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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 55 - Purification of Earth & Humanity

The Warning Voice of God and Nature before the Judgment

Thus saith the Lord:

1. I have said that a very great ordealdraws nearer to mankind, so great that in all the history of its centuries and ages, it has not had any comparison.

2. Now you must understand that I am speaking to the heart of all of you. I am allowing My messages and warnings to reach you in many ways, in order for men to meditate and to awaken to My Law, like the prudent virgins of My parable.

3. Will the peoples and the different nations of the world listen to Me? Will this people, to whom I am manifesting Myself in this manner, listen to Me? Only I know, but My responsibility as a Father is to put all the means for their salvation along My children’s path. (24, 80 – 81)

4. Verily I say to you that if at this period men do not cleanse the blemishes that they have left in their spirit, the elements will come as heralds announcing My justice and My glory and purifying mankind of all impurity.

5. Blessed are the men, women and children who upon realizing the proximity of that justice, glorify My name, sensing that the day of the Lord has arrived, because their heart will tell them that the end of the reign of evil draws near. I say to you that these people, through their faith, their hope and their good deeds, will be saved, but how many of those who live during those days are going to blaspheme! (64, 67 – 68)

6. The paradise of the first people became a valley of tears, and now it is a mere valley of blood. That is why today when I have come to fulfill the promise that I made to My disciples, I awaken mankind from their lethargy, giving them My teachings of love to save them, and I seek the spirits who are destined to arise during this period to give testimony of My manifestation and My word with their deeds.

7. When those chosen by Me find themselves reunited round My Law, the earth and the stars will be shaken and in the sky there will be signs, because at that instant the voice of the Divine Spirit, surrounded by the spirits of the just, of the prophets and the martyrs, will judge the spiritual and material realms. (26, 43 – 44)

8. Many peoples have fallen to the depths of the abyss of materialism, and others are yet to succumb; the pain of their fall, however, shall wake them from their deep slumber.

9. Those are the nations that after a period of splendor tumbled into the abyss to sink into the darkness of pain, vice, and misery. Now, it is not a people, but all of humanity that runs blindly towards [spiritual] death and confusion.

10. The arrogance of the peoples shall be touched by My justice; remember Nineveh, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and Carthage; in them you will find profound lessons of the Divine justice.

11. When men, upon grasping the scepter, have allowed their hearts to fill with impiety, pride, and insane passions, dragging their peoples into degeneration, My justice has come to remove them from power.

12. At the same time, however, I have ignited a torch before them to illuminate the road of salvation for the spirit. What would become of men if in the moment of their trials I abandoned them to their own devices? (105, 45 – 47)

13. From precipice to precipice man has descended spiritually to the point of denying Me and forgetting Me, even to the extreme of denying himself and disowning his essence, which is his spirit.

14. Only My mercy can allow men to avoid the pain of having to retrace the road to return to Me; only I, in My love, shall know how to put in the way of My children the means for them to encounter the path of salvation. (173, 21 – 22)

15. The day the waters ceased to cover the earth, I caused the rainbow of peace to shine in the heavens as a sign of the pact God had established with men.

16. I tell you now, you humanity of the Third Era, that you are the same ones who passed through those ordeals in which you were purified. You are soon to experience new chaos.

17. But I come to prevent the people instructed by Me and humanity in general, to whom I have made Myself known in this time. Listen, My children: Here is the ark; enter, I invite you.

18. For you, oh Israel, the ark is the practice of My Law, and all who fulfill My commandments in the most perilous and bitter days will find themselves within the ark, strong and feeling protected by the mantle of My love.

19. And to all this humanity I say again: The ark is My Law of love, all who practice love and charity with their fellow man and with themselves will be saved. (302, 17 – 18)

20. I have always given you time to prepare, and apportioned the means for your salvation. Before sending you My justice to receive an accounting from you at the end of an Era or phase, I have shown you My love, warning you, and exhorted you to repentance, reform, and the good.

21. Nonetheless, at the hour of justice, I have never presented Myself to ask if you have yet repented, or if you have prepared yourselves, or whether you remain still submerged in disobedience and evil.

22. My justice has arrived at the appointed time, and He who has known to build his ark on time has been saved; while He who responded with ridicule, and did nothing for his salvation when the hour of justice was announced, had to perish.(323, 51)

The Power of Evil shall be broken

23. Until now it has not been human love which has dominated the world; it has been, as it was from the beginning of mankind, human power which reigns and conquers. The one who has loved has become the victim of evil.

24. Evil has extended its kingdom and has been strong on earth, and it is precisely in this time that I bring My weapons to oppose these powers so that My Kingdom of love and justice may be established among men.

25. But before My Kingdom is established, I will have to battle evil, for it is necessary that I wage war and destroy all evil to give you the peace of My Spirit. (33, 32 – 33)

26. Men will come to the end of their own path and return along the same way, reaping the fruit of all they have sown. That is the only manner in which they will truly repent, for without recognizing their faults, they can do nothing to correct their errors.

27. A new world is in preparation. The new generations are about to arrive, but before that occurs, it is necessary to separate the hungry wolves so that they do not prey on the sheep. (46, 65 – 66)

28. An immaterial leprosy has extended throughout the earth, it eats away the hearts and destroys the faith and the virtue. Men are covered with spiritual rags; they know that no one is able to discover those miseries because human beings cannot see beyond what is physical.

29. But the hour of the conscience approaches; it is the same as if you would say that the day of the Lord or His judgment is about to take place. Then shame will rise in some and remorse in others.

30. Those who listen to that inner voice, burning and inflexible, will feel within them a fire that devours, which exterminates and purifies. The sinner cannot resist that fire of justice or anything which is not pure. Only the spirit is able to resist it because He is endowed with a Divine strength; therefore when He has passed through the fire of his conscience, He will have to come out cleansed of his errors. (82, 58 – 59)

31. All the pain caused by men will be brought together in one single cup which will be drunk by those who originally caused it, and those who have never been moved by pain, will tremble in spirit and flesh. (141, 73)

32. It is necessary that for an instant the heavens be closed to all, and that they reopen only when from the earth comes up one single cry, recognizing that the Father of all beings is one only.

33. I tell you truly, I shall submit this fratricidal and selfish world to judgment, and I shall purify it until I see that love and light spring forth from it, and that those who today lead their peoples to the abyss, those who today sow and propagate vices, those who have created a reign of injustice, shall be those to whom I give it to battle the temptations, destroy the perversities, and uproot the tree of evil. (151, 14 and 69)

34. Man, making use of his free will, has so twisted the road as to forget from whom He originated, and has gone to the extreme of considering virtue, love, goodness, peace, and brotherhood to be alien to his nature, while seeing selfishness, vice, and sin as completely natural and legitimate.

35. The new Sodom is all over the earth, and a new purification is necessary. The good seed shall be rescued, and with it a new humanity will be formed. My seed shall fall upon fertile soil watered by the tears of repentance, and it shall grow in the hearts of future generations that know how to offer the Lord a higher worship. (161, 21 – 22)

36. I shall permit the hand of man to carry out destruction, death, and war, but only to a certain point; beyond that limit, the depravity, the obfuscation, and the ambition of men shall not pass.

37. That is when My scythe shall come and with wisdom reap according to My will, for My scythe is of life, of love, and of true justice. But as for you, people: Pray and keep vigil. (345, 91)

38. Yesterday the earth was a vale of tears, now it is a valley of blood; tomorrow, what shall it be? A field of smoking ruins over which passed the flames of justice, exterminating sin and striking down the pride of loveless men because they have forgotten the spirit.

39. And so the merchants of science will be driven from the temple of wisdom because they profaned the truth and enriched themselves with the light. (315, 61 – 62)

40. The great nations rise up proclaiming their might, menacing the world with their weapons and boasting of their intelligence and their science, not realizing how fragile is the false world they have created, for a small touch of My justice shall be sufficient to make that artificial world disappear.

41. It shall be the hand of man which destroys his own works, it shall be his own mind that invents the means of exterminating what He first created.

42. I shall cause to remain standing only those human works that have brought healthy fruits to men, so that they may continue being cultivated for the good of future generations; all dedicated to perverse or selfish ends, however, shall be destroyed by the fire of My inexorable justice.

43. Upon the ruins created and destroyed by a materialistic humanity, a new world shall arise, whose foundations shall be in experience, and which will have as its purpose the ideal of spiritual elevation. (315, 55 – 56)

Apocalyptic Wars, Pests, Plagues, and Destruction

44. You are living in times of anguish in which men purify themselves by enduring great suffering. But those who have analyzed the prophecies already knew that the moment was soon to come, that moment in which wars would break out everywhere as nations began to reject one another.

45. Still to come are the strange illnesses and epidemics which will appear among humanity and will confuse the scientists. And when pain reaches its peak in men, they will still have the strength to shout: It is punishment from God! But I do not punish. It is you who punish yourselves by disregarding the laws which govern your spirit and physical body.

46. Who has unleashed and provoked the forces of nature if not the foolishness of men? Who has defied My laws? It is the men of science, in their arrogance. But verily I say to you, this pain will serve to pull out the bad weed which has grown in the heart of humanity.

47. Fields will be covered with the dead. The innocent will also perish. Some will die by fire, others by hunger, and others by war. The earth will tremble, the elements will be moved, lava will flow from the mountains, and the seas will become turbulent.

48. I will allow men to take their perversity to a limit, to where their free will allows them, in order that, horrified by their own work, they might feel true repentance in their spirits. (35, 22 – 26)

49. The tree of scientific knowledge will be greatly shaken by the fury of the elements of nature, and humanity will receive the fruits from that fall. Who, other than man, will be responsible for causing the elements of nature to become unleashed?

50. It is fine that the earliest beings knew pain for the purpose of awakening them to reality and causing them to be born to the light of the conscience, and to obey the Law. But why does the evolved, conscious, and developed man of this time profane the Tree of Life? (288, 28)

51. Epidemics will fall upon the world, strange and rare diseases before which science will be impotent, and a great part of humanity will perish.

52. The universe will be cleansed of its weeds. My justice shall separate out the selfishness, the hatred, and the tireless ambition. Great phenomena of nature will appear.

53. Nations will be swept away and lands will disappear. This will serve as a warning bell for your hearts. (206, 22 – 24)

Natural Catastrophes and Earthquakes

54. Humanity: If all the efforts you have dedicated to prosecuting bloody wars had been dedicated to executing humanitarian works, your existence would be filled with the blessings of the Father, but men have used the riches they have accumulated to sow destruction, pain, and death.

55. This cannot be the true life, that which must be lead by those who are brothers, and the children of God. This form of life is not in accord with the Law I have written in your consciences.

56. To make you understand the error in which you live, volcanoes shall arise, fire shall surge from the earth to exterminate the evil seed. The winds shall be unleashed, the earth shall tremble, and the waters shall sweep over regions and nations.

57. In that way the elements will show their resentment of man; they have broken with him because man has been destroying one by one the bonds of friendship and brotherhood that tie him to the Nature that surrounds him. (164, 40 – 42)

58. Many calamities wilt come upon mankind; within Nature there will be disturbances, the elements will be unleashed. Fire will devastate regions, the waters of the rivers will leave their course, the seas will undergo changes.

59. There will be regions which will be buried under the waters, and new lands will appear. Many creatures will lose their lives, and even those beings inferior to man will perish. (11, 77)

60. The elements await only the hour to unleash themselves upon the world to cleanse and purify the earth. The more sinful and proud a nation, the harsher shall be My judgment of it.

61. The heart of this humanity is hard and deaf. It will be necessary for the cup of bitterness to reach it before it will be able to hear the voice of conscience, the voice of the law, and Divine justice; all will be for the salvation and eternal life of the spirits, which are whom I seek. (138, 78 – 79)

62. That flood that cleansed the earth of the human impurities, and the fire that descended upon Sodom you know them as legends; however, in this Era you will also contemplate how humanity will be touched as the earth trembles by the force of the air, the water and the fire; however, I shall again send you an arc, which is My Law, so that those who penetrate in it may be saved.

63. Not all of those who on that hour of trial will say: Father, Father!” will love me, but rather those who always practice My love for their fellowman, those shall be saved. (57, 61 – 62)

64. A new flood will become unleashed that will cleanse the earth of human perversity. It will topple the false gods from their altars, destroy stone by stone the foundation of arrogance and iniquity and will erase every false doctrine and every absurd philosophy.

65. Yet this new deluge shall not be, as was that of the earlier era, of water, for now the hand of man has loosed all the elements, both seen and unseen, against himself. He dictates his own sentence, He punishes himself, and He does justice. (65, 31)

66. The elements shall cry out for justice, and upon unleashing themselves they will cause portions of the earth to disappear, becoming seas, and seas to vanish where land arises.

67. Volcanoes will erupt to announce the time of judgment, and all Nature will be agitated and moved.

68. Pray, so that you will know how to conduct yourselves as good disciples, because that will be the precise time in which the Spiritual Trinitarian Marian Doctrine shall be spread within the hearts. (60, 40 – 41)

69. Three – quarters of the surface of the earth shall disappear, and one quarter only shall remain as a refuge for those that survive the chaos. You shall see the fulfillment of many prophecies. (238, 24)

70. Do not be confused, because before the closing of the Sixth Seal, great things shall happen, the heavenly bodies shall show great signs, the nations of the earth shall lament, and of this planet three quarters shall disappear and one quarter only will remain in which the seed of the Holy Spirit shall grow as new life.

71. Humanity will begin a new existence united by one single doctrine, one single language, and one single bond of peace and brotherhood. (250, 53)

72. I speak to you of the pain to which you have made yourself creditors, which you have been accumulating and which shall overflow when the hour comes.

73. I would never offer such a cup to My children, but in My justice I can allow you to gather the fruit of your evil, your arrogance, and your senselessness, so that you may turn repenting, again to Me.

74. Men have defied My power and My justice by profaning with their science the temple of Nature, in which all is harmony, and their judgment shall be inexorable.

75. The elements shall be unleashed, the Cosmos shall move, and the earth tremble. Then there will be horror amongst men, and they will want to flee, but there will be nowhere to go; they will wish to restrain the unchained forces, but will not be able, for they will feel responsible, and repenting too late for their recklessness and imprudence, they shall seek death to escape the punishment. (238, 15 – 17)

76. Oh, how much suffering would be avoided if men knew their gifts! But they have preferred to remain blind or sleeping while they allow the times of great pain to come ever closer.

77. My doctrine comes to enlighten you so that you may free yourselves of the great suffering announced for humanity through the prophets of past eras.

78. It is in the elevation of your lives that you can find the power or virtue to save yourselves from the actions of the unchained elements, for it is not the weapons of faith and prayer alone that will give you victory over the vicissitudes and adversities of life: that faith and prayer must be accompanied by a life that is virtuous, clean, and good. (280, 14 – 15 and 17)

79. Soon a time shall begin in which there will be great happenings for the world. The earth will tremble and the sun shall cause glowing rays to burn its surface. The continents, from one end to another, shall be touched by the pain, every corner of the earth will suffer the purification, and no creature shall escape the hardship and atonement.

80. After this great chaos, the nations will recover calmness, and the elements will quiet. After the storMy night of the world, the rainbow of peace shall appear, all will return to their laws, their order, and their harmony.

81. Again you will see the clean skies, and the fertile fields, the waters in their currents shall regain their purity, and the sea shall be gentle; there shall be fruit on the trees, flowers on the prairies, and abundant harvests. And man, purified and healthy, shall return to feeling worthy, and will find prepared the road of his ascension and return to Me.

82. All beings shall be cleaned and free of stain from their very beginning, so that they may be worthy of possessing the new time that approaches, for I must found the new humanity on firm ground. (351, 66 – 69)

Loving Justice and the Mercy of God

83. The time approaches when the full weight of justice shall be felt in the world. All works, words, and thoughts shall be judged. All, from the great of the earth who govern its peoples, to the smallest and least known shall be weighed on the Divine balance.

84. But do not confuse justice with vengeance, nor restitution with punishment, for I merely permit you to gather and eat the fruits you have sown, so that you know by their taste and effect if they are healthful or harmful, and if you have sown badly or well.

85. The innocent blood spilled by human evil, the weeping and mourning of widows and orphans, the pariah who suffers hunger and misery, all cry out for justice; and My justice, perfect and loving, but inexorable, descends upon all. (239, 21 – 23)

86. My justice will go over every creature and touch every human being like that time when the angel of the Lord passed over Egypt giving fulfillment to My justice, and being saved from it only those who had marked their doors with the blood of the Lamb.

87. Verily I say to you that everyone shall be saved who during this period is vigilant and has faith in the word and in the promises of the Savior, the Divine Lamb who was sacrificed to teach you to pray and fulfill the mission of your restitution with perfect love, because My blood, like a mantle of love, will protect him; but He who is not watchful, He who does not believe or blasphemes, shall be touched so that He will awaken from his lethargy. (76, 6 – 7)

88. I will allow men to feel My Divine presence as they cry out: “Our Father, our Savior, come help us because we are perishing.” I will manifest My infinite mercy and will prove once again My love for man. (294, 40)

89. The routine of your life shall be battered soon by the harsh winds, but the light of a star on the infinite whose glimmering gives peace, light, and the calm that the incarnate spirit needs to contemplate the eternal, shall thereafter shine. (87, 52)

The Results of Judgment

90. And when it appears that all has ended for man, that it is death which has won, or evil that has triumphed, from out of the darkness will come the beings to the light; from death they will be revived into the true life, and out of the abyss of evil they shall rise up to practice the eternal Law of God.

91. Not all shall know the abyss, for just as some have tried to remain apart from the war of passions, ambitions, and hatred, and have lived outside of the New Sodom; others, who have sinned much, will yet know to stop in time, and by their opportune repentance and complete regeneration avoid many tears and much pain. (174, 53 – 54)

92. Of all the moral and material structure of this humanity, “there shall not be left here one stone upon another,” because for the “new man” to appear on this earth, it is necessary to erase all stain, to destroy all sin, and to leave only that which is of good seed.

93. The splendor of My presence and My justice shall be contemplated all over the globe, and before that light idols will fall, traditional routines will be forgotten, and sterile rites will be abandoned.

94. One single door will remain open for the salvation of men; that of spirituality, and He who wishes to save himself will have to leave behind his pride, his false greatness, his low passions, and his selfishness.

95. Very bitter shall be the cup from which men must drink in the great battle, and yet, I tell you, happy shall be those who drink from that cup and depart from earth already purified, for when they return in other bodies to this world, their message will be one of light, peace, and wisdom. (289, 60 – 61)

96. The last whirlwinds, and the last battles, with their quotas of bitterness, are yet to come. It is necessary yet for all the forces to agitate, and the atoms to spin in chaos so that afterward, there can come the lethargy, the fatigue, the sadness, and the weariness that seem like death.

97. And that will be the hour when in the sublimity of the conscience, the vibrating echo of a trumpet will be heard, announcing from the Beyond, that the Kingdom of Life and Peace comes to the men of good will.

98. And before the voice of that trumpet, the dead [in spirit] will rise weeping tears of repentance, and the Father shall receive them like prodigal sons worn out from the long journey and fatigued from the great struggle, and seal their spirits, bestowing upon them the kiss of love.

99. From that day forward, man shall abhor war, tear hatred and rancor from his heart, persecute sin, and begin a life of restoration and reconstruction. Many will feel inspired by a light they did not previously behold, and they will rise up to create a world of peace.

100. It shall be only the beginning of the time of grace, the Era of Peace.

101. The Stone Age is long past, the time of Science will also pass, and then the Era of the Spirit shall flower among men.

102. The source of life will reveal great Mysteries, so that men can construct a world strong in the science of good, in justice, and in love. (235, 79 – 83)

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