arrive. Then they ask: “Does our Father truly love us so much that He seeks such a way of communicating with us?”

11. Humanity, I can only tell you that what is mine I will not allow to be lost, and you are mine. I have loved you since before you existed, and will love you for eternity. (112, 14 – 15)

The Help and Protection of God

12. Disciples, I have given you all the lessons that the spirit needs for its evolution.

13. Blessed are those who recognize truth, for they shall quickly find the road. Others always reject the Divine teachings because to them their works seem superior to mine.

14. I love them all. I am the shepherd who calls to his sheep, who gathers them and counts them, and wishes every day to have more of them; who sustains and caresses them, who cares for them, and enjoys seeing that they are many, but who cries sometimes on seeing that not all of them are obedient.

15. Those are your hearts: many come to Me, but few are those who truly follow Me. (266, 23 – 26)

16. Take up your cross, and follow Me with humility; trust that while you are busy in consolation, in giving peace to a heart, or giving light to a spirit, I will be in charge of that relating to your material life, and I will neglect nothing.

17. Believe, that when I speak to your spirit I am also looking into your heart to discover your worries, your needs, and your yearnings. (89, 6 – 7)

18. There is no race or tribe, no matter how hidden, not even those you do not know of because they are hidden in impenetrable jungles, who have not had manifestations of My love. In moments of danger they have heard heavenly voices that protect, shelter and counsel them.

19. You have never lived abandoned; from the instant that you sprang to life you have been in the shelter of My love.

20. You, human parents, who tenderly love your children: Would you be capable of abandoning them to their fate when they have barely awoken to this life, when they most need your care, your vigilance, and your love?

21. I have watched you keep vigil for your children, even when they have grown to adults; for those who do wrong, and who have offended you, you keep vigil with even more love.

22. If you respond in this way to the needs of your children, how do you imagine the love of the Heavenly Father must be, who has loved you since before you existed ?

23. I have always come to your aid, and in this time when you have reached greater spiritual evolution, I have come to teach you how to vanquish the unhealthy forces, and the way to increase the vibrations of good. (345, 39 – 42)

24. You are going to begin a new phase in your life. The path has been prepared. Take up your cross and follow Me. I have not told you that there would be no trials on this path. However, you will hear a voice that offers you inspiration and advice when you confront an ordeal or drain a cup of bitterness. My love will help you to arise whenever you fall and you will feel the gentle caress of My balsam. (280, 34)

25. When I see you allowing yourselves to be defeated by pain, and instead of taking from it the light that each trial contains, you limit yourself to weeping and cursing, or simply to waiting for death as the end of your sufferings, then I come to sweetly call to your heart, giving you comfort and hope, strengthening you, so that you may overcome yourself: your weakness and lack of faith; and may triumph over the trials, because in that triumph is the peace and spiritual happiness that is true happiness. (181, 10)

26. If you see that I am found in even the smallest beings of Nature, how could you think that I would ignore you and distance Myself from you only because you have imperfections, since it is then that you need Me most?

27. I am Life, and am in all, therefore nothing can die. Analyze, so that you do not remain tied to the form; quiet your senses and find me in the essence. (158, 43 – 44)

28. Penetrate your own interior, and there you will find the sanctuary, the arc; you will find a source, a fountain of grace and blessings.

29. No spirit is naked, and none is disinherited. Before My Divine mercy, there is not one in the Universe who can say He is poor or unknown to his Father, none who can call themselves exiles from the lands of The Lord.

30. He who feels disinherited, feel so because He has not found in himself the gifts, because He is temporarily lost in sin, or because He is confused, or feels unworthy.

31. Know to find [those gifts] within you, and you will never lack My presence, you will see that there will always be bread, balm, “weapons”, keys, and all that is necessary to your hearts, for you are the heirs of My Realm and of My Glory. (345, 87)

32. There is a bond between a Father and his children that can never be broken, and that bond is the reason that communication exists between the Divine Spirit and all of yours. (262, 35)

33. Humanity needs My love, and My Word, which must reach the depths of their hearts. The Master struggles untiringly so that your spirit might be more enlightened each day, so that throwing off ignorance you may raise yourself to the higher mansions.

34. The doors of My Kingdom are open, and the Word of the Father comes to you with infinite love to show you the road once more.

35. I have come again to humanity and you have not sensed Me, for I have presented Myself in the Spirit, and your materialism is great. If your spirit sprang from My Divine Spirit, why has humanity not sensed Me? Because they have tied their spirits to materialism, to the lower passions.

36. Yet, here is The Lamb of God, who comes to you like light to illuminate you and give you the truth. (340, 13 – 15)

The Humility of the Lord

37. Understand that My Word does not come to fill your minds with vain philosophies, it is the essence of life. I am not a [mere] wealthy man coming to offer you earthly riches. I am the One and Only God, who comes to promise you The Kingdom of True Life. I am the humble God who comes to his children without ostentation, to raise them up with His caresses and with His miraculous Word through the road of restitution. (85, 55)

38. Be My servants, and you will never be humiliated by Me.

39. Observe that I have not come as a king, I bring neither scepter nor crown; I am among you an example of humility, and more, as your servant.

40. Ask, and I shall give you, order and I obey so that you may have another proof of My love and My humility. I ask only that you recognize and do My Will, and if you encounter obstacles to the fulfillment of your duties, pray and overcome them in My Name, and your merits will be the greater. (111, 46)

41. It is the Father who speaks to you, He who has non to bow to in prayer; yet, truly I tell you, if over Me there were one greater, I would bow before him, for in My Spirit there is humility.

42. See how you, being My little creatures, rather than struggling to ascend to Me, make me descend to speak to you, listen to you and console you. (125, 19)

43. Feel in your hearts the joy of being loved by your Father, who has never come to humiliate you with His greatness, but rather to manifest it in His perfect humility, to make you great, bringing you to live the true life in His Kingdom, which has neither beginning nor end. (101, 63)

The Compassion and Condolence of God

44. If you believe that Jesus, being the Son of God, did not experience pain, you are mistaken; if you believe that because I came today in Spirit I am exempt from pain, you are also in error; if you think that because I know that in the end all of you will be with Me, I do not suffer now, neither are you in the right. Verily I say to you, that there does not exist another more sensitive being than the Divine Spirit.

45. I ask you: Who gave sensitivity to all beings? What good thing can you do that will not make Me rejoice? And what unrighteous thing can you do that will not be like a wound in My sensibility? This is why I say to you that humanity has crucified Me again. When will I descend from My cross and the crown of thorns be taken away from Me? (69, 34)

46. If there are some who arise as My enemies, I do not regard them as such, only as needy; just as those who consider themselves to be wise and who deny My existence, I look on with pity. Those who try to destroy Me within the hearts of mankind, I judge as ignorant, since they believe they have the power or weapons to destroy Him who is the Author of Life. (73, 33)

47. I come to show Myself as a loving Father and as a humble Master, never indifferent to your suffering and always indulgent and merciful with your imperfections, for to Me you will always be children.

48. I must judge you when I observe that creatures formed with such love, and destined for eternal life so obstinately seek death on the earth without concerning themselves with spiritual life, and without wishing to know the perfections that eternal existence reserves to you. (125, 59 – 60)

49. Think, if I am your Father, I must necessarily feel what My children feel, only in this way will you understand that while each of you suffers and senses his own pain, the Divine Spirit suffers with the pain of all His creatures.

50. As proof of this truth I came to the world to make Myself man and bear a cross representing all the pain and sin of the world. And, if as man I bore on My shoulders the weight of your imperfections, if I felt your pain, could I, as God, be insensitive to the pain of My children? (219, 11 – 12)

The Forgiveness, Mercy, and Clemency of God

51. I am the only one who knows the destiny of all, the only one who knows the road you have traveled and that which you have still to go. I am He who understands your suffering and your joys. I know what you have gone through to find truth and justice. My charity is that which perceives the anguished voice within you that asks forgiveness for your faults.

52. As Father I come to attend every plea, to wipe away your tears, to heal your illnesses, and to make you feel forgiven and absolved of your stains, so that you may remake your lives.

53. I am also the only one who can pardon you for the offenses against Me, of you, who are My children. (245, 39 – 41)

54. In this era, My Word is again enlightening you. I come to pour out My grace so that you are cleansed and prepared, but recognize, people, if you fall again into sin, it is not I who separate you from My bosom, but you who are distancing yourselves from Me, even though this is not My Will. Still, My love and forgiveness will remain like an open door, to receive all who repent and wish to return to Me. (283, 69)

55. By the love with which I pardon and correct you, I give Myself to be known. When you lived according to your own will, offending the Father every instant, I did not cut the thread of that sinful existence, I did not deny you either air or bread; I did not abandon you to pain, nor did I ignore your complaints; and Nature continued surrounding you with its fecundity, its light, and its blessings. It is in this way that I give Myself to be known and manifest Myself to men. None on earth can love you with that love, and none could forgive you with the forgiveness that I grant.

56. Your spirit is a seed that I have been cultivating and perfecting from eternity to give the most beautiful flowers and the most perfect fruit. How could I let you die or abandon you to the fury of the tempests? How could I abandon you on the road, if I alone know the destination of all creatures? (241, 31 – 33)

57. To those who go walking on lost paths, I am ready to receive you and give you My strength and light when you call Me. It is not important that in your matter and your spirit you bring the traces of the great sinners. I will make you bless those who have injured you, and praise God for having beheld that marvel in you. That is when you will begin to feel the love of Christ in your hearts.

58. There are those who on hearing these words think, “How is it possible that the great sinners can receive this grace like the just, who have it by merit?”

59. Humanity, oh, humanity, do you not see beyond your noses? I have always given you My benefits through My grace, rather than because you have earned them.

60. I respond alike to a pure thought, as to the sad lament of He who approaches Me bearing stains, as long as from him springs even the smallest flash of humility or recognition of his lack of love for his brothers.

61. I am the defender of the weak that cry in the midst of their impotence and ignorance. I am the Divine hope that calls and consoles those who cry, I am sweet Jesus who gently caresses they who whimper in pain and in restitution.

62. I am the Savior: your Redeemer; I am the Truth within the reach of man. (248, 18 – 21)

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