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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 41 - Connection between this World & The Beyond

Inspiration and Aid from the Spiritual World

Thus saith the Lord:

1. Everyone travels along the ladder of spiritual perfection; some have attained the evolution that for the time being you cannot conceive of, while others are behind you.

2. The great spirits, who are great because of their struggle, their love and their effort, seek harmony with their minor brethren, with those who are distant and with the negligent; their missions are noble and elevated, their love toward My Divinity and you is also great.

3. Those spirits know that they were created for activity, for elevation; they know that inactivity is not for the children of God. Within Creation everything is life, movement, equilibrium, harmony; and thus, those innumerable beings work, thrive and rejoice in their struggle, with the knowledge that in that way they glorify their Father and help toward the progress and perfection of their brethren.

4. Today while you find yourselves outside of the path that My Law indicates, you ignore the influence that those brethren exert over you, but when you have the sensitivity to perceive the emanations, inspirations and messages which they convey, you will have the presentiment of the countless occupations and noble deeds to which they dedicate their existence.

5. It is necessary for you to know that those spirits, in their love and respect for the laws of the Creator, never take what is not theirs, neither do they touch what is prohibited, nor penetrate into places where they know they should not, so as not to disharmonize the elements of Creation.

6. How different men on earth act, who in their desire to be great and powerful in the world and without little respect for My teachings seek with the key to science the destructive elements, open the doors to unknown forces, and in that manner disrupt the harmony of Nature which surrounds them!

7. When will man prepare himself to listen to the wise counsel of the Spiritual World, and in that manner be guided by their inspirations?

8. Truly I say to you that it would be enough to lead you along the safe road toward the summit of the mount which belongs to you; there you will behold before you a straight and shining path through which the spirits have traveled who at present exist only to make sure of your well – being and to help you in your troubles, drawing you nearer step by step to the end of the road, where your Father awaits all of you.

9. Since I have spoken to you about the kindness and elevation of those beings, I must tell you that they, like you, had from the beginning the gift of the freedom of will, that is to say, a true and holy freedom of action which is proof of the love of the Creator toward his children. (20, 28 – 36)

10. You do not travel alone, for My encouragement and My light go with each one of you; but if that seems little, I have placed with each human creature, a spiritual being of light to watch over your steps, to make you foresee certain dangers, and to serve you as company in your solitude or as a staff on your journey. They are the beings you call guardian angels, or protectors.

11. Never behave ungratefully to them, nor be deaf to their inspirations, for your strength alone will not be sufficient to move ahead in all the trials of life, you need those who go ahead of you and who know – because I reveal it to them – something of your future.

12. The struggle of those beings is very arduous until you achieve spirituality, for you do very little to help them on their delicate mission.

13. When your spirituality permits you to feel and prove the presence of your brothers and sisters who invisibly, without any ostentation, work for your welfare and your progress, you will feel sorrow at having made them work and suffer so much due to your sins. Yet, when this comprehension arises in you, it will have done so because the light shines in your understanding, and from it will spring charity, gratitude, and understanding.

14. What great happiness will your guardians feel, when they see that their effort is supported by you and that their inspiration is in harmony with your elevation! (14-18: Translated by Pascal/Jackie)

15. You have so many brothers and sisters and so many friends in the “spiritual valley” which you do not know.

16. Tomorrow, when the awareness regarding the spiritual life has spread across the entire earth, humanity will recognize the significance of those beings at your side and the people will bless my providence.

17. Truly, I say to you, if your faith would be strong, you would not feel the need to perceive the presence of the spiritual with the senses of the flesh, because then it would be the spirit with its delicate sensibility, that would perceive that world, which is constantly pulsating around you.

18. Yes, humanity, if you feel far away from the spiritual world, those beings still cannot feel themselves far from the people, because there are no distances, boundaries nor obstacles for them. They live in the spiritual realm, and therefore, they cannot be far from the life of the human beings, whose ultimate goal and destiny is the upward development and completion of their spirit.

19. The only distance that exists between you and God, or between you and a spiritual being, is not physical distance, but the spiritual distance originating from your lack of preparation, lack of purity, or lack of will to receive spiritual inspiration and influence.

20. Never put that distance between yourselves and your Master, or between yourselves and the Spiritual World, and you will always enjoy the benefits My love pours out over those who know how to seek it. You will always have the feeling that the Spiritual World vibrates together with the hearts of those who prepare themselves to feel it.

21. How great is the distance that the humanity of this time puts between themselves and the spiritual life, so great, that it is for that reason that the men of today feel God to be infinitely distant from them, and imagine heaven to be far away and unreachable. (321, 76 – 78)

22. I say to you that there is not a single human mind that is not influenced by the Spiritual World.

23. There are many who might deny this. However, no one is able to prove that it is impossible for the human mind to receive thoughts and inspirations not only from spiritual beings and fellow human beings, but even from Me.

24. This is a revelation for all humanity, a revelation that when it is spread, shall find open hearts that receive it with great joy, just as it must also find human opponents and persecutors.

25. Yet, what can they do to prevent the light of the Spiritual Kingdom from shining in the lives of men? What means can the unbelievers make use of to prevent that vibration? Who is He that believes himself outside of the universal influence that is the creating and lifegiving power of God?

26. I speak to your conscience, to your spirit, and to your power of reason; yet, I say again, that from other dwellings all of you receive messages, ideas, and inspirations; and just as you fail to know where your spirit came from to be made flesh in that body you possess, neither do you know those that communicate with it invisibly and incensed. (282, 33 – 37)

Disturbed and Malicious Spirits

27. This Era is different from the First and Second; today, you live in a chaos of unchained elements, both visible and invisible. Woe to He who is not watchful, for He shall succumb, even He who is prepared shall have to struggle.

28. Thousands of invisible eyes are watching you, some to ambush you on the road, and others to protect you. (138, 26 – 27)

29. The great legions of disturbed spirits, taking advantage of the ignorance of humanity, and their insensibility and lack of spiritual vision, make war on them, and men have not prepared their weapons of love for defense against the attacks, so that in this struggle they appear to be defenseless.

30. It is necessary that My Spiritual Doctrine come to you, to teach you how to prepare yourselves to emerge victorious from the conflict.

31. From that invisible world that palpitates and vibrates in your own world, emerge influences that touch men, whether in their minds, their emotions, or their will, making them into submissive servants, slaves, instruments, and victims. Everywhere, spiritual manifestations are surfacing, and yet the world continues without wishing to realize what it is that surrounds their spirits.

32. It is necessary to take up the battle and destroy the darkness, so that when the light shines within men, all shall arise united in true communion, and with prayer, triumph in the struggle that they begin against the forces that have for so long dominated them.

33. Men and peoples have succumbed to the power of these influences without humanity realizing it. Strange and unknown illnesses, produced by them, have battered mankind and have confounded the scientists.

34. How much discord, how much confusion and pain mankind has brought upon itself! The lack of prayer, of morality, and spirituality has attracted impure and disturbed spirits. What can one hope for from those who have departed without light or preparation?

35. There are those you have deceived and oppressed, whom you have confused and humiliated; they can send you only confusion and darkness, exercise only vengeance, and come to you only to make claims against you. (152, 22 – 28)

36. Among humanity legions of the beings of darkness come, like the clouds of a storm, causing upheavals, befogging minds, and bewildering the hearts of men. And although men have weapons to defend themselves from these assaults, some do not know how to choose from among them, while others do not even imagine they have them. (240, 53)

37. The Humanity of today, as large as you consider it to be in number, is very small compared to the number of spiritual beings that surround it. How strongly those legions invade the byways of men without them perceiving it, for men neither feel nor hear this world that agitates around them. (339, 29)

38. A man given to a life of sin is capable of dragging behind him a legion of the beings of darkness, who cause him to leave behind a trail of malevolent influences. (87, 7)

39. If from here, you were able to see the spiritual valley, wherein dwell the materialistic spirits who have done nothing to prepare for the spiritual journey that follows this life, you would be astonished; but not for an instant would you say, “How terrible is the justice of God!” Instead, you would exclaim, “How ungrateful, unjust, and cruel we ourselves are! How indifferent we are to our spirits, and how inactive we have been as disciples of Jesus!”

40. That is why the Father has permitted those beings to manifest themselves at times in your lives, and to give you the painful, anguished message of their dark and peace – deprived lives. They are the occupants of a world that does not have the radiant light of the spiritual dwellings, nor the beauties of the earth they once inhabited. (213, 52 – 53)

41. The legions of spirits that aimlessly wander the world calling in various ways at the doors of the hearts of humanity, many times are voices that want to tell you to wake up, that you open your eyes to reality, to repent of your errors and regenerate yourself, so that later, when you leave your material form in the bosom of the earth, you do not have to weep, as they do, in loneliness, ignorance, and materialism. In this, there is light emerging even from the darkness, for not a leaf of a tree moves without My Will; these manifestations, which increase from day to day, shall eventually so overwhelm men, that they will finally overcome the skepticism of humanity. (87, 65)

42. Pray for those who depart from among you for the Beyond, for not all find the road, not all know how to elevate themselves, nor do all quickly find peace.

43. There are those who in spirit live with the obsessions of material life. Some suffer great repentance, others are buried insensible in the earth together with their bodies; others cannot separate themselves from those close to them, from those who remain in the world, because lamentations, selfishness, and human ignorance hold them and materialize them, depriving them of peace, light, and advancement.

44. Let go of those who inhabit this world but no longer belong to it; let them abandon the goods they loved and possessed in this life, so that they can elevate their spirits to the infinite where their real inheritance awaits. (106. 35 – 37)

45. Your spirit shall be very pleased to be received by them upon your arrival in the spiritual valley, and to receive their gratitude for the charity you showed them; great shall be your joy when you see them inundated by light.

46. But how painful it will be to find them with that legion of beings darkened by confusion, knowing that they too awaited your charity, and that you did not give it to them. (287, 58)

47. If I treat you, humans, with such love and charity, I tell you truly that I search with the same tenderness for those in the spiritual valley who are atoning for their past faults. To those beings I send My light to free them from the bewilderment that is like darkness, and from the remorse that is like fire; to be sent later among men so that those who yesterday sowed pain in hearts, now sheathed in light, become the benefactors and guardians of their own brothers. (169, 6)

The Struggle of the Spirits for Human Souls

48. Beyond your human lives exists a world of the spirits, your brothers, beings invisible to man, that fight among themselves to conquer you.

49. That struggle between them proceeds from the differences in evolution between them: While the beings of light, elevated by the ideal of love, harmony, peace, and perfection, go spreading light upon the path of mankind, inspiring them always to the good, and revealing all that is for the good of men; the beings that still retain the materialism of the earth, who have not been able to quit themselves of their selfishness and their love for the world, or who, for an indefinite time, pander to the human inclinations and tendencies, are those who sow confusion on the path of humanity, clouding minds, blinding hearts, and enslaving wills to take advantage of men, converting them into the instruments of their plans, or taking them as though their bodies were their own.

50. Meanwhile, the Spiritual World of light struggles to conquer the spirit of humanity in order to open for them a breach to eternity. While those blessed legions work unceasingly multiplying themselves in love, becoming nurses at the bedside of pain, counselors at the right of men who bear great responsibilities, counselors to youth, guardians of children, and the companions of those who live alone and forgotten, the legions of the beings without the light of spiritual wisdom and without the elevation of love also work without pause among humanity; but their purpose is not to make the path to the spiritual realm easier: no, the idea of these beings is completely the opposite; their intention is to dominate the world, to continue as its owners, to perpetuate themselves upon the earth, to dominate men, converting them into slaves and instruments of their own will, in other words: to not allow themselves to be dispossessed of that which they have always considered their own: the world.

51. So, disciples: between some and others there is an intense struggle, a struggle that your corporeal eyes do not behold, but whose reflections are made felt every day in your world.

52. So that this humanity can defend itself, and free itself from evil influences, it must have knowledge of the truth that surrounds it, it must learn to pray with the spirit and know as well with how many gifts its being is endowed, so that it may employ them as weapons in this great battle of good versus evil, of light against darkness, and of spirituality opposed to materialism.

53. Precisely, the spiritual world of light works and struggles, preparing all, so that the world can one day put itself on the path of spirituality.

54. Reflect on all this, and you can imagine how intense is the struggle of your spiritual brothers who work for the salvation of men: a struggle that is for them a cup from which at every moment you give them the bitter gall of ingratitude to drink, for you are satisfied to receive from them all the good they do you, but without ever doing your part to help in their effort.

55. Few there are who know how to join with them, few are those who know how to be sensitive to their inspirations and obedient to their instructions, but how strongly those few walk through life, how secure they feel, and what enjoyments and inspirations delight their spirit.

56. The majority are caught in an inner debate between the two influences without deciding on either one, not giving in completely to materialism, but without making efforts to free themselves of it in order to spiritualize their lives: that is to say, to elevate themselves by means of good, by means of wisdom, and by spiritual strength.

57. Those who have completely given in to materialism, no longer worrying about the voice of their consciences and ignoring all things that refer to the spirit, no longer struggle; they have been defeated in the battle. They believe they have triumphed, believe they are free, and do not realize, that they have been taken prisoner, and that it shall be necessary for the legions of the light to enter the darkness to free them.

58. I send this message of light to all the peoples of the earth, to be the wake up call for men, so that they may understand who is the eneMy they must struggle against until victory, and what are the weapons that, unknowingly, they already bear. (321, 53 – 63)

The Bond with the Spirits of God

59. Disciples: Wake up and recognize the Era in which you find yourselves. I say to you that just as no one can hold back My justice, neither will anyone close the doors of the Hereafter that My charity has opened for you. No one can prevent the messages of light, hope and wisdom to descend among men from those worlds. (60, 82)

60. I have permitted you to briefly communicate with your loved ones in the Beyond, which I did not permit in the Second Era, for neither you nor they were then prepared for it. That door has been opened by Me in this time, and with it I give fulfillment to the proclamations of My prophets and to some of My own promises.

61. In 1866, that invisible door was opened to you, as was also that of the minds of the chosen, to manifest the message that the spirits of light had to bring to men.

62. Before that year, in the nations and peoples of the earth, spiritual beings had been manifesting themselves as the foregoing signs of My coming. (146, 15)

63. If the men of these times were not so hard and insensitive, they would certainly receive constant messages from the spiritual world, and would at times see themselves surrounded by multitudes of beings working incessantly for the awakening of men. They would then have proof that they are never alone.

64. Some call that world, “invisible” others call it, “the Beyond.” Why? Because they simply do not have the faith necessary to see the spiritual, and because their human smallness makes them feel distant and strange from a world they should feel in their hearts. (294, 32 – 33)

65. It surprises you that a spirit manifests itself, or communicates with you, without realizing that you also manifest in and even communicate with other worlds, other dwelling places.

66. Your body does not realize that your spirit, in moments of prayer, communicates with Me, does not know how to perceive the closeness you have with your Lord that through that gift, and not only with My Spirit, but also with those spiritual brothers who you remember in the moments of prayer.

67. You also do not understand, that in your rest, when your material body sleeps, the spirit, in accordance with its evolution and spirituality, separates from the body to present itself in distant places, in spiritual dwellings that you cannot even imagine.

68. Let no one be surprised by these revelations; understand that you are nearing the fullness of time. (148, 75 – 78)

69. I wish pure thought be the language with which you communicate with your brothers who dwell in the spiritual; that it be in that form, that you understand each other, and that your merits and good works be truly useful to them, as well as that the influence of those of My children, their inspiration and protection of you, be a powerful assistance in your journey to arrive united to Me.

70. Spiritualize yourselves, and you will experience in your lives the welcome presence of those beings: The lullaby of the mother who left her son on the earth, and the warmth and counsel of the Father who also had to depart. (245, 7 – 8)

71. This Work will be criticized and rejected by many when they know that contained in it are the manifestations of spiritual beings. Fear not, only the most ignorant will struggle against that portion of My teachings.

72. How many times did the apostles, the prophets, and the Lord’s envoys speak to the world under the influence of the spiritual world without humanity realizing it? And how many times in your own lives have each of you acted and spoken under the will of spiritual beings without knowing it? And this, which has always occurred, I have now confirmed to you. (163, 24 – 25)

73. If curiosity alone leads you to attempt communication with the Beyond, you shall not find truth; if your intension contains vanity, or the desire for greatness, then you will not achieve true communication; if temptation sheaths your heart in false purposes or low interests, neither then shall you obtain communication with the light of My Holy Spirit. Only your respect, your clean prayer, your love, your charity, and your spiritual elevation, shall effect the prodigy of your spirit spreading its wings, crossing space, and coming to the spiritual mansions, to the place My Will allows it.

74. That is the grace and comfort that the Holy Spirit reserves for you: that you may behold one single place, and be convinced that death and distance do not exist, that not even one of My creatures dies to eternal life; for in this Third Era, you may offer a spiritual embrace to those beings that you have known and loved, and lost in this world, but whom you have not lost in eternity.

75. Many of you have communicated with those beings through My workers, yet, truly I tell you that this is not the perfect communication, but the time comes when the incarnated spirits, and those without flesh, may communicate among them spirit to spirit, without employing any other material or human means: by inspiration and through the gift of spiritual sensibility, and through revelation, or thought. The eyes of your spirit will be able to sense the presence of the Beyond, and then your heart shall feel the passing of the beings that populate the spiritual valley. Then shall the rejoicing of your spirit be great, as will your knowledge and love of the Father.

76. Then you shall know the life of your spirit: who it is, and who it was, recognizing yourself without reference to such petty limits as those that correspond to your material form, for the Father says to you: Though your material form is, in reality, small, your spirit greatly resembles My own Divine Spirit. (244, 21 – 24)

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