TTT43 - Illness, Healing & Renovation

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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 43 - Illness, Healing & Renovation

The Origin and Meaning of Illness

Thus saith the Lord:

1. When man deviates from the path of righteousness through lack of prayer and good habits, He looses his moral fortitude and his spirituality and is exposed to temptation; in his weakness He gives space to sin, and that sickens the heart.

2. Nonetheless, I come like a doctor to the sickbed and give him all My love and care. My light is like crystal – clear water upon the lips burned by fever, and when He feels My balm upon his forehead, He says to Me: “Lord, only your charity can save Me; I am gravely ill in spirit, and death shall come to me quickly.”

3. And I tell him: “You shall not die, for I, who am life, have come, and all that you have lost shall be restored.” (220, 39)

4. What merit can a sick person, incapacitated for all struggle, earn? His merits may be great and many if He knows how to vest himself with patience and acceptance, if He knows how to be humble before the Divine will, and knows how to praise Me in the midst of his pain then his example shall be light to many hearts that inhabit the darkness and who have given in to vice, or who think of death when some trial surprises them.

5. Those beings, upon finding in their paths an example of faith, humility, and hope arising from a heart that also suffers much because it bears a very heavy cross, shall feel that their hearts have been touched by a ray of light.

6. And so it is, in fact, since they have not managed to hear the voice of their own consciences, it was needful that they receive the light of the conscience that another brother sends them with his example and his faith.

7. Do not consider yourselves to be beaten, do not call yourselves failures, do not bend under the weight of your sufferings, keep the lamp of your faith always illuminated before you; that faith and your love shall be your salvation. (132, 38 – 39)

Healing through your own Strength

8. You ask that I heal you, and truly I say there is no one better than you yourselves to be your own doctor.

9. What good would it do if I heal you and remove your suffering, if you do not withdraw from your errors, sins, vices and imperfections? It is not pain that is the origin of your ills, but your sins. Behold there the origin of suffering! Fight against sin, withdraw it from you, and you will be healthy, but that is for you to do, I only teach and help you.

10. When through your conscience you discover the origin of your afflictions and establish the means to combat it, you will feel the Divine strength in abundance, helping you to triumph in the battle and win your spiritual freedom.

11. How great will be your satisfaction in feeling that through your own merits you were able to liberate yourselves from pain and also win peace. Then you will say: O My Lord, your word was My balsam, your Doctrine has been My salvation! (8, 54 – 57)

12. My people, the true healing balsam that is able to heal all illnesses originates from love.

13. Love with your spirit, love with your heart, and love with your mind, and you shall have strength enough to heal not only the illnesses of the body or to give consolation for small human miseries, but will also know how to resolve the spiritual Mysteries and the great anguish, confusion, and remorse of the spirit.

14. That balsam resolves the great trials, illuminates, calms sorrows, and melts away the chains of oppression.

15. Men who have been brought to despair by science shall return to health and life with the touch of that balsam; the spirit that has parted shall return at the word of love of the brother who calls. (296, 60 – 63)

16. Abolish pain. The life I created is not painful; the suffering comes from the disobedience and faults of the children of God. Pain is a characteristic of the life that dissolute men have created.

17. Elevate your gaze and discover the beauty of My works; prepare yourselves to hear the Divine concert. Do not exclude yourself from the feast. How will you participate in that delight if you isolate yourself? You will live sad, tormented, and sick.

18. I wish you to be harmonious notes in the universal concert. I wish you to understand that you sprang from the source of life, and that you feel My light is in all consciences. When will you come to the maturity necessary to say: “Father, subordinate My spirit, as well as My will and My life, to Yours?”

19. Do you understand that this you cannot see while your senses are sick and your spirit selfishly isolated from the path.

20. You live under the torment of illnesses, or of the fear of contracting them, and yet, what is a physical illness compared to an error of the spirit? Nothing, if the spirit knows how to raise itself up; for in My charity you shall always find help.

21. Just as the blood runs through your veins and gives life to the body, so too the strength of God, like a torrent of life, passes through your spirit. There is no reason to be ill if you comply with the law. Life is health, joy, happiness, and harmony, and being ill you cannot be a storehouse of the Divine goods.

22. Whether unhealthy in mind, heart, or body, the Master tells you to ask your spirit, which is a child of the Almighty, to return to the path, to heal your ills and help you in your weakness. (134, 57 – 59)

The Renovation of Human Beings

23. Vanity, a weakness which has been manifested since the first man, will be combated through spirituality. It is the struggle that has always existed between the spiritual and the material, for while the spirit tends toward the eternal and elevated in search of the essence of the Father, the material looks only for what satisfies and flatters it, even when this is to the disadvantage of the spirit.

24. That struggle, which is present in every human being, is a force that originates inside men themselves due to the influence that they receive from the world, for that which is material seeks all that which relates to its own nature.

25. If the spirit manages to tame and channel that force, it will have harmonized its two natures within its own being, and shall reach its progress and elevation. If on the other hand, it allows itself to be dominated by the strength of the material form, it shall be induced to evil: a ship without a rudder in the midst of a storm. (230, 64)

26. You, unbelieving and skeptical, cannot believe in a world of justice, nor can you manage to conceive of a life of love and virtue on your earth. In a word: You do not believe yourselves capable of anything good, nor do you have faith in yourselves.

27. I do believe in you. I know the foundation that there is in each of My children, because I formed it, and I gave it life by My love.

28. I do have hope for men. I do believe in their salvation, in their becoming worthy, and in their elevation; for when I created them I destined them to reign on earth, making of it a dwelling of love and peace; as well as that their spirits be forged in the struggle to come, by merit, to dwell in the light of the Kingdom of Perfection, which belongs to them by eternal inheritance. (326, 44 – 46)

Main Page The Third Testament TTT43 - Illness, Healing & Renovation Chapter