TTT54 - Struggle of Ideologies

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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 54 - Struggle of Ideologies

The Spiritual Struggles preceding Christ's Kingdom of Peace on Earth

Thus saith the Lord:

1. Just as I announced My coming in the Second Era, I now announce to you the war of creeds, ideologies, and religions; a sign of preparation for the establishment of My kingdom of spiritualization among men.

2. My Word, like a sword of fire, will destroy the fanaticism that has enveloped men for centuries, it will tear apart the veil of ignorance, and it will reveal the bright, luminous road that leads to Me. (209, 10 - 11)

3. For the peace of My kingdom to be established among men, a war of doctrines, religions, and ideologies must be carried out first; a war in which the doctrines rise to battle one another, and in which some use My name and truth to confront the false idols of others.

4. This will be the new struggle, the spiritual battle where the false gods will be knocked off their pedestals and fall, and every lie you have believed to be true will be exposed forever. Then you will see the truth rise radiantly from that chaos of confusion and darkness. (121, 40)

5. Spiritualism induces a worldwide battle among ideologies, creeds and religious cults. But after that conflict, this teaching will bring blessed peace to men, of which they are in such dire need; and it will make the sun of My divine justice shine upon all spiritual beings.(141, 11)

6. I am preparing and warning you for the time of confusion among ideologies, so you may free yourselves from the inner struggle of the spirit and the torture of thoughts.

7. All ideologies, doctrines, theologies, philosophies and creeds of humanity will be shaken, symbolizing a storm, a true tempest of the spirit, on whose churning waves you shall sail and stay on top of, according to My will, until the storm and the darkness have subsided.

8. I give you no better formula for overcoming this trial than prayer, as well as the practice of My Word, by which your faith will be continually fortified.

9. That clash of ideologies and creeds, that battle is absolutely necessary for all of the infirmities and errors that have accumulated at the bottom of every cult and institution to surface.

10. Only after this storm has passed will men be able to begin a moral and spiritual purification, for they will see the truth come to light; they will recognize it, they will feel it within themselves, and they will no longer be able to nourish themselves with imaginings and pretences.

11. Every man freely uses the vital exposure of the sun on his body, recognizing that upon the sun's light, heat, and influence, all material life is based. And in like manner, he shall make use of the light of truth as well, taking from it whatever he requires for the preservation, strengthening and enlightenment of his spirit.

12. Then a power never felt before by man will come into effect, because his life will adapt ever more to the true principles of life, to the norms established by My law. (323, 19 - 22)

The Struggle for Spiritual Supremacy on Earth

13. During this time there is a struggle between ideologies and doctrines. Each and every man wants to be right, but who can even be right in this contest of selfishness and personal interests? Who can possess the truth?

14. Those who believe they possess the truth and travel on the road of perfection, and then become vain because of that; truly, I say to you, that they do not yet know the way, for to find it, humility is required, and it is enough to cease being humble by not recognizing the truth contained in the beliefs of others. I have been telling you this since the Second Era: "Blessed are the meek and humble of heart."

15. The man who judges the faith and beliefs of his fellow men, distances himself from salvation, for in his pride and folly he attempts to be equal to God. (199, 4 - 6)

16. You ask Me what I am trying to accomplish by manifesting Myself in Spirit to humanity during this time. To this I answer you: What I seek is your awakening to the light, your spiritualization and your unification, for you have been divided throughout all of time. While some have striven for the treasures of the spirit, others have devoted themselves to the love of the riches of the world; spiritualism and materialism in perpetual conflict, spiritualists and materialists who could never understand each other.

17. Remember when Israel, awaiting the Messiah, had him before their very eyes, and they divided themselves into believers and deniers of My truth. The explanation is simple: the believers were those who awaited Me with the spirit, and the deniers were those who awaited Me with the senses of the flesh.

18. These two forces must confront each other once again until the truth arises from the struggle. The battle will be fierce, because the more time passes, the more men love the material, since their science and discoveries make them feel that they live in a realm of their own, in a world of their own making. (175, 4 - 6)

19. Today, every man believes to know the entire truth: Each religion says it possesses the truth, and the scientists claim to have found it. I tell you: no one knows the absolute truth, since man has not even been able to understand the part that has been revealed to him already.

20. All men bear within themselves a part of the truth, as well as a part of the errors, which they confound with the light of truth.

21. The conflict approaches in which all these forces shall battle one another, each wishing to enforce its own ideology; but in the end, it shall not be the victory of a human ideology, of a scientific theory, or of a religious creed that prevails, but the harmonious union of all the good points of view, of all the superior beliefs, of all the forms of worship elevated to the highest spirituality, and of all the sciences devoted to the service of true human progress.

22. I shall permit men to speak and expound their ideas; to let them publicly display their rites and worship, that they argue and struggle, that the scientists present their most advanced theories, that everything hidden within each spirit comes to light and makes itself known. The day of the reaper is near, the day when the conscience, like a relentless scythe, cuts off all that is false within the heart of humanity, root and all. (322, 15 - 18)

The Struggle against Spiritualism

23. The ministers of this time adorn themselves royally to officiate symbolically during the sacrifice of Jesus, but in spite of the fact that they claim My name and My representation, I find their minds confused, their hearts scourged by the storms of intrigue and passion. There is not a single one who, as a prophet, proclaims that I am among the men of this time. They shall experience great suffering, for there is no spiritual preparation among them. Where is the compliance of those who swore before Jesus to follow in His footsteps? Where are the successors of My apostles? Are there none who are like John, who was among the first, or Paul, who was among those that followed?

24. That is why the Master appproaches you once again to resume His instructions. I can already see the new Pharisees and scribes charging at Me, full of hatred; that is the moment in which I will ask: "Where are My disciples?" And when those who are arrogant, those who are fraudulent, those that fear to lose their power, and those threatened by My truth, mock and persecute Me, tempests and storms shall be released. It shall not be I who will collapse beneath the weight of the cross, but rather those who demanded that He who gave them life be sacrificed. (149, 32 – 33)

25. In response to the injustice of men, the waves of materialism shall become a churning sea, an ocean of suffering, desperation, and fear.

26. Only one vessel will sail beyond that sea of passions, desires, and human hatred. That vessel is My law. Blessed are they who remain strong when that time comes!

27. But woe unto those who slumber! Woe unto the weak! Woe unto the people who have built their faith on foundations of religious fanaticism, for they will be easy prey for the furious waves.

28. Do you not foresee the battle, humanity? Does My Word not move you to prepare and defend yourselves for when that time comes?

29. My light exists in all, but only those who pray and prepare themselves can see it. My light speaks through presentiments, inspiration, intuition, as well as dreams and warnings. And yet you are indifferent to all the divine signs.

30. Soon you will see My Word fulfilled and attest to the truth of it.

31. My doctrine and name shall be the target of all manner of attacks and persecutions, and because of them the enemies of the truth will persecute you. However, My doctrine shall also be the sword of light of those who will rise up to defend faith, and faith shall be the shield behind which the innocent find safety. My name will be upon all lips, blessed by some, and cursed by others.

32. All the abilities of man will be unleashed: his intelligence, his sentiments, his passions; his spiritual powers awaken and are ready to fight.

33. How much confusion there will be. How many who thought they believed in Me will have to convince themselves that it was not true faith!

34. In many homes and hearts the light of love and hope will be extinguished; children and youths will have no other God but the world, and no other laws but those of the earth. (300, 35 – 40)

35. What will happen when men realize that their boundless love for the world and their worship of earthly things has led them to painful failure? They will attempt to rediscover the path they had lost, they will search for the principles and laws they have deviated from. During this search, doctrines will be created, laws will be established, and philosophies, ideologies, and theories will arise.

36. All of this will be the beginning of a new and great battle, but not one induced by the selfish ambitions of earthly power. There will be no more murderous weapons that take lives, destro homes, and spill human blood. This battle will be different, for it will be the great denominations combating the new doctrines and religions.

37. Who will triumph in this battle? No religion will be the winner of this struggle, just as in the grueling wars you now suffer through; not a single people will be triumphant.

38. My justice will prevail in the war to achieve earthly dominion, and later, My truth will prevail in that battle to establish some doctrine or religion.

39. The only supreme truth will shine like the light of a bolt of lightning during a stormy night, and everyone will behold this divine flash of light, wherever they may be.

40. My message will come to all, and all will come to Me. I have everything prepared for the times to come, and all shall do My will, for I am the Lord of all spirits, all worlds, all races and all peoples. (288, 33 – 36 and 43)

The Rejection of Spiritual Revelations and Healings

41. The spiritual valley will inch ever closer to men, giving them testimony of its existence and presence. Everywhere shall appear signs, evidence, revelations, and messages that insistently speak of the beginning of a new Era.

42. There shall be struggles and upheaval among the peoples, for the representatives of denominations will sow fear in those who believe those messages, and science shall deny the truth of those occurrences.

43. Thereupon the humble will take heart and rise up to testify to the truth of the evidence they have received. Those who have been deprived of all hope by science will recover their health through spiritual means, attesting to the miraculous healings that reveal an infinite power and an absolute wisdom.

44. From among the humble and unknown shall arise men and women whose illuminated words will surprise the theologians, philosophers, and scientists. When the struggle reaches its peak, when the poor are humiliated and their testimonies denied by the arrogant, that will be the moment when Elijah brings the scholars, the lords, and the rulers to justice, subjecting them to scrutiny.

45. Woe unto the false and hypocrites during that hour, for the perfect justice will descend upon them!

46. It shall be the hour of judgment, but from it many spiritual beings will ascend to the true life, many hearts will arise to faith, and many eyes will be opened to the light. (350, 71 – 72)

Main Page The Third Testament TTT54 - Struggle of Ideologies Chapter