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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 38 - 3 Divine Revelations & 7 Seals

The Revelations of God and Spiritual Development

Thus saith the Lord:

1. In the three eras into which I have divided the evolution of mankind, I have come to mark for you with My light, the same straight and narrow way for the elevation of the spirit, the only path of love, truth and justice.

2. I have guided you from teaching to teaching, from revelation to revelation, until you have reached this period in which I have announced that you are able to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit. Could mankind have communicated with Me in that manner during the First Era? No; it was necessary that it be aided by a material worship, with rituals and ceremonies, with a traditional feast and with symbols in order to feel closer to the Divine and the Spiritual. From that inability to approach the spiritual, to elevate themselves toward the Divine, to know what is profound and to clarify all Mysteries, the different religions appeared, each one according to the grade of backwardness or spiritual advancement of men: Some were more devoted to the truth than others, some were more spiritualized than others; but all were striving toward the same goal. It is the path which all spirits have traveled throughout the centuries and eras, a path followed by the different religions. Some have advanced very slowly, others are at a standstill and still others have been falsified and contaminated. (12, 92 – 93)

3. Today I have come in Spirit and truly I say to you: There are some who believe that during the first times I was closer to you than I am today: They judge incorrectly, for at each of My comings I have been nearer to you.

4. Remember that in the First Era I descended upon a mount and from there I conveyed My Law engraved upon a rock; during the Second Era, I left the summit of the mount in order to descend into your valleys, becoming man to live among you; and in this period in order to be nearer, I have made My dwelling place within your heart to manifest Myself there and speak to mankind from within. (3, 31)

5. Do you understand that I divided My Divine Revelation into three great eras?

6. It was in the spiritual infancy of mankind that the Father gave to them the Law, and promised a Messiah who would come to open the door to a new era.

7. The Messiah was Christ, who came among men when these were still in their spiritual infancy. He came to teach men a higher manner of complying with the law that they had earlier received from the Father and had not known how to obey. The Word of God spoke through the lips of Jesus, and so I say that the world continued hearing the voice and commandments of its Father by means of the doctrine of love of the perfect Master.

8. Jesus, in his turn, offered to send the Spirit of Truth to men, to help them understand all that of his teachings not understood by them.

9. Well, beloved people, this simple and humble word that you now hear is the voice of the Spirit of Truth, it is the spiritual light of God that pours out over your being so that you may open your eyes to the new era. That light that begins to make you understand all the revelations of your Master clearly, is the light of your Father, the Holy Spirit, which finds humanity in greater heights of spiritual evolution, that is to say, when it is approaching maturity, to understand the revelations of God.

10. In all that this light reveals you are receiving the teaching of the Father, for the Word is in Me, and the Holy Spirit is My own Wisdom. (132, 10 – 15)

11. I did not speak to you thus in the past times. In the First Era, the Law illuminated the human spirit; in the Second Era, Christ illuminated the hearts of men with the light of love. Today the Holy Spirit illuminates your spirit to elevate it above all that is human.

12. You have received these three messages from one single God, and between one and the next an Era has passed, the time necessary for the evolution of the spirit, so that it can receive the new message, or the new lesson.

13. Now, you can understand why I have called you the disciples of the Holy Spirit. (229, 50 – 52)

14. If in the first revelations I had told you all, you would not have needed the Master: the Messiah, to teach you new lessons, nor that the Holy Spirit come in this time to show you the greatness of the spiritual life.

15. For which reason I tell you that you should not bind yourselves to that which was revealed to you in the first eras as though it had been the last words of My Doctrine.

16. I came again among men, and for a long time I have communicated with them through their understanding, and still I can tell you, that My last word has not yet been spoken.

17. Seek always in My book of wisdom for the last word, the new page that reveals to you the significance of the earlier content, so that you may truly be My disciples. (149, 44 – 45)

The Three Testaments of God

18. Moses, Jesus, and Elijah: there is the road the Lord has marked to help men elevate themselves to the Kingdom of peace, light, and perfection.

19. Feel the presence of the Lord’s envoys in your life. None of them have died. They live on to illuminate the road of men who have become lost, helping them to arise again from their falls, and strengthening them so that they may give themselves with love to fulfillment in the trials of restitution.

20. Understand the work that Moses completed on earth through the Inspiration of Jehovah. Analyze the teaching of Jesus, through whom the Divine Word spoke, and seek the spiritual sense of My new revelation, whose Era is represented by Elijah. (29, 20 – 22)

21. If My birth as Man during the Second Era was a miracle and My spiritual ascension after My bodily death was another miracle; truly I say to you that My communication during this time through human understanding, is also a spiritual miracle.

22. Up to the last of My prophecies, will be fulfilled during this time. I leave you My three Testaments, forming One only.

23. He who has not known the Father as love, sacrifice and forgiveness, let him know Him fully during this period, so that instead of fearing His justice, He may love and venerate Him.

24. If you were devoted to the Law during the First Era, it was for fear that the Divine justice would punish you, but for that reason I sent you My Word so that you would understand that God is Love.

25. Today My light comes to you so that you will not lose yourselves and will be able to reach the end of the road being faithful to My Law. (4, 43 – 47)

26. My new lessons are the confirmation of those that I gave you in the Second Era, but they are yet more elevated. In that time I spoke to the hearts of men, but now I speak to their spirits.

27. I do not come to disown any of the words I spoke to you in the past, on the contrary, I come to duly fulfill them and give them their just explanation. Just as in those times I said to the Pharisees who believed that Jesus had come to destroy the Law: “Do not think that I have come to cancel the law, or the prophets; on the contrary, to comply with them.” How could I have disowned that Law or those prophecies, if they were the foundation of the temple that in three eras was to be constructed in the hearts of this humanity, and was the announcement of My coming to the world? (99, 24 – 25)

28. Today I say to you again: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” And if you look for the essence of My Word in this era, you shall find in it the eternal Law of love, that same pathway which I outlined for you on earth.

29. In that era, many believed that Christ had come mistaking the path and altering the Law. That is why they fought against him and persecuted him; but the truth, like the light of the sun always imposes itself over the darkness. Now My Word will again be combated because there shall be some who believe they have found contradictions, confusions and errors in its essence, but its light will again shine in the darkness of this era, and humanity shall see that the way and the Law which I have revealed to you, is the same of that Era and will always be the same. (56, 69 – 70)

30. This teaching is the road to eternal life; all who discover elevation and perfection in this doctrine will know how to reconcile it to that which I confided to you when I was on the earth, for its essence is the same.

31. He who does not know how to find the truth contained in My lessons, may even affirm that this doctrine does not lead to the same end as the teachings of Jesus; spirits blinded by misinterpretations or confused by religious fanaticism, may not quickly understand the truth of these revelations, but must travel a road of trials to quit themselves of the materialism that prevents them from understanding and complying with My precept that teaches you to love one another. (83, 42 – 43)

32. In vain will many men say that this Doctrine is new, or that it has no relation to Divine revelations given to you in the past. I assure you that what I have told you in this time through the conduit of human understanding has its roots and foundations in that which was prophesized in the First and Second Times.

33. But the confusion of which I tell you, will arise because they who have interpreted those revelations have imposed their analyses on humanity, and these analyses have been in part correct, and in part mistaken. It also will be because the spiritual light of My teachings has been hidden from men and at times has been given out in adulterated form. That is why now when My light has come to rescue you from the darkness of your ignorance, many men deny that this can be the light of truth, because it does not, by their criteria, accord with what I taught you before.

34. I assure you that none of My words will be lost, and that the men of this time will come to know what I said to them in times past. Then, when the world knows Spirituality, it will say: “Truly, Jesus said all of this.”

35. Yes, I said it all before, though of many of the revealed truths I had shown only the principles; I left them for you to begin to understand, for in that time, humanity was not yet prepared to understand all that I have now come to show you fully. (155, 24 – 27)

The Third Era (Time)

36. This is the Third Era, in which I have come to teach you the lesson that must spiritually unite humanity, for it is My Will that languages, races, and different ideologies no longer be an obstacle to its unification. The essence with which I formed each spirit is the same that all possess, and the substances that make up the blood that runs through the veins of men is the same in all. Therefore, all are equal and worthy of Me, and I have come again for all of you. (95, 9)

37. The transformations that human life suffers will be so great, that it will seem to you as though this world had ended, and another been born.

38. Thus, as in all times, the life of man has been divided into eras, or ages, and each of them has been defined by something, whether by its discoveries, by the Divine revelations received, or by its development in the sense of beauty, which they call art, or by its science; so the Era which now begins, the Era that is arriving like a new dawn, will be typified by the development of the gifts of the spirit, the part that you should have cultivated in order to avoid so many evils, and which you always left to later.

39. Do you not believe that human life can transform itself totally, developing spirituality, cultivating the gifts of the spirit, and establishing the law dictated by the conscience in this world?

40. Soon all the peoples will understand that God has spoken in each era, that the Divine revelations were the ladder that the Lord has lowered to men so that they may ascend to Him.

41. Some will call this new time the Era of light, others the Era of the Holy Spirit, others the time of truth. And I say to you, it will be the time of elevation, the time of spiritual recovery and of revindication.

42. This is the Era that I have long wished to live in the heart of man, but which has been continually battled against and destroyed by man. A time whose clarity is seen by all, and under whose light all the children of the Lord are united; not in a religion of men that chooses some and rejects others, that proclaims its own truth and denies that of others, that employs unworthy weapons with which it imposes itself, or that gives out darkness instead of light. (135, 53 – 54 and 57 – 59)

43. This is the Third Era, in which the spirit of humanity must liberate itself from the chains of materialism; this shall bring about the greatest struggle of ideas in the history of man.

44. Perversity, selfishness, arrogance, vice, lies, and all that has shadowed your lives, shall fall like broken idols at the feet of the worshipers to give way to humility. (295, 64 – 65)

The Seven Seals of Sacred History

45. The first of these phases of spiritual evolution in the world is represented by Abel, the first minister of the Father, who offered his sacrifice to God. He is the symbol of sacrifice. Envy rose up against him.

46. The second stage was represented by Noah. He is the symbol of faith; He constructed the ark from Divine inspiration, and led men into it to reach salvation. Against him, the multitudes railed with doubt, mockery, and the paganism of their spirits, yet Noah left his seed of faith.

47. The third stage is represented by Jacob. He symbolizes strength; He is Israel, the strong. Spiritually He saw the ladder by which all of you will ascend to sit at the right hand of the Creator. The angel of the Lord rose up to test his strength and perseverance.

48. The fourth is symbolized by Moses. He represents the Law. He presented the tablets whereon it was written for the humanity of all times. It was He who with his immense faith rescued the people to lead them on the road of salvation to the Promised Land. He is the symbol of the Law.

49. The fifth stage is represented by Jesus, the Divine Word, the Sacrificial Lamb; He who has spoken to you in all times and who will continue speaking to you. He is love, for He was made man to inhabit the dwelling places of man, to suffer their pains, to show humanity the path of sacrifice, love, and charity, by which it must achieve redemption from all their sins. He came as Master to teach, to be born as part of humanity, to live in love, to achieve the sacrifice, and to die loving, forgiving, and blessing. He represents the fifth stage, and his symbol is love.

50. The sixth stage is represented by Elijah [called Elias in the New Testament]. He is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is He who goes on his chariot of fire bearing light to all nations and all the worlds that are unknown to you, but known to Me, for I am the Father of all the worlds and all the creatures. This is the stage in which you are living, that of Elijah; it is his light that illuminates you. He represents the teachings that were hidden but that are being revealed to mankind in this era.

51. The seventh stage is represented by the Father himself. He is the end; the culmination of evolution, in Him is the stage of grace, the Seventh Seal.

52. Here I have deciphered the Mystery of the Seven Seals, that is why I say to you that this is the Sixth Seal, for five of them have already passed, the sixth is unleashed, but the seventh remains sealed; the time for its contents has not yet arrived, there is time yet before that stage appears before you. When that stage arrives, there shall be grace, perfection, and peace, but O, how much man will weep to purify his spirit! (161, 54 – 61)

53. The book of the Seven Seals is the history of your life, of your evolution on earth, with all its struggles, passions, conflicts and finally with the triumph of the good and justice, of love and spirituality over the passions of materialism.

54. Believe truly that everything leads to a spiritual and eternal goal, so that you may give each lesson its rightful place that corresponds to it.

55. While the light of the Sixth Seal illuminates you, it will be a time of conflict, of vigilance and purification, but when that period has passed, you will have reached a new stage in which the Seventh Seal will open new revelations to you. With what satisfaction and joy will the new time be received by the spirit when it is surprised in a cleansed and prepared state. While the Sixth Seal illuminates you, flesh and spirit will be purified. (13, 53 – 55)

56. The book that was sealed in the heavens, has been opened to the Sixth Chapter, it is the Book of the Seven Seals which contains wisdom and judgment, and which was unleashed by My love for you, to reveal to you its profound lessons.

57. Man has lived for five stages*) on earth, encouraged by the Divine breath of the spirit; in spite of which He has been unable to understand the spiritual sense of life, the purpose of his existence, his destiny, and his essence; all was an impenetrable Mystery for his mind, as well as to his spirit, a sealed book whose contents He could not interpret.

*) In this translation, the word “stages” is used for the Spanish “etapas”, which correspond to the respective chapters of the Book of the Seven Seals, as explained in the text. The use of “era” in the English translation (when referring the three great eras of Moses, Jesus, and Eljah, or Elias, as explained in this book) is a substitution for the Spanish “tiempos”, which properly would correspond to “times” in English. The substitution was decided on to aid the reader in following the complexities of the text.

58. He vaguely sensed the spiritual life, but without truly knowing the ladder of elevation that brings beings closer to God, He did not know of his highest mission on earth and the virtues and gifts that form part of his spirit in order to triumph in the struggles, to raise himself above human miseries, and perfect himself spiritually to inhabit the eternal light.

59. It was necessary that the Divine book be opened, and that men contemplate its contents in order for them to be saved from the darkness of ignorance that is the source of all the evils that exist on earth. Who could open that book: by chance a theologian, a scientist, or a philosopher? No, none of them, not even the righteous spirits could reveal its content to you, for what the book kept within was the wisdom of God.

60. Only Christ, the Word, only He, the Divine love, could do so, but even so, it was necessary to wait for men to be ready to receive the Divine revelation without being blinded by the splendor of My spiritual presence and mankind had to live through five stages of trials, lessons, experience, and evolution in order to reach the fair development that permits them to understand the Mysteries that the Arcane of God keeps for men.

61. The Law of God, his Divine word given through Christ and all the messages of the prophets, envoys, and emissaries, were the seed that maintained the faith of humanity in a Divine promise that has always proclaimed light, salvation, and justice for all men.

62. This is the time awaited for the Great Revelation, that through which you will understand all that I have shown you throughout the times, and so that you will know who your Father is, who you are, and the reason for your existence.

63. This is the time in which, for the spiritual evolution you have achieved, the trials you have passed through, and the experience you have gathered, you may receive in your spirit that which comes from My Spirit, the light of wisdom, reserved in My Arcane in wait for your preparation. Still, humanity having reached the grade of evolution necessary to receive My message, I have sent you the first ray of My light, that which has made the rude and simple men, who serve as My spokesmen, speak in ecstasy through My inspiration.

64. This ray of light has been only of preparation, it is like the pre – dawn light that announces the new day. Later, My light shall come to you fully, illuminating your existence and dispelling even the last shadows of ignorance, sin, and misery.

65. This era, whose dawn you admire in the infinite, is the sixth stage initiated in the spiritual life of humanity, an Era of light, of revelations, of fulfillment of the ancient prophecies and forgotten promises. It is the Sixth Seal, upon its unleashing overflowing with its content of wisdom your spirit in a message full of justice, clarification, and revelations. (269, 10 – 18)

66. Disciples: I wish the virtues of your heart to be the vestment that covers the nakedness of your spirit. This is the Comforting Spirit, promised in the Second Era, speaking to you.

67. The Father knew already of the pain and trials that would bow humanity, and of the degree of perversity that men would reach. The arrival of the Comforter means for you the opening of the Sixth Seal, and the beginning of a new stage in the evolution of humanity. From that moment a Divine Judgment was opened for all men. Each life, each work, each step is strictly judged; it is the end of an era, not the end of life.

68. It is the end of the times of sin, and it is necessary that all the contents of the Sixth Seal of the book of God be poured out into the spirits, wakening them from their lethargy, so that man rises up bearing the harmony of his spirit with all of creation; and that He prepare for the unleashing of the Seventh Seal by the Lamb, which will bring the final dregs of the cup of bitterness, but also the triumph of truth, love, and Divine justice. (107, 17 – 19)

69. In this Era I wish humanity to prepare, so that when the last Seal is opened, men realize it, listen to it, and understand the content of the new revelations. I wish the nations and peoples to strengthen themselves to withstand the bitterness of those days.

70. Those who know how to pass the tests of those times I shall call blessed, and I shall give them a reward for their perseverance and their faith in My power, leaving them as the parents of a new humanity. (111, 10 – 11)

71. When the Seventh Seal has been closed, together with the other six, the book that has been the judgment of God on the works of men from the first to the last will also be closed. Then the Lord will open another book, its pages blank, to note in it the resurrection of the dead, the liberation of the oppressed, the regeneration of the sinners, and the triumph of good over evil. (107, 20)

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